Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Trump vs. CIA


Did the CIA take out JFK for challenging them? Did the CIA "plummers" break into the DNC to ensure Nixon got elected? Should the CIA be operating domestically? Who are the clients of the CIA? Are the clients DAVOS billionaires, corporate organized crime, war contractors, NWO, international banksters, and eugenicists? Who really runs the US, UN, and the World? Is it the puppeteers of the CIA, NSA, FBI, DIA, Mossad, Saudi Intelligence, etc?

The below was mailed to Trump to White House address today:

Congratulations Donald J. Trump on your being elected US President. 1/17/2017

I ask Donald Trump and/or key staff to please read this letter and to consider remedy for me, Steven G. Erickson, and all of average America likewise affected. I was placed on the terrorist watch list because a police officer wanted my wife for himself. I was railroaded to prison, lost everything, and have been purposely estranged from my only daughter and family after being targeted by DHS and TSA. After the abuses that became legitimized by 9/11, and that were conceived after the Oklahoma City Federal Building Bombing, the American Dream became a nightmare.

I was married, had a child, a home that I had purchased, investment property, and a contracting business when a fat cop living with his mother in Stafford Springs, Connecticut, started listening to my phone calls and trolling my internet use as part of a secret police agenda after the Oklahoma City Federal Building Bombing. The officer told me that he was secret intelligence, like James Bond! The international police union agenda was to get more union dues, more police, and to rid the problems limiting policing for profit: the US Constitution, gun owners, the outspoken, and those who could be leaders and in opposition to emergency policing after the Constitution was suspended. It was to be a preemptive strike against any sort of Patriot reaction.

The officer began blocking my ability to go to work, threatening me, telling me I was kicked out of Connecticut, and that he should be with my wife, a former model from Lithuania, not me. He told me if I didn’t leave Connecticut and leave my wife, I could be put on a list and my life would be so destroyed I would want to commit suicide. The officer told me I could be arrested, lose my contracting business, never see my daughter again, be put in prison for the rest of my life, or I could take my last ride in his police cruiser trunk in handcuffs with my teeth kicked out.

Since being put on what became the Terrorist Watch List/No Fly List, taxpayers have spent 100's of thousands of tax dollars just in overtime for Connecticut State Police DHS, because one cop was horny and jealous. The officer also threatened to call my father and have me disowned if I ratted on him. After 9/11, up to 4 CT State Police Troopers followed me around wherever I went all day shopping, working, out to eat, at the dentist, getting my car worked on. They were in the way when I tried to pull off stuff to buy at a big box hardware store. I was on the 5 most dangerous list for Connecticut, and my picture, included, was passed out all over at police district roll calls, for taking action against me for blogging critical of police, the courts, and the governor. A drug dealer, if painted green, could have played the incredible hulk in a movie. The drug dealer picked me up by my neck, bit into my ear, and punched me ferociously until I bled to down my neck and chest to my underwear. I dialed 911. Police who could be seen 3 blocks away from scene hanging out by their cars, took 45 minutes to respond to 911 call. I was told by police that they didn’t have to answer my 911 or other calls and they weren’t allowed to help me, only arrest me for something if they are called because I am on their list. Witnesses said I was complaining about drugs being sold, that they didn’t know the attacker, and that I was attacked. The officer stalking me and my wife got the witnesses to change their story to that I attacked the drug dealer who fled the scene because he was carrying cocaine. The officer told me he was going to go back and talk to my wife when I was placed in a cell. Because I was facing prison after the arrest, my wife stopped sleeping together, talking, and were later divorced.

The officer arrested me in my house in front of my then wife 6 weeks after incident. Prosecutor Beth Leming (sp?) of Rockville Court told me that she didn’t care if the arrest warrant against me was obvious BS, but she told me that police didn’t like me and I was on the list, so she could only give me the maximum jail sentence and fines, no deals, and that I could only plead guilty to only get one year in prison, not a year and a half. She told me since I was on the list that I wouldn’t be allowed to win at a trial. I was told I would suffer much more if I didn’t cooperate.

I refused to get a lawyer, so she couldn’t railroad me to prison. Lawyers help the prosecution when asked to do so by the judge in chambers. Judges in Connecticut allegedly get inside information on which municipal bonds and other high yield investments as bribery, or for payment, to fix cases for their benefactors. That case was nolled and was thrown out after one year. I agreed to not report any crime as part of agreement, stayed home as much as I could.

After my divorce, I was told by State Police that I was kicked out of Connecticut, not allowed to date, didn’t own anything, had no rights, and if I got mouthy, I would be arrested for something, beaten, spend the rest of my life in prison, and or be horrifically and painfully murdered. State Police ran the “Diaper Gang,” because of the youthfulness of the members. Police watched members of their Diaper Gang smash my windows in my rental properties, and acted as look outs when they broken into my home or rental properties. The Diaper Gang under 21, sold drugs, attacked those in alleys with baseball bats robbing them, ran underage girls for prostitution, and allegedly shared money, drugs, and underage girls with the police.

The one Hispanic officer and one African American officer warned me that a “honey trap” was going to be used to get me 5 to 15 years for either a drug offence where I get charged also with assaulting police officer and police beat the crap out of me after a false arrest. So, a very attractive woman who approached me in a bar and who I thought was my girlfriend and who told me she only liked getting completely nude, making love, only if she smoked a little crack cocaine. She asked me for $20, so she could get some. I declined. She started crying, and admitted she had been busted and only could avoid prison was by setting me up for up to decades in prison.

The next woman I started dating also ended up being a police informant, Barbara Sattal. I was drinking in a local bar I had walked to. She told me that if I drove her to my home two blocks away in her SUV, she’d sleep with me. I got in the driver’s seat, suspected something was up, walked around the corner to see 3 cruisers waiting around the corner to bust me for drunk driving, where drugs would be planted on me, and where I would be beaten up and charged with a laundry list of crimes.

