Monday, January 20, 2020

Use of any words in Webster’s Dictionary is Copyright Infringement?

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Use of any words in Webster’s Dictionary is Copyright Infringement?

Has the interpretation of laws in the US gotten to that point of insanity, where any use of words in copyright infringement and needs to be blocked?

Adam Bennett Schiff (born June 22, 1960) is an American politician serving as the U.S. Representative for California's 28th congressional district since 2013. A member of the Democratic Party, Schiff is currently in his 10th term as a congressman, having served since 2001. - Wikipedia

Adam Schiff is Chair on the House Intelligence Committee, so is allegedly part of the “Shadow Government,” which is the suggestion that spy agencies are the real government, not “elected” officials.

I recall reading that Schiff is saying the US President Donald J. Trump needs to be impeached now because Trump may cheat in the upcoming election. WTF???!!!

Hillary Clinton may have cheated in her election to her New York US Senate Seat. Hillary Clinton obviously committed high treason as Secretary of State, possibly doing the worst, most corrupt job ever, in that position. Hillary Clinton as a young lawyer in the impeachment of Richard M. Nixon, was kicked off the committee for being “too corrupt”.

Hillary Clinton couldn’t even legitimately get the nomination during the last US Presidential election cycle. Bernie Sanders was the obvious front runner. Rag publications such as Newsweek printed that Hillary Clinton had won the election. That fix was supposed to stick.

So, who is really guilty of trying to rig an election? Has Hillary, or her daughter Chelsea, ever been brought to justice for looting Haiti over their fraud and abuse of their insider power? If Joe Biden son is an out of control, hard illegal drugs addict or abuser who has committed all sorts of crimes in Ukraine, and internationally, should Biden’s son be immune from prosecution because he is offspring of a high ranking Democrat?

Is there a Democrat soft coup that has been going on slowly for a length of time?

The BS is obvious. Trump either needs to put those who have committed treason in check with their sham impeachment, or the US is going to descend into absolute chaos. There are already lines drawn in the 2nd US Civil War. Trump can either come forward to preserve the US as a nation, and keep the US Constitution intact, or he will not. The US Constitution is the document stating the rules of how the government is allowed to rule the people. So, does the shadow government not want to have any rules for governing us?

The spy agencies need to be reigned in, and start acting for US national interests, and work outside to preserve the nation, not from the inside destroying what is core American.

Secret activities of government “justice” can mean there is no justice, and the criminals who operate the cabal or not better than the fictional Mafia in the movie, “The Godfather.”

So, people, what is it going to be? Will a legitimately elected US President be turned out of office because butt hurt Democrats failed in rigging the US election the last run around?

Where are US dissents going to run to if the abuse get to bad in the US, to Putin in Russia? Yes, we live in scary times. The turmoil in the 1960s is Kindergarten to what could happen in the not so distant future.

Wednesday, January 15, 2020


3 dots, 3 dashes, and 3 dots.

I sold my bug out shelter.

Trump being thrown out, potentially, is my canary in the coal mine. If the US Constitution doesn’t apply in the US, why should I live out my life in a country of lies?

I saw the Democrats out with their “Articles of Impeachment” today on network TV. I saw Pelosi and the others seeming to roll their eyes, some are zombies, and some that you can just see their guilt for being total scumbags.

If I retire in Vietnam, Ukraine, Iceland, or somewhere else in the world, should the coup of the US allow me to leave, I will decide where I want to rest. My idea for a retirement community out of US for those who what to be free, and American, at same time, would be where Republicans would be on the beaches or territory on the the East side. The libs (Communists) would be on the Left coast. Mixed couples who are Lib/Conservative could live in communities in the middle and there would have to be some sort of getting along in the middle ...

Without a US Constitution that is valid, why shouldn’t Americans who want to be free, just leave the US for better pastures?

Saturday, January 11, 2020

Democrat/UN coup is alive and strong

Bernie Sanders is probably again the lead Democratic choice as front runner in the 2020 US Presidential race. Hillary seemed to cheat and steal the last nomination making the Democrat Party appear completely rigged and corrupt.

