Tuesday, June 02, 2020

Final Solution 2.0

In 1946 as part of Operation Paperclip Germ Warfare Scientist who were doing the cruelest experiments possible in prison labor camps run by Germans, Japanese, Italians, and others during World War II.

These war criminals instead of being hung by the neck until dead after the Nuremberg Trials for War Crimes became some of the highest paid with US tax dollars to work in Bio-weapons lab. So those who allegedly "accidentally released" Lyme Disease, West Nile, Zika, Anthrax, race specific and DNA altering concoctions, running bio-weapons through goat urine to dry and spray on populations out of airplanes etc offer cures, pharmaceuticals, and vaccines for the problems that they have created.

The OSS and other spy agencies got their birth during World War II. The Germans had the best ideas for "Population Control", so these people were recruited for American, and World Policing to most effectively manage, control, and reduce unwanted populations. Operation allowed those who were rounding up citizens based on their ethnicity, the policy makers were the worst of humanity.

In 1995, Hillary Clinton, a not so secret Communist, and daughter of a Dixie Mafia boss who allegedly had a proclivity to have the highest covert body count has a daughter who didn't fall from the family tree, decided average taxpaying families were her biggest enemies and needed to be dealt with.

The Oklahoma City Federal Building Bombing came at a convenient time when both Clintons were facing felonies for their money making scams and mafia-like behavior and alleged CIA drug trafficking into Mena.

The Clintons could funnel tax dollars to all the alphabet agencies to go after their perceived greatest enemies, those who would most resist a time when the US Constitution was suspended and Chinese Communist type controls would be placed on Americans as they entered into Global Governance. Hillary often joked about sending her enemies to "Fun Camps" for re-education.

These people this year especially are throwing everything they can at the wall that they can make stick in 2020 for an all, or nothing, push.


If Trump drinks the Left Kool-Aid and orders the military door to door to force vaccinate, he has either been compromised, bribed, or is just a complete idiot.


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Monday, June 01, 2020

Phase 2 Race Riots, Phase 3 shutdown social media as reaction

Too many people are calling BS and then the social media is being restricted even more. You need to get your “news” from just one place, so as a good citizen, you are told what to think, and then go grab the pallets of brinks and rocks to riot conveniently, and thoughtfully provided by the international police union, where the cops will be conveniently absent for the stirring up of the citizens mostly bused in at Soros and other billionaires who just can’t wait for their dessert.

All seems a little too planned ...

My Liveleak channel seems to have been taken down when I accused the international police union of greater abusers of the pubic than their minions, the FBI and CIA, for domestic operations meant to cause race riots, the erasing of the US borders, and erasure of the US Constitution.

As far as the 4th of July goes, Xi Ping says we are not allowed to celebrate our independence, as “Independence from What?”

Cities are burning during race riots ... right on schedule as planned before the inception of US DHS Homeland Security, UN’s good squad of the the elites for forced inoculations and door to door gun confiscation as planned by the Clintons after their failed Oklahoma City Federal Building Bombing to end the US Constitution and to exert Communist like controls on the population back in 1995.

They just kept pulling bigger and bigger operations, telling more and more lies, and no one was punished. Why not go global.

It’s the International Police Union. They are the spider’s web tentacles to all of what is going on. Who benefits if their dues in international increases 4x and all facets of all governments have one international union for all the workers. It means you are now under armed occupation, and the pay-op is that the citizens due the work of Xi Ping, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, George Soros, Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, World Banks, Chemical Companies, Big Pharma, and Global Corporate Organized Crime.

Vote Michelle Obama for Premier of the UN, puppet strings manipulated by Xi Ping.


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International Police Union may rig up to 100% of all elections

I have done a lot of talking to now deceased State Rep Ron Belanger's mostly at Sayde's Cafe in Salem, NH, from about 3 years ago when I hung around in that area for about 7 years. Ron was a Chelsea police officer in Massachusetts and talked about knowing Whitey Bulger and how the International Police Union was the conduit to FBI, Police, and Public Corruption nationwide, and rigged up to 100% of all elections.

Ron told me how police in Salem, NH, would follow him around wherever he went, threaten him, and pulled him over for suspicion of drunk driving after he was held for over an hour and pissed himself. Ron had a prostate or other medical condition and was not known to ever drink alcohol. At Sayde's cafe he had all the free coffee and food he could eat, or drink.