I then had to pay taxes for vehicles in multiple towns that I never lived in to keep my driver’s license and vehicles registered. At the registry the clerk took a 45 minute break when she then had to charge me for multiple towns for same vehicles. The dog officers, sewer department, health department, building inspector, town hall, IRS and others from two town all came after me for something. I got a tax bill for $160,000 for my wallpapering and painting business for charging 6% tax for just what I do in 3 months. I would have made millions in 3 months as house painter working alone. $160,00 happened to be the equity that I had in 3 Connecticut rental properties and they were looking at seizing my property.

I had rental properties a half hour apart. Minority officers warned me that State Police had felon druggie informants that were offered a large bounty to beat me up on my property where I could be arrested and go to prison. One of them had left death threats on my answering machine, told my tenants he was going to kill me, and kept my tenants and neighbors up when he was beating on my door telling me after midnight that he was going to cut my penis off if he caught me outside. When that felon druggie attacked me in a crowded restaurant, I dialed 911. Police literally could be seen down the street talking around their cars. They showed up at closing, 2 and ½ hours later telling me there would be no witnesses left so they wouldn’t take my complaint.

When I couldn’t run fast enough to my back door, keys in hand, the guy caught me after I worked about 16 hours. He told me to hand over my wallet or he would kill me. I feared being stabbed, and after struggling with him, I pepper sprayed him, and myself, accidently. After I rinsed my eyes out after 15 minutes, police arrested only me, refused to take my statement, that of my paying tenants, and took the testimony of the tenant that I was evicting and who had been harboring the felon druggie who attacked me, after stalking, and threatening me for weeks.

Prosecutor Keith Courier threatened me with arrest and prison if I evicted his prostitute Lana Thompson who told me she gave Courier free blow jobs so she could get free rent before I was attacked on my property. I was trying to remove Judge Jonathan J. Kaplan for bias against the self employed in civil cases. I later found out that because I was on “the list” he would only rule against me. So, after I was arrested for resisting being mugged and using pepper spray, Prosecutor Courier offered me no deals, just a year and a half in prison, huge fines, 3 years probation. Judge Jonathan J. Kaplan told me I was guilty, going to prison before trial. State Troopers committed perjury saying I never tried to lodge a complaint against my attacker.

I was railroaded to prison. Hartford Connecticut guards told other inmates that I was a snitch. I tried to get a letter out to the Feds and to newspapers about jail conditions. Captain of the Guards kicked me out of HCC telling me I was a bleephole and the CT Police would come deal with me. I then ended up at Storrs CI next to the CT Police Troop that railroaded me. The guards then tried to get me road duty picking up trash on highway, a privilege after good time served. I feared the police van just pulling away from me and then being shot for trying to escape. Guards then told me that if I got raped, sex is illegal in prison, I’d get more time in, and I would then have to register for life as a sex offender, the rapist could say it was consensual,s o, if I was raped that I shouldn’t report it. I then found my face smashed against the prison bathroom wall, two African American inmates pulling my arms from opposing directions, and a very large inmate who had lost one of his eyes after a police shotgun blast ricocheted off the armored car he was trying to rob resulted in his being incarcerated his entire adult life, pulled my pants down, and started to stroke his penis with hand cream to get it hard, saying he was going to F’ me. I asked him if he wanted to keep his remaining eye. The African Americans let go of my arms and dropped me down. I then asked the then former head of the block if he still wanted to F’ me.

I was told by my parole officer after prison if I went to newspaper reporters about my story he would send me back to prison. My probation officer told me that she didn’t want to have to deal with me, and that I could either pack up and leave the state and be out in 2 hours, or she’d violate me on probation and I could spend the rest of my life in prison. I was packed up and out.

My daughter who wanted to live with me and who was looking for a new house out of state with me, has had nothing to do with me. My father wrote me out of the will, ironically after the police officer threatened to call him after I refused to leave the state and my wife for the officer to possibly have a chance with. I’m permanently estranged from all of my family, except I talk to my mother by phone every few months. I no longer own a home, pistol permit, have investment properties, do the contracting work I had done my entire life, have retirement, credit, a clean criminal record, being desirable as a date to the opposite sex, ability to get most housing or employment situations due to ruined credit, criminal record, and situation.

Will you please see that I’m taken off the TSA/DHS watch list, expunge my criminal record, and see to it that either Connecticut, the Justice System, or Police compensate me for at least my huge financial losses and suffering. Nothing can put back the pieces of my broken life and family, but justice done in my case and in others would be proof that American can be made great again.

Will you and/or your staff get back to me with an answer by telephone, email, and by mail? Will you please forward a copy of this letter to all agencies, officials, and all relevant persons who might be able to assist me and others likewise abused. Will you help alleviate the IRS BBQ?

I recall being told by the FBI and/or the USDOJ that I have no US Constitutional Rights, if I was not part of some protected group like being a woman, homosexual, transgender, a minority, etc. Shouldn’t the US Constitution apply to everyone? Should police, banksters, and international organized crime be able to spy on every moment of every American’s life all the time? Should laws like the NDAA allow police and their international partners to be sexual predators, white collar criminals, drug traffickers, thugs, corporate lackeys, and assassins for profit?

Before I was railroaded to prison, Peter Coukos told me after he attacked me and I was already facing prison, that he was a former CIA contractor when he played violin internationally as a youth. He told me his preferred sexual partners were boys and girls, age 4 to 8, the same age he said he locate for CIA he worked for. Coukos told me that he was immune from prosecution being CIA and that he paid the selectman $5000 to have police run me out of the properties so he could buy them from me at firesale prices. He was punching me in the back of the head and back when I was on the ground telling me that he wanted my then 14 year old to perform oral sex on him. Coukos also said he had no kids, didn’t like that I had a close relationship with my daughter and that he was glad to help estrange me from her forever. Coukos said that police determined that I probably had $30,000 cash stashed from sale of my properties and that if I didn’t give it to him that he would make a false statement to police involving me threatening me with a gun to police. Coukos also left that detailed threat on a police tapped line of mine and I brought the recording of that and of Coukos threatening my daughter’s life if she didn’t say “hi” to him and call him Mr. Coukos. Police told me they would arrest me on more charges if I pursued Coukos.