Joe Biden’s son is most likely involved in some sort of illegal activity in the Ukraine. Is it illegal to ask for a criminal to be prosecuted if he, or she, is affiliated with ruling families in the Democrat Party? Should Hillary Clinton and Chelsea Clinton looked into for their looting of Haiti? Hillary Clinton seemed to be acting as a pandering whore spy for cash, to allow China and the UN to take lead in USA. I am not looking to anger China, as the way things are going, it is a possible destination for economic reasons, as are other countries outside the US.

Why isn’t what Barrack Obama’s daughters investigated for where they got millions, and millions, of dollars. Was that an indirect bribe for pay to play, so Barrack Obama doing favors couldn’t show a direct link? Again, is punishing the offspring of major Democrat figures automatically off the table. Are the USDOJ, FBI, and the “legal” structure in the US heavily skewed to protect Democrat Organized Criminals and at the same time go after whistleblowers and rivals?

How much money did Nancy Pelosi start out with her “public service” career? How about Diane Feinstein?

The FBI can be shown for the organized criminals that they are if there is an expanded investigation of the spider web that was the Whitey Bulger case. Murder for hire, sex slavery, child kidnapping, murder for hire, political sandbagging, kidnapping, false flag operations, and other organized criminal activities seem to be more the rule with the FBI, nationwide, than being an exception.

C9, “Charley Company” - The Connecticut FBI and those in New York City all didn’t want the Whitey Bulger investigation blow wide open their activities. If a movie was made about the exploits of Charley Company, “The Godfather Movie” would look like child’s play.

Hillary Clinton has been instrumental in having appellate court judges appointed. Up to 100% of court cases are rigged. So, having just one judge who owes you favors, means that judge can call on another judge to fix, not hear, or not go after protected individuals such as Biden’s son, Obama’s daughters, Chelsea Clinton, others, and especially Hillary Clinton.

What did Martha Stewart allegedly do wrong to end up being a convicted felon serving time in prison? Did Martha Stewart even do anything wrong, or did she step on the wrong person’s toes? If Martha Stewart did something illegal, wouldn’t Hillary Clinton’s actual crimes be 100,000,000 times more despicable, being obvious treason?

Les Colman’s book “Squeal” is the blueprint for following names mentioned to what their offspring are still covertly doing.

Corporations like Amazon are getting taxpayer funds, an unfair business advantage, and is being paid to domestically spy on Americans in the benefit of Democrats. The mainstream media seems to be a 24 hours a day propaganda mouthpiece for Democrats, the UN, and their soft coup in US.

Friday, January 10, 2020

Impeachment Fiasco is to make Dems seem legit, and for Tax paid Campaigning?

Impeachment Fiasco is to make Dems seem legit, and for US Taxpayer paid Campaigning for Democrats?

Legal proceedings in the US can all be tainted by a puppet show that is trying to parade as legitimate. Do all judges, the Judicial Branch, the lawyer cabal, and their UN handlers all have the ethics, and gutter urges, like Jerry Springer, doing his show, now put the US Constitution and American Sovereignty a part of history?

It would be amazing comedy if the government hearings were part of a Jerry Springer show as part of a comedy sketch. It would be nice if an independent media, or news outlet, made such a “comedy” to show the Salem Witch Trial “Impeachment” for what it really is.

Sunday, January 05, 2020

Hillary Clinton Democrat Coup PBS and other Mainstream “News”?

PBS and other networks seem to non-stop bash Trump and the underlying theme is that Conservatives should not have free speech and banned off the airwaves and internet as “Racists”. The division may never have been as wide as current times. We are living history, now.

Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Tulsi, and others are put forth as viable candidates. Without the non-stop propaganda of PBS, CNN, ABC, NBC, CNBC, FOX etc the long shot impossible candidates wouldn’t even be taken seriously by the majority of the American public. There seems to be less, and less, intelligence, and these pundits seem out to push the UN Chinese Social Score censorship and control of all thought, cash, and resources.