Because Ron peed in his pants the officer accused him of being drunk and arrested him and processed him. Ron was found that he was not drunk, and then cops wanted him evaluated to be mentally incompetent to live on his own in his home and have him committed to a mental institution. Ron as a State Representative, advocated legislation to allow police to choose to join a Police Union, or not. The legislation didn't pass, but then there is lifetime retaliation which I can attest to as well, going back from 1995.

I had agreed to testify for Ron and the New Hampshire House of Representatives on how that I didn't give Stafford Springs, Connecticut, Police Officer "Fat Frank" Prochaska $1000, an officer living in his mother's basement at the time, money to allow me to apply to be a part time police officer, and to also keep my wife, as she was too pretty for me, and I didn't know the right people. If I didn't pay him, I was told I would be put on the International Police Union "enemies list" and I would be estranged from my only daughter permanently, wouldn't be allowed to date after I was divorced, to have employment, and would have bad luck with my taxes, from police, and in courts the rest of my miserable lift until I either committed suicide, was tortured and murdered by police, or spending the rest of my life in prison.

Prochaska told me that I stole my house, I didn't own anything, and had no rights. Since the work that I did, he wouldn't pay any more than $10/hour for, I shouldn't be able to afford what I have, he was going to take away my driver's license, pistol permit, and everything if I didn't give him $1000, because he knew from observing my spending habits, and going through my finances that I had to have $30,000 cash laying around, and that I would be more willing to give him all of that later, if I didn't pay him $1000 now. Ratting Prochaska out to Senator Chris Dodd means 25 years later, I might be whacked at any time, and the retaliation, and suffering, for me is daily, and Prochaska told me then, he would see to it I was permanently estranged from my only daughter and disowned by my father if I didn't pay him. He succeeded.

I was told that I could be sent to a mental institution for life if I told anyone, or tried to make a complaint. I complained to Connecticut US Senator Chris Dodd's Office and so my name and address was sent to the Connecticut Commissioner of State Police to railroad to prison and/or be sent to a mental institution. Arthur L. Spada had my picture and information sent to pretty much all Connecticut Police Departments all 3 shifts, repeatedly. To former Governor John G. Rowland, I was, "Public Enemy #1", whom I am credited with sending to prison for a year for having got a hot tub to funnel 100s of millions of state contracts to the Mafia. I found out while in prison that Rowland got a free hot tub. I dropped a dime on Rowland to the FBI when I was out of prison less than 3 hours.

Connecticut Congressman Chris Shays, agreed to have me testify in front of the US Judiciary Committee, or to an open session of Congress, about the corruption and mafia-like behavior of the International Police Union rigging elections, rigging court cases, and going after citizens for political reasons, witch hunts, for bilking the public using asset seizure excuses, murder-for-hire, and for putting citizens who got in the way of the International Police and UN Agenda were severely beaten, murdered, put in mental institutions, or were in, and out of prisons, for life.

Retired Hartford Connecticut Narcotics Detective Rich Murzin told me that Chris Shays was not re-elected for having agreed to have me testify. Rich told me that I would be murdered, or "suicided" before I would testify. I didn't testify for Ron Belanger in New Hampshire because I got a blocked call and was told that everyone that I ever cared about would be targeted, and then I would be if I testified.

I found out in 1995 that a clandestine intelligence unit was being set up to go after Militia, small business owners, legal gun owners, Constitutional Extremists, farmers, ranchers, landlords, contractors, especially non-corporate bar owners, independent media, those who would be potential leaders when the US Constitution was suspended for when Martial Law was to be declared after a coming event where there would be door to door gun confiscation, forced inoculations for a coming pandemic, and that the US would be under the jurisdiction of the UN and would not self-govern.

The US Coast Guard Reserve is what the unit would be affiliated with, because the US Coast Guard can disregard all citizens' US Constitutional Rights, the precursor to US DHS Homeland Security in 1995. The unit was funded in with federal tax dollars to covertly go after Clinton and International Police Union perceived enemies. The goal was to have Chinese-like Communist complete control of all citizens, and keep beaches, lakes, rivers, recreation areas, nature, exclusively for the elite and connected. 

The international police union's goal was to increase dues into the Union HQ by fourfold with fourfold members worldwide of judicial workers, legislative workers, police, and every alphabet agency. The international police union is the gatekeeper through it's people allowing all local and national governments seem like they are legitimately run.

So all the BS now is partly to blame on the international police union wanting to increase its revenue stream in, and power, fourfold.


One thing that was on the international police union's agenda is that all driver's licenses and IDs be RFID chipped so as police drive by cars or buses, they know all the individuals who are near them to see if they are on a political enemies list. The RFID chips are to be implanted from birth after there is an excuse for worldwide Martial Law.