Ritt Goldstein, also proposed Civilian Oversight of Police to the Judiciary Committee. Ritt Goldstein was also attacked on his property by a police informant and faced prison. Ritt Goldstein fled Connecticut seeking political asylum in Sweden.

I was told by police that I could be arrested for voting for lowering property taxes, hanging out with Tea Party (no relation to current organization) people at Staffordville Lake. When I wanted to run for selectman in Stafford Springs, Connecticut, as a Republican, or independent. I was told that I would have to talk to CIA man, then US Congressman Rob Simmons. I was told the CIA needed to approve of what town I ran in, what I said, and what I did. That was before I was railroaded to prison. WTF!!!???

Before the blessing of Trump being elected, I considered writing Vladimir Putin about the above. Putin seems to care about nationalism and his own people. Just for ha ha’s and maybe an answer, I considered actually writing him. I actually considered seeking political asylum in Russia.

If one percent of the above is true, we are in an alarming place as Americans. I believe to my best recollection and knowledge that 100% of the above is true. Are Clintons culpable for OKC?

I believe Americans wrongly persecuted, held as political prisoners, or targeted for harm, property loss, family break up, job loss, or who are subjects of police state experiments, experimental weapons, drugs, chemicals, and/or biological warfare should be compensated and have their situations remedied. Connecticut State Police and courts allegedly were testing grounds for preparation for a borderless America without a Constitution.

Retired Narcotics Detective Rich Murzin and internet radio jock AJ Fontaine (sp?) said they had evidence of the abuse in my case, and that they had documents proving Connecticut DCF, Connecticut State Police, DHS, Connecticut FBI, organized crime, Americans working as officials for a foreign bank in Connecticut, the CIA, TSA, and others were involved in heroin and cocaine trafficking, murder for hire, political black bag jobs, child kidnapping, sex slavery, sport gambling, election rigging, court case rigging, and terrorizing the populace. Murzin, Fontaine, and I were to work on a Connecticut public access tv documentary. A week before we were to meet in 2011, Fontaine and Murzin suddenly died on natural causes within hours of each other. They claimed to have the evidence that I have yet to see.

Please drain the swamp nationwide.

Please save our Republic.

Please consider all the contents of this letter and please remedy my situation. The IRS claims I owe money that I don’t owe, and can never pay back. Should official retaliation be this comprehensive?

Steven G. Erickson, PO Box Eight Seventy-Four, Brattleboro, VT 05302 [Phone # and ss # snipped] stevengerickson@yahoo.com

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Celebrating Trump victory in NYC eating caviar and drinking 12 year old Scotch at the Russian Tea Room


Having caviar and Single Malt Scotch in the Russian Tea Room was on my bucket list. So was using the C word as many times as possible to my father's 2nd wife who threw out my baby pictures and those of my 2 younger sisters as soon as she moved in the house that we all grew up in. I normally don't watch network news like CNN or read the USA Today newspaper, but I couldn't believe all the fake news and hit pieces targeting trump in what is considered mainstream news.

Trump gave a news conference and I couldn't even get near Trump Towers. The security and police presence was too much. I just wanted to shoot some video to use for a green screen background to shoot a future video. 

Really, I'd like to grade Obama's presidential report card. I give him straight F's. Barack Obama is a constitutional scholar and did his damnist to dismantle the US Constitution,  not protect, defend, and honor it. Hillary Rodham Clinton would have been an even worst disaster. She cheated in the debates with Bernie Sanders and should have been disqualified to run just on that. Clinton might be the worst, blatantly corrupt, habitual lying, and most dishonest, US Secretary of State ever, and she wants a promotion!

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Epic Trump News Conference! - Full Show - - 01/11/2016 [Direct link to Alex Jones Infowars video]

Saturday, January 07, 2017

Relaxing in my almost free to use McMansion, and then the news

This is my kerosene heater shown fired up inside a garage of an abandoned McMansion. The water and electricity has been shut off. But solar panels and wind feeding 4 deep cell batteries for electricity and "found" water makes life good. [Audio about adverse taking possession of abandoned property, or property with taxes due, or is a foreclosure, benefiting international criminal banksters,  as a video on youtube].

If you're taking adverse possession of property in the suburbs and have nothing, and want to live cheaply, kerosene space heaters are the way to go. I like wood stoves in the outback. Having a diesel vehicle and power inverters can be nice too. I've had the wind in my sails out on the ocean, and there is no purer living off-grid.

Was going to leave my lair tonight in my secret McMansion, but there was some sort of event at the Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, Airport. My sister said she was at that airport and a good friend of mine also let me know he was there. I'm not watching CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, ABC, or any mainstream news, so my world isn't rocked. So, it just more of the same false flag BS if there is no proof that the alleged perpetrator didn't fly in through Air Canada or from another source. This was convenient "terrorism" when those in control, or who have billions of dollars in wealth, want even more. 

I expend a lot of energy keeping warm, fed, and informed the way that I want to be. The Ft. Lauderdale incident disrupted my next 2 weeks of my life. I am probably not hanging out with friends in Providence, Rhode Island, Connecticut, and in New York City as those with whom I was to meet aren't now traveling.

I believe the simplest things in life can bring the most pleasure and reassurance just to be human.

If I want to be a big shot, a salesperson for true and non-corporate green energy worldwide, I have to live among the people and live as I preach.

I have lived on borrowed time. Each day for me is a gift. I was conceived outside of wedlock and lived life initially as a true bastard child. My eyes were open early.