In 2016 Hillary Clinton couldn’t even get her own parties front runner status, Hillary installed herself.  Bernie should have been against the Donald. Bernie possibly could have won in 2016 as scary as that is. Clinton even tried to install herself as US President. Have just one judge in your pocket, or that you have given a judgeship, then that person has possible unlimited ability to break laws, profit hand over fist, and there are no repercussions.

As New York US Senator Hillary Clinton appointed Appellate Court judgeships. Hillary Clinton and the Governor Eliot Spitzer got good coverage from the New York Times, and there was possible pay to play. The New York Times lambasted any rivals.

Your truly is allegedly on the Hillary Clinton “to be killed” list.

The below video was turned over to the FBI in January 2008 asking that Hillary Clinton’s and Eliot Spitzer’s finances to be investigated for election rigging for Clinton New York US Senator bid and Spitzer’s re-election. It is alleged that New York Times reporters were paid to be team players and go after rivals. What happened to Eliot Spitzer soon after?

Saturday, January 04, 2020

I am 55, I have never met a bad person from Iran

I am 55, I have never met a bad person from Iran. I was a contractor, painter, carpenter, roofer, handyman etc from my early teens. I was on the chess team in high school, and battled with the school’s only Iranian for top slot. I told him, I would protect him from being beaten. He said he would protect us both. 

I have worked for 1000s of customers. A very small percent were Iranian. I was never treated bad, never had to wait for a check, and there never was any drama or problems. 

I read what the CIA did in the 1950s and 1960s in Iran. 

The CIA is necessary. I was a possible recruit. I won’t lie. I didn’t recruit for them, or work for them, knowingly in my travels. I have both good, and bad, things to say. But opinions are like butt holes ... everyone has one. 


Who should be pissed at who? 

Iran is an independent, against everything, nation. That should be admired. 

Elizabeth Warren, Google YouTube’s candidate of choice?

Showing Warren as a viable candidate in a YouTube advertisement makes Elizabeth Warren look like a valid candidate. How much campaign money has she garnished from the people? Maybe China and the UN would like her installed. I am not insulting China, as if they are in charge, like they are in Hollywood, maybe I should go there, to the “Capitol”, and live.

So, I don’t want to insult China.

Hillary Clinton couldn’t even come close to beating Bernie Sanders, but stuff is so corrupt, she was the candidate of “choice”.

Can you see the BS?

I was watching a Jimmie Rodgers video on YouTube. I hate YouTube, this blogger app, and Google. You are traitors.

Sunday, December 29, 2019

What difference does a Coup make?

What difference does a coup make? Hillary Clinton and all her handlers expected to “win” the election. Judges in the pocket of the Clintons means that they have a get out of jail for free card.

As New York US Senator, how many appellate court justices were appointed by Hillary Clinton? Just one judge on your side can call another judge. Judges and lawyers, and those in the Judicial Branch have sworn an oath to each other. The US Constitution makes no difference to them. It is just a damn piece of paper.

Trump is the canary in the coal mine.

Why live in a country where politicians can’t follow the rules that the people have placed on them? Why live in country that floods in the 3rd World to disrupt everything and “win” elections for those who are the most corrupt, and bring in the most money for their offsprings and inner circle?

I can be “free” and “American” at the same time, outside the country.

The courts and the policing in this country disgust me. A few good apples who are in the police, and in the court system, don’t dare now speak out. Everything is surveilled. Anyone who speaks out in America who is not on the UN Agenda, can be silenced, falsely arrested, financially ruined, have their family and social network destroyed, and can even be suicided.

I don’t check comments often. But if you want me to contact you, leave a comment with your contact information and ask me not to publish the comment.

Sunday, December 22, 2019

Swamp’s Coup D’Etat

Robert DeNiro and other Hollywood UN Dema Commie Rat Elite are part of the all out assault on everything core American, and especially are after the current US President.