The International Police Union also wants to have satellite controlled locks on all dwellings so that police have access 24/7 and don't damage property they are going to seize as part of their revenue collection and civil asset forfeiture to further fuel their operations, drug trafficking, child sex slavery, racketeering, and collusion with Big Pharma, World Banks, and Corporations also out to rule the world. 

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Saturday, May 30, 2020

" ... virus is a hoax, not a threat." - Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, Asst Treasury Secretary under Ronald Reagan

An insider who speaks his mind speaks. Dr. Paul Craig Roberts in 81 years old. He has stepped on a lot of toes of former associates. Someone who is a conservative insider who tells on spooks, and tells it like it is, gets high marks in my book.

Roberts, even at age 81, is putting himself at personal risk speaking out like this. I ask that you go read what he actually says, not just my snip for the title. Roberts is putting his family, and his legacy at risk, why?

If Roberts is actually calling BS on the Pandemic, it might mean that there was no reason for anyone, anywhere to lock down. What if there was only an outbreak of just a stronger Flu in Wuhan? The virus was reported to be cobbled together in the Wuhan Germ Warfare Lab. COVID-19, Coronavirus is a pretty lame "weapon", but with scary names.

What if China blocked the virus spread to around Wuhan, or just let it spread, and put out scripted propaganda that this was going to be the worst population killer in the history of the world? They set the stage, and the world takes the bait.

Hillary Clinton's insecure server may have been intentional to sell secrets to China and then not have a paper trail. Countless CIA type operatives in China and anyone they knew were probably tortured and killed in China, and all over the world in big numbers.

So with Hillary Clinton, it is "China, China, China," much more than it is "Russia, Russia, Russia," with Trump, and there should much more said about, "Ukraine, Ukraine, Ukraine," regarding the Bidens, and actual treason.

So, who are the beneficiaries of a drill going live, beside the Clinton Global Initiative?

Bill Gates, UN, UNESCO, the international police union which can grow 4x in dues collection from all police and alphabet agencies worldwide, and of course China. Mostly young adults have climbed out of their mother's basements and are calling for worldwide Communism, no borders worldwide.

The face of the regime, a new Premier of the UN which is a world leader may go to Hillary Clinton, and Michelle Obama just might be installed as US President whether Biden is up for being the initial "in", or not.

China just months ago had lost the Trade War to Donald Trump and the US, only seemingly so, as China treated it like a battle, attacked the entire world in a stealth way and has won the War of Ideology.

The Chinese Communist system of squashing dissent is now worldwide.

You, without knowing it, are now under a partnership of control shared by the Chinese Communist Party, UN UNESCO, unseen elites and seen billionaires, World Banks, war corporations, Big Pharma w/ ring leader Bill Gates, and the biggest conduit to everything law, legal, judicial, and investigatory, the International Police Union.

You're probably at home. Make some popcorn if you have it. Watch the show that has been scripted for a long time.




[C-Word Snipped] Police Union UN Thugs out to DESTROY HUMANITY for Maximum Profit

The more mayhem, chaos, cops shot, looting, riots, and the more cops don't do their law enforcement jobs, the more dues the international police union will collect.

The ATF was in danger of having its funds cut before the Oklahoma City Federal Building Bombing.

Police were completely ineffective after the LA Riots. The first thing the police did was to go after mostly legally armed Korean-American shop owners who were guarding their shops that weren't burned and looted because they were legally armed and defended themselves and their property.

These core Americans then went to jail, were heavily fined, and too many cases were put out of business. The actual criminal see that their bad behavior was rewarded with along with the police increasing their revenue, numbers, and became less accountable for obeying laws themselves.

If police revenue was affected by the costs of riots, riots stop instantly, or before they even start. When police have incentives, they act to get the most with the least resistance. Criminal, traitorous behavior is not punished. It is currently rewarded, so we all get what we are getting now.

In 1995, the police union realized that police ranks and the alphabet agency was overstocked with manpower. Union heads took the path of least resistance to then attempt to increase their numbers fourfold.

The police union, the UN, UNESCO, and key elite bankers and owners of corporations decided there need to be planned terrorized the public events that could start off as drills and then go live if everything lined up.

Conducting covert operations are biggest bang for the buck for the Deep State. The Best example of this is former NYC prosecutor, Israeli national intelligence operator, and key owner of a body scanner for airports company had millions of dollars of inventory ready to roll out, Michael Chertoff. An "underwear bomber" was put on an airplane by an intelligence, Chertoff makes 100s of millions of dollars and the whole world is forever inconvenienced traveling.