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Sunday, December 25, 2016

NWO vs. Nazi Ideology. Woman who witnessed Nazi takeover of Austria speaks

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The below video [Direct Link]

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Text with below video:

Published on Aug 4, 2016
Kitty Werthmann, an Austrian World War II survivor, gives her account of Hitler's takeover of Austria. The similarities to today's left and their "progressive agenda", are staggering! This is a MUST WATCH!

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Sunday, December 11, 2016

Hillary and Obama's Fake News Ploy to discredit Trump, Plan to Seize Power?

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The CIA is allowed to by law, use US taxpayer dollars to spew out complete propaganda. Who do the CIA prop up? Well, in the 1950's, international corporations and bankers enjoyed the spoils from countries in S. America. Legitimate leaders were taken out using covert operations, propagandizing the public, pulling off false flag organizations, and having taxpayers fund straight up assassinations and coups. To secures the trillions being stolen by their people, how far would the CIA/UN/International Banksters/Corporate Organized Crime go to keep their gravy train?

Would Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, the CIA, bankers, billionaires from the dark side, corporate organized crime, and their criminal cronies arrange to have Donald J. Trump assassinated or just go for a straight up coup? 

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The CIA's SECRET Plan For President Trump [Direct Link to Video]

Thursday, December 01, 2016

Mark Wahlberg to play Roman Polanski in upcoming movie to show blueprint for today's public corruption?

Mark Wahlberg

Roman Polanski and Sharon Tate in approximately 1968 or 1969

The 1960's were turbulent times politically. Public Corruption was in your face. Those who profit from wars, conflict, and strive were making money hand over fist. Much like similar criminals are today. That is why those who have the most power to steal the most want to censor the internet as much as is possible. Roman Polanski is a controversial character with obvious flaws. How was he played, how was he used, and how did he fall? All fodder to show how the old meat grinder worked so we understand the new one with so many electronic gadgets attached.

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P.S. as far as I know at the time of the writing of this blog, Mark Wahlberg has no plans to play Roman Polanski in any movie. 


August 19, 1969 Helter Skelter Newscast Charles Manson Family murders Backporch Tapes [Direct link to video]

Charles Manson - Serial killer full documentary [Direct link to video]

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Jill Stein another conspirator in Clinton Coup Attempt?

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What stinks worse than fish rotting in the sun? Well, Jill Stein asking for a recount in states where the counts were close where Trump won, but not in states where Hillary allegedly won.


Stein in her months, and months, to years of seeking funding for her campaign, maybe raised just over 3 million in campaign contributions. If Jill Stein somehow raised over 7 million in just 48 hours to dispute election results in just states that would unseat Trump as President elect, and Stein herself, can't be winning candidate, then this is a criminal conspiracy at minimum.

My belief the acts of Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Jill Stein, the current US Attorney General etc. is treason and an attempted coup. George Soros funding Black Lives Matter, an attempted destabilization of the US while supplying alleged rigged voting machines in key states, is an act of war.

If these criminals can get away with they're attempting, then the FBI, USDOJ, and "legal system" is a sick joke.

The billionaires, their international bankster, and corporate organized crime cronies have spent vast fortunes expecting returns with what they have put into the Hillary Clinton campaign, the Clinton Foundation, and the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI).

These donors operate or puppet the major spy agencies, the media, the Central Banks, and those who puppet major military all over the world. To what lengths will these elite, also known as the New World Order (NWO), go to gain the most power and make the most money at our expense?

If their isn't some action to deseat US President Elect Donald J. Trump, will Hillary and Bill Clinton have to worry about being whacked, mobster style, for not delivering what they were paid to do?

If you're going to rig the US Presidential election, you'd have to consider that the US Supreme Court may decide who is President if the results are contested. So, then the winning vote for Trump was possibly Antonin Scalia in a split decision. Scalia was found dead with a pillow over his face under mysterious circumstances. No autopsy was ordered for one of the most powerful individuals in the world who died in any matter, not one that looks like an obvious assassination.

Are 41% of Hillary Clinton's twitter followers fake? To what extent is the fraud? 

Did Hillary Clinton and her cabal use her US Senate Campaign stealing the election as a blueprint for her 2016 election rigging campaign? [video]

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Text with below video:

Published on Nov 26, 2016
On this LIVE Black Friday, Nov. 25 edition of the Alex Jones show, we discuss the attempt by Green Party activist Jill Stein to steal the presidency from Trump by demanding recounts only in states where Trump won. Citizen-journalist Mike Cernovich reveals what's going on. Also, social commentator Mark Dice breaks down America's consumer culture and zombie reaction to Black Friday sales.
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Jill Stein Recount Attacks Democracy: 11/25/16 Full Show [direct link to video]

Hillary Clinton's top 10 campaign lies [direct link to video]

Nomi Prins Explains The Central Bankers' Game of Thrones [Direct link to video]

Text with video above: 

Published on Nov 22, 2016
SHOW NOTES AND MP3: https://www.corbettreport.com/?p=20523

Today James talks to Nomi Prins, author of books like All The Presidents Bankers, about her recent article "The Central Bank Power Shift from West to East, Game of Thrones Style." We talk about the changing economic and monetary landscape and how the locus of central bank power is shifting to the East, with players like the People's Bank of China gaining in prominence and former US/EU lapdogs like the IMF becoming brokers for these new power players in the new world financial order.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Putin isn't the Jackass that Barack Obama is

Vladimir Putin seems to be a legitimate, and liked, leader in his own country. Putin is a nationalist, believes in family, and seems to love his country and wants the best for his own. Barack Obama, a Constitutional Lawyer, and researcher, seems to be most bent on destroying the US Constitution, borders in the US, and the financial stability of America. If we in America were in the South American continent in the 1950's, we could understand this blatant CIA plant, and coup, to most destroy America by installing Obama as US President.

Word search, "United Fruit Company." It is a blue print for what the globalists are trying to pull off now in the US. The CIA who works for its international billionaire customers has come home to roost. They're crapping big time in their own backyard. "Don't shit where you eat, CIA."