I happened to catch most of last night’s SNL Saturday Night Live. Still non-stop bashing of American values and of current US President. Shame on Eddie Murphy using recycled material, throwing his hat in with traitors. Non-stop slime, bathroom humor, and the promotion of the fattest, most disgusting woman as “beautiful” and alternative lifestyles, and beliefs, as being mainstream. It was a lot to suffer through, watching.

The party that wants to erase borders and bring in UN world government, didn’t win the last presidential election.

Is there a plan in place to take out current President, Vice President, and install Pelosi as the interim President, and install Hillary Clinton as the Vice President?

This allegedly the plan the day of inauguration of a legitimately elected US President. Publications like the Newsweek printed only magazine covers and stories about Hillary’s “win”.

Top ranked stories are the UN agenda. Speak against and whatever is written is deleted, blocked, or the author is targeted for job loss, family breakup, false arrests, imprisonment, and even for death. I know personally as I was in a test city where police and courts were used to get rid of people like me, conservative, gun owning, independent thinking, small business promoting, Constitutional Extremist, who was an outspoken voice leading others, looking to get elected as a leader.

So, a time after the Oklahoma City Bombing, citizens like me were targeted. They have killed me yet, but have mostly destroyed my life as noted on what happens to people like me.

Speak up, and act now, if you see what is going on, as just having beliefs if the UN takes over might mean taking a trip to a Hillary Clinton style “Fun Camp” for re-education, or slow painful death.

US Homeland Security, the Connecticut State Police, and the “Justice System” in Connecticut should all be investigated what they Beta Tested before 9/11. There lies the smoking gun.

Thursday, December 19, 2019

Democrat Impeachment-gasm

Impeachmentgasm ... here is the sign the secret civil war is now upon us. The UN Left Communist teach our children, make movies and TV content, censor the news, create hype and propaganda. It takes just one generation to demoralize a nation. The new guard is taught that America is bad, nationalism is bad, and just being White is a bad thing, is now shameful. America isn’t “White Culture”, there is American Culture, which is now bad to those who wish to take us all, over.

There should be some sort of flypaper that is set out to catch these conveyers of treason. If I were to advise Trump, I would ask him to declare war on the spy, police, and judicial system as their leadership is foreign run, and is out to make null, and void, the US Constitution.

Should caring about your national borders, actual impartial justice, and tentacles of government acting in the best interest of Americans in America, not against us, be reason to be put in a re-education camp?

The battle lines are drawn. Those who know “when” is, have declared “when”.

If you want me to email you, or call you, leave contact information in the comments section, and ask me not to publish comment. Or comment for all to see if you’d like. If you are hear reading this, I am surprised you have gotten past the word search mafia.

I wish to produce cartoons, and other content, in foreign countries that won’t be censored by the UN Dema Communist Rat heads of the internet. I wish not to put a target on myself in what is the new Iron Curtain, the US. If I need to be free, and American, at the same time, I will find a place where I am not surrounded by people not willing to put up with the inside US, mindless propaganda.

Mr. Trump, it is war. Are you going to take all the opening salvoes without realizing you are fighting overthrow of the US Government? Fight back.

Why should any patriotic US Citizen choose to stay in US, if the US Constitution, the rules for Government Behavior, can’t be respected and kept in place. There are very nice places, a few of them, where the Corporate Organized Crime Bankster Dema Communist Rat Cabal puppeteered UN run everything, and tax us internationally though scams like Global Warning, now Climate Change, which is just mind manipulation with what is being put out, facts censored.

Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Clintons rig all courts and law enforcement since 1994?

What is measure of our court, justice, investigation, and rule of law, if all was circumvented back in 1994?

If you want to contact me about anything in this post, leave a comment on this post and I will get back to you inside of 72 hours. If you don’t want comment posted, write, “don’t post this comment,” and leave a phone number and/or email and what you would like me to provide for information.