Look at what these international police union thugs are now pulling worldwide with Bill Gates and that sack of excrement, Fauci.

The international police union and the puppeteers of the UN and UNESCO are laughing in your face as they make the whole world go poof for their benefit.


In 1995, US DHS Department of Homeland of Security didn't have a name. The then lose organization was organized to go after Clintons' and International Police Union enemies and to get ready for what would give the police union the most amount of dues, house to house gun confiscations and forced inoculations: 


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Parallels to the Bear River Massacre?

Above picture came from [this post].

Invaders to a new land brought Small Pox on blankets as gifts. There was then propaganda and lies.

Those who had their nation's wealth, resources, and way of life stolen from them were then rounded up to go into camps.

The military age men were already dead. So women, children, and the elderly wake up one cold morning to be shot by Gattling Machine Guns in the tents, called teepees, and the remaining living were bayoneted by soldiers.

That then was Ponzi Scheme, complete.

No matter where we are in the world, are we all the "New" Native Americans?

Word search the Bear River Massacre.

Quarantine for who? Vaccine for what?

List of Native American Massacres: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Indian_massacres

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Run to the Hills 

Iron Maiden

The white man came across the sea He brought us pain and misery He killed our tribe, he killed our creed He took our game for his own need We fought him hard, we fought him well Out on the plains, we gave him Hell But many came to much for Cree Oh will we ever be set free?

Riding through dust clouds and barren wastes, Galloping hard on the plains Chasing the Redskins back to their holes Fighting them at their own game Murder for freedom, stab in the back Women and children are cowards, attack!

Run to the hills Run for your lives! Run to the hills Run for your lives!

Soldier blue in the barren wastes, hunting and killing's the game Raping the women and wasting the men The only good Injuns are tame Selling them whiskey and taking their gold, Enslaving the young and destroying the old!

Run to the hills, run for your lives! Run to the hills, run for your lives!

Run to the hills Run for your lives! Run to the hills Run for your lives!

Friday, May 29, 2020

"It was all to get Trump" - a US Lebanese Cafe Owner in New Hampshire

This isn't the photo from the bar, that one was [found here].

I was surprised to drive down to Salem, New Hampshire, USA to have a drink. A cafe owner was talking to 1 or 2 BAE Corporation spooks. She took them by surprise saying that all the "stuff" that is going down is because the hidden power doesn't want Trump in office after 2020.

Her daughter operating the bar, doesn't want anyone around without a mask and gloves. It is just plain ridiculous, and her Mom is calling all total BS.
The one or two BAE spooks look flushed as they know it is a BS pandemic. 
Absolutely no shutdown was needed. So that means that there is no vaccine need for "if you are a moron, you believe there is a virus."


The internet censorship was rolled out before. There was the measles thing, and the Deep State just kept throwing all they could against the wall until they saw what would stick. 


Back after the Oklahoma City Federal Building Bombing, the international police union knew that there was an over-saturation of police and all other alphabet agencies. How do you expand a system where taxpayers were getting ready to revolt back in the mid 1990s. The Clintons were tanking, facing felony charges and not being in the White House, possibly separate jail cells ... like those 2 bags of excrement actually sleep together ... 

A good psy-op obviously didn't go to waste. 

The international police union and UN UNESCO got into the spy game to game the public to eventually agree to 4x the number of police and spy goons as before. Steve Spellman Legislative Liaison to legislators for the International Police Union in Connecticut didn't like that I outed them, and told police I was to be kicked out of Connecticut, my marriage broken up, I was to be permanently estranged from my daughter, beaten almost to death, or murdered, or spend the rest of my life in prison in retaliation for my "Big Mouth". 

Police were telling me I was not allowed to write letters to the editor printed in newspapers to talk to reporters, and that I didn't own anything or have any rights back in 1995. You all are getting the memo now too. Elected officials are mere puppets. The Teamsters style thug police union tell elected officials what they can, and can't do. The UN UNESCO controls 99% plus of all land in America.  



How many people in US die of smoking a year? Is it more than allegedly died in all of the world of Moron-a-vid?

UN and International Police Union want one Big Mass Protest to finish their lock down of US

Image above found in a post about best protest signs [here]

The above picture is from a police brutality protest in the State of Connecticut. The police informants, and officers dressed up to incite a peaceful protest into violence where there can be an excuse for more Police misconduct, brutality, and teach sheeple a lesson.International Globalist events with protests this is the game plan, especially in Canada.