Nuclear war was as close as Hillary Clinton stealing this past election. Tensions seemed to go down when Donald J. Trump won the election despite the "Big Steal", that was planned by Hillary Clinton, corporate organized crime, the NWO, billionaire cabal, and international banksters.

Are Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama above being prosecuted because they started out as CIA operatives? Barack's mom allegedly was a CIA whore put out to pasture to go screw communists, like Obama's supposed real daddy,  Frank Marshall Davis [post].

We the People dodged a very big bullet. 

Could either Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama pass a background check to become manager of a single fast food franchise? The answer would be, "No." Each is too sleazy, lazy, arrogant, and incompetent to be able to do the job at a single fast food restaurant!

I hope Donald J. Trump actually drains "The Swamp," which is Washington, DC. "DC", standing for "District of Criminals."

I might actually invest in a Wall Street stock. I would invest in rope that is suitable for use in hanging those who are convicted of Treason.

If Hillary Clinton was deemed competent to run for US President, she should be deemed competent enough to stand trial for treason and crimes against humanity. Chelsea Clinton needs to be the first one to go down for:

18 U.S. Code § 4 - Misprision of felony

[Link to the law]

Chelsea Clinton is the weak link in the house of cards. If she made 6 million a year and "owns" a 20 million dollar prime real estate apartment in Manhattan, she personally has profited from the wholesale ripoff of charity designated for the rebuilding of Haiti and aid for the Haitian people.

Chelsea Clinton allegedly is implicated in what WikiLeaks has released. If Chelsea Clinton questioned felonious behavior of Hillary Clinton and/or the Clinton Foundation and/or CGI, the Clinton Global Initiative, and then didn't report the crimes, Chelsea is subject to being arrested, going to trial, and then going to prison if convicted.

Martha Stewart may have done nothing wrong. She may, or may not have had insider trading information. She may have made conflicting statements to the FBI. Martha Stewart went to Federal Prison. Chelsea may have committed 100,000 times more serious of offenses in Chelsea's series of her crime sprees. That is if Martha Stewart did anything wrong at all.

If we're all equal under the law, let's have the law have at Barack Obama, Dick Cheney. George W. Bush, George H. W. Bush, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Chelsea Clinton, Donald Rumsfeld, etc until elected officials and their criminal lobbyist and billionaire friends fear us, and not the other way around. Let's stretch the necks of those who most deserve it.


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I posted the above because I saw a propaganda piece about Putin's response to the latest Obama Regime's B.S. and posturing by doing what he should. The Drudge Report links to news stories from various platforms, some are just lying propaganda put out by corporate organized crime and their international bankster cronies. Most Drudge readers can decipher what is complete B.S.

Drudge is awesome:

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Petition to ban "Fake News" on Facebook

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I give my opinions about the ban "Fake News" petition for facebook in first video I shot myself. The second, embedded video from Inforwars. Alex Jones and Paul Joseph Watson break it down. The globalists are out to censor the internet and stealth F' us over as much as possible. Maybe they fear Donald Trump's foot stomping them out, try to take as much power as they can, while they can.

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The below video direct link to poll on LiveLeak.com and the below video:

Text with below video:

Published on Nov 18, 2016
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Full Show - Ford Apple Coming Back to US, Trump Delivers [direct link to video]

Text with below video:

Streamed live on Nov 18, 2016
National Security Agency (NSA) whistleblower Edward Snowden is scheduled to take part in a Q&A session via video call, hosted by the PEN International foundation which promotes literature and freedom of expression, at the House of Literature in Oslo on Friday, November 18, during the international PEN-day ceremony dedicated to imprisoned writers around the world.

RT LIVE http://rt.com/on-air

Snowden: Fear of terrorism used as ‘legislative magic wand’ for surveillance (streamed live) [direct link to video]

Jim Marrs "Trump Knows Who Really Controls Events But If He Named Names, He'd Be Killed!" [direct link to video]

Why Feds Are Banning Fireplaces And Wood Stoves [direct link to video]

Best Hippie Songs Of All Time [direct link to video]

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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

How lame are Obama and Hillary to be lampooned by Dave Chappelle on SNL?

Maybe the funniest, and most honest man alive, is comedian Dave Chappelle.

It takes Dave Chappelle to come out of retirement to really educate the most dumbed down Americans, and they aren't the "minorities". He makes fun of the two sides of "White Riots", and Dave Chappelle should be asked to be some sort of Donald J. Trump's cabinet. If Dave Chappelle was the press secretary for Donald Trump, there would be more views for a US Presidential Speech in the history of the world.

I had no idea that Dave Chappelle was even working anymore. I posted a compilation of his funniest skits on his show on my liveleak video account asking him to come out of retirement.

I truly miss the guy. It's been years.

I thought before the election, there was no better man in the country to make fun of the situation. I had no idea that he would be hosting Saturday Night Live, and do the exact same thing, that only he can do.

I don't watch mainstream media any more than I have to.

Maybe I heard, or saw something, that I really didn't pay attention to. But, here is Dave Chappelle after so long dormant..

SNL, Saturday Night Live must book hosts many months in advance. I posted many days in advance that Dave Chappelle is the best person to most make sense of what is most disturbing now in the US. The cartoonish, election, and the aftermath are begging for Dave Chappelle skits. And then, to my surprise, Dave Chappelle is there, and delivers. Let us all hope there is much more. No one can do it better.

I don't agree with Dave Chappelles' "Mass Shooting" part of his monologue hosting SNL.

Without the 2nd Amendment, there isn't any 1st Amendment or any property rights, or any other rights. A police officer can just kick in your door, kill, rape, rob, torture, indefinitely detain you on any excuse if you'd like the US Constitution to not apply.

If Chappelle could do a Jimi Hendrix skit, or series, he could kill in the viewer ratings. What if Dave Chappelle could channel Jimi Hendrix and do a live up to date commentary on current events?