After the Oklahoma City Building Bombing, all changed. A secret program to go after those that the Clintons perceived as enemies was initiated. Conservatives, farmers, ranchers, “Constitutional Extremists”, pistol permit holders, veterans, small business owners, independent media, nationalists, the outspoken, and those who are outspoken about UN and liberal Democrat agendas were, and are, under all out attack using US Taxpayer dollars.

The outline for Homeland Security was allegedly drafted with the Clinton agenda back in 1994 according to my White Hat law enforcement sources.

After Hillary Clinton allegedly fixed her New York US Senate election she rigged the Appellate Court with judges who would contact other judges to fix court cases nationwide with their judge network connections. Ask judicial reform advocate Elena Sassower. All investigations, court decisions, and “legal” investigations can be squashed, or aggressively pursued based on the Clinton Agenda.

I wanted to run for office as a Conservative Republican from the early 1990’s. I came on the Clinton radar. Those on the Clinton enemies list can be murdered where a coroner rules it a suicide, be investigated by the IRS, family break up, being discredited, railroaded to prison, financially ruined, and have travel restrictions.

I received all of the above Clinton agenda punishments, but due to White Hat Law Enforcement tipping me off that I was to me murdered with only minutes warning, I had gotten out of where I lived before heavily tattooed killers kicked my door in to kill me as I hid out in the woods with my only mode of transportation, a Harley Davidson motorcycle. I just narrowly escaped my own beating to a pulp, and death.

I would have much to say about the Witch Hunt, which is a farce, the Impeachment of US President Donald Trump, if called upon. As I know what a farce things have been since 1994 and know where at least some of the UN Dema Commie Rat Bodies (Evidence) is buried.

Judges, prosecutors, and those in the Judicial Branch have an oath first serve each other, not honor the US Constitution. The UN agenda and opening the US borders to outsider Big Bank Corporate Organized Crime insiders is what is being forwarded. All those opposed are blacklisted for false arrest, travel restrictions, family break up, job loss, financial ruin, being discredited, impeached, being deleted off internet and social media, silenced, and/or murdered.

The “Impeachment” is really a Coup, the overthrow of the legitimate US Government by foreign, unknown to most, outside powers.

Thursday, September 12, 2019

Make the US Constitution Safe from Gun Control

In all countries that took on gun control to limit citizen rights, there were public shootings that could have been government operative inspired. It is the cheapest way for UN, international corporations, bankers, billionaires, spy agencies, and their globalist criminal friends to take possession of all property, assets, resources, water, and energy. They can then tax us to breathe.

Without Free Speech, you don't have any say over who governs you. Without the 2nd Amendment, you have no property rights, and women, you have no rights over your body. Rape goes up off the charts as cops can rape and sexually assault women as they please.

Social media is preventing one side of the political spectrum from speaking. Accounts are terminated, information is being censored. The mainstream media want to cause a global recession, but banging your brain with that thought, just so one US President doesn't get re-elected. So, the left, UN, communists, banksters, and corporate organized crime will go to extreme lengths to nullify and abolish the US Constitution. With out the US Constitution enforced, we are just serfs on a landlord's prison farm/factory. 

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Sunday, August 11, 2019

The US without a Constitution is New Soviet Union

The above drawing, one of a kind, was purchased for $40 US in Odessa, Ukraine, from a street artist in the town square

Are there whistle-blowers going to former Soviet Block countries to seek political asylum? Do you ever think you'd see that day?

Journalists, cops, criminals, big mouths, officials, bankers, and so many who know too much are being murdered, or just all of a sudden, die of natural causes.

There are 6 Hollywood Studies that all seem to have foreign ownership bent on destroying US sovereignty, and dismantling the US Constitution. I fear using any "trigger" words as there seems to be no Free Speech protected on the internet. Who actually is in charge of censoring the internet? Who do they wish to silence?

Was is blasted 24 hours a day on mainstream media, network "news", print publications, and social media seems to be biased ultra left and nation states and the individual are under attack.

This blogger has considered asking Mexico, Ukraine, Iceland, Costa Rica, Vietnam, Russia, and other countries if they would allow a "US Constitution Zone," to exist in their country. For one, it would promote tourism. If the US Constitution actually applied to Americans, would Americans flock to where they could be free, and American, at the same time?