Police Departments in past history were financially liable for damage to businesses and property during protests. Police had a financial interest in peace.

Because the agenda of the UN and international police union after the Oklahoma City Federal Building Bombing, they were looking to increase police numbers fourfold worldwide. How is that accomplished?:

It is now in police financial and power grabbing interest to ramp up protests and have as much mayhem and destruction as is possible.

It has been the agenda of the UN and International Police Union to make the US Constitution Null and Void. Border can be erased. The elite can be in complete control and we will all be treated worse than corporate farm animals.

My video uploads:

One of the number videos that is being blocked from uploaded to other video platforms, that the UN and International Police Union don't want you to see is here:

American Blood Cows

Most Americans are blood cows waiting for their DNA to be altered with some magic shot.

I would guess there have been more suicides than actual COVID deaths.

If there is a made up number of 300,000 dead in the world, maybe alcohol and tobacco have killed twenty times that, a year.

If I understand Gates correctly, 1 in 5 will be adversely affected by his vaccine. So many will suffer and die. So, doing quick math, 700,000,000 will face actual suffering and death by taking a untested vaccine designed to alter DNA, and maybe have some surprises.

I took an Anthrax Military Vaccine to work in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. It was mandatory, even though I had a zero percent chance of "catching" Anthax. I was never so sick, and pissed off for giving in on my principals. The headaches, the vomiting, the blood not clotting, digestive problems, and feeling like I had a flu for months.

I believe there was zero reason to shut anything down. I believe this 100%. I look at all the stupid sheep wearing masks ... the leaders who know what is actually going on think you your pathetic, and you deserve what is coming for you.

We are not in this together. If you believe the UN Dema Commie Rat Vax the planet crap, you are just plain stupid.

1 in 16 Irish children struck by Autism, it the vaccines:


I think of the Dufus Stafford Springs, Connecticut, cop in 1995 who was living in his mother's basement thinking he was like James Bond, something he actually said ... :


I think of my father, also thinking he was like James Bond working in the clandestine world of Monsanto: 



Trumps Executive Order, making a more open playing field?: https://banned.video/watch?id=5ed080ddef3949002fb9c0fc

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

MoneySoft, Bill Gates' Global Currency, Forced on YOU?

What is really at stake?

Would you opt into a global currency controlled by a RFID chip implanted on a tattoo supplied to you by Microsoft Monopolyiast Dirtbag Bill Gates?

Well, you need to prove to Bill Gates that you got the Bill Gates untested vaccine to opt into the new world financial currency being rolled out by Bill Gates.

If you do not have Bill Gates' permission, you can't transact financially anywhere in the globe. Bill Gates now decides whether you are part of his UN Matrix, or not.

All is about the global financial situation.

Bill Gates controls all your digital currency. He is the new God.

Whether you work, live, reproduce, travel, eat, or anything, all dependents on your Chinese style social score in the new roll-out of MoneySoft real world currency.

What you say, what you do, and how valuable you are to the actual New World Order will determine whether you are allowed to live in breathe now, or if you are lucky and very compliant and useful as a tool, into old age.

You drank the Kool-Aid. You stayed at home. Just wait, Bill's minions will come for you. You have to do nothing. You have already complied. 


Trump Cucked. UN, Gates, World Banks and Corps all allowed to F’ over US Trump’s base is getting ready to revolt.

He loses us, and goes for armed invasions into our homes to give us unwanted Microsoft vaccine shots and RFID chips to use Bill Gates’ World Currency System ready to roll out to live, eat, work, and travel. Since when did we make Gates the leader of anything?

I don’t recall hearing about that vote.

Silence signifies acceptance. What do you do with government when it won’t follow ANY of the rules that the people have for it. If the US Constitution no longer applies, can the people bring back medieval torture for tyrants?

Hey Trump, where are your balls, bitch?

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Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Wear mandated UN Bee Keeper Muslim Suit!

The UN has mandated that we cover up, especially Americans. We the People are just too ugly, and fat, mostly ... I am one of the herd, so Bill Gates is doing us a favor. We need to cover our faces and bodies.

I think we in the world are all too irresponsible with our money, and anything that we think we own.

A Bill Gates RFID tattoo, will allow the Bill Gates’ World Currency to be implemented. Who is better to control all the World’s money supply, and all aspects of humanity?

Even if you are not a bed wetter, you are bed wetter. Prove that you are not. Well, you can’t, you are not to argue with authorities. The UN has protected us from random Free Speech.

Bill Gates has proven that his Microsoft Monopoly is effective worldwide.