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Dave Chappelle Stand-Up Monologue - SNL [Direct link to video]

Jimi Hendrix Experience - Purple Haze Live (1967) [Direct link to video]

Now for the lame. If Dave Chappelle didn't say "Um" and "Ah" every other word, he could have delivered the below much better than I did in 2009 and have gotten national attention. [Direct link to video]


Saturday, November 12, 2016

Why shouldn't Billionaire George Soros be Drone Bombed?

Why shouldn't Billionaire George Soros be Drone Bombed?

If citizens of any country who are completely innocent, and are near a drone bombing, they are then listed as terrorists. And, if very poor families who are living in a one room hut without plumbing and electricity out on the sand, and can't point out the US on a globe are routinely bombed, is it about how much power and influence a random drone bombing target/victim has, or has not?

If George Soros has destabilized other nations for his profit, why is he getting away with trying to destabilize the US and rig elections here? Why hasn't George Soros been brought to justice? Are alleged Bilderbergers, aka NWO, immune from prosecution internationally?   

If Soros is funding Black Lives Matter and is funding the destabilization and trying to start a race war with operatives inciting beatings and murder of police officers, isn't Soros declaring war on the US?

Did Soros and other criminal elite meet with Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton in secret outside the US in 2008, to decide that Obama was their guy in 2008, and if Hillary stood down in 2008, she was promised the US presidency in 2016? Clinton blatantly stole the Democratic Nomination from Bernie Sanders having been fed debate questions and being given super delegates, no matter the popular vote.  If Clinton was knowingly cheating, and rigging her election, when did she stop, or did she?

Why isn't Hillary Clinton handcuffed, mugshot taken, fingerprinted, processed, and thrown in county, or federal, lockup to await trial? If Barack flew out of the US to discuss rigging the 2008 election, shouldn't Obama be arrested and prosecuted as well?

If Barack Obama's mom was an international whore for the CIA, what does that make Barack? If Barack, Bill, and Hillary started out as CIA operatives, are they immune from having real investigations and being brought to trial? Is Soros operating with the permission and blessing of the CIA? 

But, if Soros has committed acts of war against America, and Americans, shouldn't George Soros be a target for a drone strike no matter what value, or influence, he has, or has not with the CIA?

Is it about the interests of Americans in America, or is about profit and world domination for the less that 1% of the world's most elite? 


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I just posted the below comment [to this video's comment section on LiveLeak]:

After the OKC Fed building bombing in 1994, the Clintons blamed domestic terrorists. So, police outside of law, could frame gun owners, farmers, self-employed, outspoken, and Clinton enemies. Prosecutors and judges would show no mercy for targets on the list no mercy. 
It meant for being in a certain category police were getting extra federal dollars to tap phones, harass, ruin, have police informants beat up or even kill, frame, and railroad to prison targets on the list. 
I was self-employed as a contractor, so a fat cop living with his mother listened in on my wife, and I. Fat Frank Prochaska Stafford Springs, Connecticut, constable became infatuated with my wife. 
He'd be out in my driveway waiting for me if I had sex with my wife the night before. He beat me in my driveway for having fed my wife macaroni and cheese saying it was too fattening and he wanted her to stay skinny. 
Prochaska told me that he would put me on "the list" which became the No Fly/No Gun Buy Terrorist Watch List if I just didn't leave Connecticut, so he'd have a chance with my wife. 
 Being on the list means police will not respond to my 911 calls or will show up hours later, but will be right on the scene and arrest me if someone else calls. Police aren't allowed to serve me, and lawyers, prosecutors, and judges are required in concert to give me as bad an experience in court as is possible. 
You paid 100's thousands of your US taxpayer dollars just so State Police, sometimes as many as 4 to follow me around all day as I work, shop, go to the dentist, go on a date, eat out, whatever. Because of being put on the list I got divorced, am permanently estranged from my daughter and most of family, lost my house, rental properties, contracting business, and was railroaded to prison for having been attacked by a police informant on my own property ... all for being on the list.

P.S. I forgot to add that I got IRS bills that are bogus, but are so high, I'll never be able to pay them, or actually own anything without it being seized. I can't even keep money in a bank account without the worry of it being seized. If we go to cashless, I'm F'd! I intend on asking Donald J. Trump for a pardon and for remedy. I would like to see him, "Make America Great Again."

* * *

I expected Hollywood types to totally trash Donald J. Trump, and sing the praises of Hillary Clinton. Bill Burr is a guest on the Conan O'Brien show. I was really surprised when Hillary was called out for going to Bilderberg meetings and going to "Eyes Wide Shut," types of parties ... Enjoy:

[Direct link to below video]

Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Now What?

Scroll down in post for video. 

Text with below video:

Published on Nov 9, 2016
VR To Freedom4Kaz

Hillary Clinton's supporters came in their thousands to cheer her victory - but instead they streamed out of her party venue in tears. And just two miles away in Manhattan, Donald Trump's legions raised the roof, chanting 'lock her up' as their candidate romped home to victory.

It was a result that many of them never expected - and the slow realization by both sides that so many polls, predictions and assumptions were completely wrong led to astounding scenes in New York and around the country.


800 Mistakenly Granted Citizenship

7 Trainees Missing From US Bases

WTF?!? US Paid $1.3 Billion To Iran

Iran Destroys Navy Fleet Propaganda

China Warns US Over Missile System

North Korea Able To Produce 20 Nukes

North Korea To Use Small Scale Nuke?!

Putin Ally Says Vote Trump Or Face War

Russia Begins Evac Of 40M People In Drill

US Ready To Hit Back If Russia Disrupts?!?

Large DDoS Attacks Cause Mass Outages!

House Reaches Deal To Avoid Shutdown?!?

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With Hillary in, there probably would have been a nuclear war with Russia, and America would never be the same, and sovereign again. Praise god, Trump is in. 