If I do write such a letter, I will carbon copy the US State Department and the current president's campaign headquarters. This blogger has never given to a presidential campaign. The current president was given a monthly pledge from me, monthly, until the election. Is is painful. The current president seems to be against Free Speech and an amendment after the Free Speech Amendment in recent speeches, this saddens me.

Without a constitution, and its protections, what is America? It is quickly becoming a 3rd World Country, without borders. How is the EU working out for those nation states? See a pattern in the EU? Is the same game plan to make the US a similar slave to criminals who are international, who are the controllers of the internet?

If a certain party is "elected" in, will the US still exist? I am already making plans to live outside of what could be the worst war zone since World War II, inside the US. The writing is on the wall. Have you ever seen so much division and blatant propaganda right in your face?

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Alex Jones CIA Flypaper for the Resistance?

Alex Jones of was seen shirtless tonight on his website.

If the CIA, or other entities wanted to control the narrative, they'd show each other that they are in control, not legitimate government, or the "people", by showing someone doing something that they normally wouldn't do. Alex Jones need to sell items to finance his media tentacles. I am not saying Alex Jones in bad.

But we the people are basically bags of water. There can be a lot to do that will disrupt a bag of water.

It is normal on the Alex Jones websites to see males, and Alex Jones without his shirt on. An overweight, balding, middle age man isn't Big Foot seen on Miami Beach.

But, it you ever see Alex Jones in a dress, wearing lipstick on his show, you'll know the jig is up. The CIA does actually run everything, and the Big Bankers are their masters of everything, including the Communists that are the UN.

I like Trump. I don't love him.

I hate the UN. The UN should be kicked out of the US.

I don't dislike Putin and what he is doing for Russia. With all the blood in my veins, I have a lot in common with Ukraine. I don't like how the worst humans in the history of the world, trace down the Rothchilds' lineage, and we are all literally under the gun.

So, all the people in the world, which includes the rich who aren't affiliated with the criminal bankers, all who are left in the middle, and the poor, are all being screwed over by the way less that a small piece of 1%.

The common enemy isn't each other. If I had a blue candle, and it was in the shape of a helmet, I put piece an ice pick right into it ...

There is a choice. There is Freedom or Tyranny, as a choice. Even if it is your last breath of air, do you care for what you leave behind as your own personal legacy?

Thursday, April 04, 2019

2nd American Civil War?

There is outside money and influence coming into the US. Why should the UN be in charge of the internet? Why should Communist leaning Democrats get the largest voice on the internet, on air, and for what is claimed to be mainstream media?

The First Amendment is about having a free voice to dissent.

The 2nd Amendment is for us to more easily kill communists who aren't welcome here in the US.

We are a sovereign country. Are land, our wealth, our US Constitution is being hijacked.

Trump is pissing off all the Communist vermin there are. They are showing their faces.

It is time to kick the UN out of the US. It is time to put Dema Communist Rats in prison after fair trials, and hang all the traitors from gallows after they are legitimately found guilty.

We live in an age where the FBI should be indicted under the RICO statute. We live in an age where there should be no more titles of nobility. I am talking about judges. No one should be above the law. Have just one judge in your pocket, and other judges will fix other cases with a phone call.

How many judges does Hillary Clinton have in her pocket?

We need a people's grand jury system. We need private investigators that can't have their licenses pulled and their files randomly raided by State Police as they are in Connecticut, and possibly other states. We need a peoples Supreme Grand Jury. Throw all the bums who call themselves judges off their benches and their dirty robes that they masturbate under as they harm average Americans, and America itself.

Look at the European Union. The 3rd World is flooding in to destabilize nationalism, and national identity. It is paying tax to the World State. It is taxation without representation.

The 3rd World is flooding into the US. Illegals are able to drive drunk, murder, and rip us all off and most don't get deported or prosecuted.

It's a coup, people!

The only good communist is a dead communist.





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