So, who is better to be OUR world leader? It doesn’t matter that he wasn’t elected.

We will just give him credit for being smarter, and more cunning, than any mass murderer in history.

Please check out next blog on this blog, for videos and links.

You are that ineffective. Your silence should signify your acceptance that anything goes.

Bill Gates will get to the target 500 million population with your help, and especially with your compliance.

Monday, May 25, 2020

Monopolies, Billionaires, Debauchery, and Public Corruption ... What could go wrong?

Scroll down for video that breaks it down

Bill Gates and Jeffrey Epstein, business partners and friends. They are caring, aren't they?

Barack Obama and Bill Gates, would they collude together so that the UN and Dema Commie Rats shared world power, and spread more wealth to billionaire douche bags like Gates make even more money, causing even more global harm. Could Bill Gates surpass Adolf Hitler and "Uncle Joe" Stalin in mass murder statistics?

Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton, what sort of evil deal will be delivered by UN and UNESCO through the tentacles of the Dema Commie Rats in our near future? You didn't "vote" for Hillary in 2016, you are going to be very, very sorry in 2020.


From the [Corbett Report]

Show notes: https://www.corbettreport.com/meetgates/

Watch on BitChute / LBRY / Minds / YouTube or Download the mp4

Computer whiz kid. Talented software developer. Shrewd businessman. Benevolent philanthropist.

Global health expert.

There can be no doubt that Bill Gates has worn many hats on his remarkable journey from his early life as the privileged son of a Seattle-area power couple to his current status as one of the richest and most influential people on the planet. But, as we have seen in our exploration of Gates’ rise as unelected global health czar and population control advocate, the question of who Bill Gates really is is no mere philosophical pursuit.

Given that we are currently living through a crisis that has been “predicted” by Bill Gates, which is triggering a response from the global health organizations that the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has bankrolled, and driving us toward a vaccination and biometric ID “solution” which Bill Gates has been working on for years, the answer to the question “Who Is Bill Gates?” is quickly becoming one of the most important questions of our lives. That answer will not only tell us about the world that we are living in, but about the one that we are being thrust into . . . and how we can avoid it.

Today we will attempt to answer that question as we examine the motives, the ideology, and the connections of this man who has been so instrumental in shaping the post-coronavirus world.

Meet Bill Gates.

You’re tuned into The Corbett Report.

So who is Bill Gates?

Some argue that he’s a genius who leveraged his natural computer savvy into a billion-dollar fortune.
INTERVIEWER: You’re called a genius and I will—well, no, I don’t think that embarrassed you at all. They call you a genius. Part of your genius is that you are a computer whiz, and the other is that you did have the business acumen to turn it into a working company. Are you a business genius, too?
GATES: Well, I wouldn’t say “genius.”
SOURCE: Watch 28-year-old Bill Gates explain why he didn’t see himself as a genius
Others insist that he is a visionary who changed our lives with his foresight and bold imagination.
ALAN GARBER: Bill had a vision—and I understand it went back even then—that computing would be ubiquitous. It would be part of all of our lives. And, indeed, as you all know, he executed on that vision. And the world today has changed so dramatically in large part due to the work that Bill has done throughout the years.
SOURCE: A Conversation with Bill Gates’ Q&A at Harvard University
He has been hailed as a shrewd executive who built the Microsoft empire with his remarkable talent for business.
JAMES WALLACE: When the biographers and historians write the history of the 20th century, Bill Gates is going to go down as the best businessman of our century, and Microsoft as one of the greatest companies of the 20th century.
SOURCE: Biography: Bill Gates
And he has been praised as a philanthropist who is selflessly devoting his wealth to improving the lives of people around the world.
JESSE KORNBLUTH: Bill, even your harshest critic would have to admit that your philanthropy work is, you know, planet-shaking incredible and could be, if you make it, a second act so amazing that it would dwarf what you’ve actually done at Microsoft. [APPLAUSE]
SOURCE: Steve Jobs and Bill Gates Face Off
But, like anyone of his status, he has his detractors. In the 1990s he was often portrayed as the greedy head of the evil Microsoft monopoly.
BENJAMIN WOOLEY: Bill Gates isn’t content with his Windows system running just a few PCs. He wants it to run the world, spreading like a computer virus into our faxes, our phones, our TV sets, and, yes, even our toasters.
SOURCE: Bill Gates on the dawn of the Internet
But in the age of the coronavirus crisis, he is most often treated like some sort of epidemiologist or leading health researcher.
ANDERSON COOPER: Back here with us once again to talk about this, as well as testing, treatments and more: Bill Gates, co-chair of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Bill, thanks so much for being back with us. It’s been a little over a month since you were here and at that time you said the US had not hit its peak. So at this point do you think we have peaked and where do you think we are right now in kind of the arc of the pandemic?
SOURCE: Bill Gates says US system produces ‘bogus’ testing numbers
But in truth, none of these perspectives are accurate.
Microsoft’s big break famously came from a deal to provide software for IBM as they moved into the personal computer market. But the deal was not the result of Gates’ technical genius or amazing business acumen. As has been quietly admitted by IBM executives in the years since, Microsoft was given their shot at the chance to work with “Big Blue” as a result of Gates’ mother’s relationship with IBM CEO John Opel.
GORAN MILIC: You remember your partnership of IBM and Bill Gates? How did it break up?