With Hillary Clinton in I would probably have been scooped up for being on what became the Terrorist Watch List, No Gun Buy List, No Fly List because a fat cop living with his mother in Stafford Springs, Connecticut, wanted a chance with my hot Lithuanian wife with me out of the picture. 

100's of thousands of your Homeland Security tax dollars were spent on Connecticut State Police and other State Police to follow me around shopping, going to the dentist, socializing, and wherever I work police will sit out in their cruisers while I work and then leave when I leave to make me look suspicious to get me fired from jobs, so women I date break up with me, and so I can't get an apartment to rent.
With Trump in, I now have a slim prayer of getting a pardon, and getting the bogus IRS bill that is preventing me from having any sort of life, wiped. If you are reading this, and have any in with the Donald Trump team will you pass my name and story in to Donald Trump asking him to pardon me and end IRS, DHS, TSA, police, and court harassment taking me off the Terrorist Watch List/No Fly List?

I was railroaded to prison because I pepper sprayed a police informant who tried to stab me after he jumped me in my dark driveway trying to get me to give up my wallet. The same individual attacked me in a crowded Stafford Springs, Connecticut, cafe, the Arizona. I dialed 911, and I could see local and State Offices standing around 200 yards down the street at the rotary police station and they came two and have hours after I dialed 911 for having been attacked. Police wanted all the witness gone when they finally did decide to come. 

Since I am on the list, Judges will refuse to sit on any small claims cases I initiate, but will sit on the cases if I'm being sued. Prosecutors are only allowed to give me the maximum prison, fines, and conditions no matter how bogus the charges and evidence is. Lawyers aren't allowed to help me, or they face disbarment or they may receive similar state sponsored harassment from Homeland Security and TSA. 

My former Lithuanian wife picture and story here: http://starkravingviking.blogspot.com/2010/01/target-on-enemies-list.html


Steven G. Erickson PO Box Eight Seventy-Four, Brattleboro, VT USA 05302 (I only check my mail once a month)

Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Witch's Coup?

I don't have cable. CNN was on where I was having a whiskey on the rocks and having dinner. CNN claims that Hillary Clinton has 68 electoral votes to Donald Trump's 48. I will not accept Hillary Clinton's nomination as President, no matter what.

A gaggle of international criminal corporate organized crime cabals have funded Hillary Clinton, the Clinton Foundation, and Clinton Global Initiative, CGI. International bankers, billionaires, and all those who make war munitions, and profit from narcotics trafficking, conflicts, white collar crime, murder for hire, wars, toppling dictators and legitimate governments, and who are for a UN world tax on average citizens for the right to breathe are, all are for Clinton. If they weren't they could be prosecuted and not have world tax dollars from their Ponzi Scheme victims.

At least Donald Trump is a nationalist and cares about his country.

International Felon and perpetrator of crimes against humanity, billionaire, George Soros, is a close associate and donor to many of the Clintons' schemes to enrich themselves and rip you, and me, and we the people, off.

Soros' companies supplied rigged voting machines to key battleground states and these machines have vote flipping and other software design to rig the election for Hillary Clinton.

I filmed Elena Sassower back in 2008 after she provided 12 boxes of documents regarding Hillary Clinton's fixing of her New York US Senate election.

Links and video here:

The only levity I had tonight after the CNN claim of Hillary "winning", I told a joke: "Why doesn't Hillary Clinton wear underwear?" The answer: "So, she'll have better grip as she flies over the White House."

I have driven from Brattleboro, Vermont, to the Colorado Rockies last November to go skiing and then to S. Florida. I took my time driving and stopped at rest stops, diners, bars, laundromats, parks, art exhibits and also even got near to where the original, "The Shining," movie was filmed. Less than one in 10 people had support for Hillary.

The biggest lie in the history of the world told to date might just be that, "Hillary won the election of 2016."

Well if the "election" is disputed in the Supreme Court, the one member who'd most likely be the one vote to break the balance and give Trump the thumbs up, Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, was whacked gangland and/or New World Order style at a secret order ritualistic event for the elite, found with a pillow over his face.

Ask who benefits.

Who benefited from the Oklahoma City Federal Building Bombing? Well, if there was evidence against the Clintons to put them both in prison for heinous financial organized crime activity, the bombing was awful convenient and beneficial to them. The Clintons could then blame, and go after their enemies blaming us for their evil deed.

With Hillary in, you can experience this:

and have a bogus IRS bill that is so outrageous that you can never pay it, own anything, or recover. With Hillary in, I maybe sent off to her "Fun Camp" and then "Re-educated".

With Trump in, I could at least have a small prayer for a pardon, Hillary and Bill in jail, and compensation for all the suffering. After the OKC bombing even the Amish weren't safe. 100's of thousand of dollars to SWAT team the Amish. The Amish would give away milk, and then after months, or even years of an informant getting the Amish to trust, they then gave the Amish a donation for the milk, cheese, yogurt, or whatever and then there was an excuse for a Waco type federal raid, SWAT team style.

The "Enemies List", that local police had, the Clintons had, and the elite have, became the No Fly List, No Gun Buy List, and Terrorist Watch List. Your only crime could be that you have an attractive wife that a fat, dumb as a box of rocks cop living with his mother wants for himself. I broke no laws and he threatened me with being put on the list if I just didn't leave my wife and home and let him have a chance.

You taxpayers paid 100's of thousands of your tax dollars for Homeland Security Overtime for Connecticut State Police to follow me around, harass and threaten me, railroad me to prison for being beaten on my own property, and for the TSA harassment that I also suffered.

With Hillary in, you'll all get a taste of this soon enough.


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stevengerickson at yahoo dot com (I don't check my email as often as I should)

Monday, November 07, 2016

Katie, Give Big Momma Hillary a Tongue Kiss!


Scroll to bottom of post for Abby Martin video. You might expect someone like her to be pro-Hillary. She's connected the dots. The video is worth the time.

The above picture was found on yahoo.com

In 2012, I worked a new car dealership across the Mall of New Hampshire in Manchester. Another salesperson, a woman who I find credible, told me that she met Bill and Hillary Clinton at a party in Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts, if memory serves correctly. She told me that Bill and Hillary were having a contest on which one could pick her up and sleep with her.

The full resolution picture of the above really shows the sexual lustful look in Hillary's eyes looking at Katie Perry.

I don't think there is a woman alive who I despise more than Hillary Clinton. My father's 2nd wife is a close #2, is bipolar, and rants, raves, and transfers her rage against someone else onto a new victim when her anger trigger is pulled. Hillary is a true Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

I truly will have to fear for my life, if Hillary gets in by stealing the election, not skipping a beat with her lifelong organized crime psychopath agenda. If Bill and Hillary Clinton had evidence that could put them both behind bars for felonies, and if the building blew up in OKC Federal Building, the Clintons were then not prosecuted, what does that say?

Well they had to blame citizens who fit my description, and then blame them on someone else. Hillary and Bill may have something to with my divorce, my losing my home, rental properties that I fixed up from a boarded up condition, my dog, my cat, my contracting business, my being permanently estranged from my only daughter, to be railroaded to prison after 4 armed, and uniform 4 Connecticut State Police Troopers committed perjury on the stand.

I was railroaded to prison and was held as a political prisoner. 

I found out that being on what became the terrorist watch list, No Gun Buy List, and TSA No Fly list impacts the victim's life, daily. I hate the Clintons to the core of my soul.


Videos that I like and videos I shoot, and edit myself, can be found here:

I intend on buying 2 pieces of 4'x8' plywood, screw them to wood rails of my small utility trailer, and paint these words in red paint:



If you don't see pictures of the signs on my trailer here on my blog, assume I am yet another victim on the Hillary Clinton body count growing list. 

stevengerickson at yahoo dot com


Abby Martin formally of RT's "Breaking the Set," someone who'd you think who would be pro-Hillary Clinton lays the Clinton connections to corporate organized crime like only she can. The video below is definitely worth the time to watch. Too many billionaires, elite, and military entities making taxpayer funds to wage wars need Hillary to keep the cash rolling in. 

Text with below video: 

Published on Nov 5, 2016
With the Wikileaks release of thousands of emails belonging to John Podesta, very little is known in US society about Podesta himself. While he’s maintained a low profile, John Podesta is actually considered one of Washington’s biggest players, and one of the most powerful corporate lobbyists in the world.

In this episode of The Empire Files, Abby Martin explores John Podesta’s political rise, his vast network of corporate connections and his think tank "Center for American Progress." Learn why the Podestas and the Clintons are a match made in ruling class heaven.

The Empire Files: Abby Martin Exposes John Podesta [Direct Link to video]

F'ing Bumbling Idiots, FBI

Image was lifted [from here].

How much more can the FBI suck? Are they a "Law Enforcement agency," or what is their purpose? Are there separate and unequal justice systems for those who sold out to corporate organized crime, international banksters, and billionaires vs. the rest of us average people? Are your a "simp" if you work for the FBI?

James Comey might take over the essence of the FBI from J. Edgar Hoover. No longer is the FBI in the closet, it is out. It is out in the open that it is being blackmailed, member by member. FBI lives don't matter, but Hillary Clinton does.

I was told by a fat cop living with his mother that I could die, or be put on a list if I just didn't leave my life, and home, so he could have a chance with my wife. I didn't know him, but he knew me. Stafford Springs, Connecticut, Police Officer "Fat Frank" Prochaska was listening in on my phone calls because I was self-employed, a gun owner, a conceal carry pistol permit carrier, and the fact that I had a "hot wife", and he wanted to take all from me to get at my wife.

It used to be illegal under the US Constitution, but because so many laws were broken by so many important people, cretins like Hillary Clinton need to make the US Constitution not matter, and skate over justice no matter the crimes that they commit. We cross the sidewalk with a smile, or other jubilant behavior about being alive will be punished.

Hillary and Bill Clinton may have had a hand in the US Constitution no longer mattering to anyone, forever, and all eternity. 

You have no rights, you don't own anything, and your life doesn't matter. If you're not willing to fight back, your silence signifies acceptance. The international owners of your body, and the land where you live, have determined that you'll not resist and that you'll take any abuse that they're willing to dole out. You are wonderfully proving them right.

Religion, for the elite is a scary thing. 20 to 30 years ago, if the authorities came to a man's home and said that they were going to take away his children, rape his wife, and take away his land and livelihood, the man, the wife, and even the children would fight back with whatever was available, including pitchforks. Now we just wait for that eventual knock on the door. We'll willingly go, right? How sorry are you for your current pathetic state?  

If Hillary and Bill Clinton avoided prosecution by helping arrange, or allowing to happen, the partial blowing up of the Oklahoma City Federal Building where evidence against them was allegedly held, the Clintons had to blame someone else for it. It was you and me. And, they allocated Federal Tax Dollars to make it so. 

Police after the OKC bombing and 9/11 was to then go after farmers, the Amish, gun owners, the outspoken, those who want the US Constitution respected, returning veterans, independent media, and those who are potential leaders in their communities. Those in power don't care how much of your money is used to torture, detain, rape, and murder you. They figure you own nothing, and you have no rights.

Hillary Clinton completely F'd up as Secretary of State. She couldn't have broken more rules and laws. So, let's promote her to US President, right?

If Hillary "wins", the election was stolen. Just the same, I will not listen to, obey, or respect anything Barack Obama, the bag of excrement has to say, it's doubly so for Hillary "The Rotting Meat Corpse" Clinton, if she steals the US Presidency, why live, or why not fight back. I would still consider doing right for what its left of my life for humanity. But other than two people in the entire world. I don't think I should even lift a finger for you.

Silence signifies accemptance. 

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