EDWARD ANDRUS: I do remember very well, actually. Bill Gates at the time at the beginning of our relationship with them was living on pizza and Pepsi Cola in Albuquerque, New Mexico. And his mother happened to be on the United Way board with our chairman and asked our chairman to help him. And you know, when the chairman comes in and tells you to go help this kid, nine hundred people get on the plane Monday morning and they all go down to try to help Bill Gates.
[. . .]
So I don’t see Bill Gates as this great, creative person. I see him as an opportunist. And, in fact, in those days there was a lot of sharing of software code. People gave it away in Silicon Valley; they would share everything. He came in and he tried to control everything and put a price on it.
SOURCE: Idemo u Ameriku 2
Computer historians have long known how the basis for what became MS-DOS was not Bill Gates’ brilliant imagination, but QDOS, a “Quick and Dirty Operating System” that had been thrown together by Tim Patterson, a worker at Seattle Computer Products, as a placeholder until he could sell a proper operating system to his customers. And as even Gates himself admitted, the breakthrough Graphical User Interface that became the basis for Windows was ripped off from the researchers at the Xerox Palo Alto Research Center.
As Bill would say after Apple unsuccessfully sued Microsoft for copyright infringement over Windows’ GUI: “Hey, Steve, just because you broke into Xerox’s house before I did and took the TV doesn’t mean I can’t go in later and take the stereo.”
SOURCE: Paul Allen, Idea Man (p. 156)
And, as Gates also admits, it is not a spirit of selfless generosity that motivates his interest in vaccines and other lucrative health interventions.
BECKY QUICK: I’d like to talk to you about your approach to vaccinations. You wrote something recently, and, like you always do, you kind of looked at the problem from a scientific and business perspective on things. You’ve invested 10 billion dollars in vaccinations over the last two decades, and you figured out the return on investment for that. It kind of stunned me. Can you walk us through the math?
[. . .]
BILL GATES: You know, we see a phenomenal track record. It’s been a hundred billion overall that the world’s put in—our foundation is a bit more than 10 billion—but we feel there’s been over a 20-to-one return. So if you just look at the economic benefits, that’s a pretty strong number compared to anything else.
SOURCE: Bill Gates: My ‘best investment’ turned $10 billion into $200 billion worth of economic benefit
As we have seen, Gates’ “philanthropic” investment scheme has paid off well, with his $50 billion net worth having ballooned to over $100 billion after his decade of “altruism” in the vaccine market.

As critics of his foundation have repeatedly pointed out, the 9,000,000 people who die every year of hunger would be best served by securing food supplies, running water and other basic necessities, not costly medical interventions for rare diseases. But there is no return on investment to be made from that kind of charity.

No, this is not about charity. It is about control. The population control grid that Gates has been quietly funding into existence for the past decade—a biometric identification system tied to a digital payments infrastructure that will be used to track, catalogue and control every movement, every transaction and every interaction of every citizen—is just now coming into view.

But the real question is: Why is he doing this? What drives a man like Bill Gates, a man rich beyond the wildest dreams of avarice, to spend his time and invest his fortune in schemes to control the population? To find the answer to that question, we have to examine Gates’ family background.
Bill Gates, it should not be surprising to learn, was born into money. His great-grandfather, J. W. Maxwell, was the president of National City Bank in Seattle. His grandfather, Willard, was also a banker, and his grandmother, Adele, a prominent Seattle civic leader.

Bill Gates’ mother, Mary Maxwell Gates, was a scion of the Maxwell banking family and, by all accounts, as hard-driving as her forebears. She served as a director of several companies, including First Interstate Bancorp and KIRO-TV of Seattle. She served as a regent at the University of Washington. And she was appointed to the board of the United Way of America, where, as we have seen, she persuaded IBM CEO John Opel to help her son in his fledgling software development career.

Bill’s father, William H. Gates, Sr., was a prominent Seattle-area lawyer. He co-founded a powerful law and lobbying firm, helped Howard Schultz in his bid to buy Starbucks, served on the boards of numerous companies and organizations, and, along the way, had a profound influence on his son’s life and career.
GATES: My dad was a large presence, both physically and in terms of his wisdom. He worked very hard, so he’d leave in the mornings, often before we had breakfast, and get home in time for dinner. I always looked up to my dad in terms of how hard he worked.
At the dinner table my dad would go through various lawsuits and expect us to follow along. He had high expectations.
SOURCE: Celebrating My Father’s 90th Birthday
The young Bill Gates—technically “William H. Gates, III,” although his card-playing family dubbed him “Trey”—learned much from his parents. From his mother’s banking family he inherited a “nose for the dollar,” as one childhood friend’s father called it. From his hard-driving legal-minded father, he learned the value of legalizing business arrangements. As a child, he even had a legal contract drawn up to grant him the use of his older sisters’ baseball mitt.





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Sunday, May 24, 2020

Commie [C-Word Snipped] Charlie Baker, RINO Massachusetts Governor

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Republican Governor of Massachusetts Charles Baker [found here

Howie Carr is a political commentator on Radio. About 4 days ago, Howie Carr claimed on the radio that 78 people in a population of 7 million in Massachusetts died of COVID who are under 60. So there was no justification to shut an entire state down. This criminal needs to be removed from office and prosecuted.

The courts are so corrupt, especially in New England and New York that, this just won't happen.

Police Officer can "make" over a million dollars and not even have to pull scams like the the police in the State of Connecticut are doing on a massive scale to rake in 7 figures a year. What does that say about how far the UN and international police union have corrupted this region, the entire US, and the World?

The vaccine industry runs the US government. So, what do you think they are now up to?

Do you know anything about ABSCAM? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Abscam

In the 70s into the 80s, the FBI and CIA heads wanted a push to be the real control of government, a series of many soft coups. FBI agents posed as Arabs out to bribe politicians to do just about anything. There were hardly any honest politicians to be found, so politicians took bribes on video. The FBI operation was so successful that the US Government was in danger of being shutdown due to not having anyone left who hadn't been bribed.

When I wanted to run as a Republican for Stafford Springs, Connecticut, as a Republican I was told by police who had been listening to all my phone calls, bugged my home, and were trolling all I did on the internet waited for me to go to work one morning, and told me that I had to consult with CIA Rob Simmons on where I was allowed to run, what I was allowed to do, and if I didn't do as I was told I would end up dead, or in prison for the rest of my life. I was vocal in letters to the editor printed in newspapers about judicial and police misconduct, public corruption, and the diluting of the US Constitution. 

Former Connecticut Democrat US Senator Chris Dodd on the Senate Banking Committee, and alleged Bilderberger, took bribes from international bankers. The Savings and Loan Scandal almost tanked the US Economy. Then Connecticut Attorney General Dick Blumenthal saw to it that Dodd was never arrested to face life in prison. Blumenthal now sits in Dodd's Senate seat.

It is hard to stay on point. But as long as politicians are in good with the UN and international police union, they can do no wrong enriching themselves like the Clintons, Obamas, Bush's, etc all do. The sell out of America, the total dismantling of the US Constitution is nearly complete.

I don't obey any unjust "suggestions" of douchebags like Charlie Baker. I won't wear a mask, and won't do anything that sack of crap suggests. The whole COVID thing is just one huge scam.


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Would the FBI use your tax dollars to set off a national, border to border, race war? Yes, they tried. The FBI also tried to squash women rising up, and the minority leaders during the struggle for civil rights. Do you think they have your back, or does the FBI have the ethics of those they pander to, like [Whitie Bulger].
[Click Here] for:

The Hal Turner Diaries

Why would the FBI pay someone to be blatantly racist over the airwaves? Why would someone be given immunity for such behavior, encouraged officially to break all boundaries, and then be arrested in Connecticut when the "Monkey Dancing" isn't performed with the proper enthusiasm? Why the State of Connecticut?


[Click Here] for:

Did the FBI bomb the World Trade Center in 1993?

This is a World Trade Center tower in the process of being built, probably in 1968. This type of "over-building" a building would not result in it "collapsing" into itself almost no matter what, unless helped. If the FBI was responsible for supplying the bombing materials, the plan for bombing the World Trade Center buildings, for one to topple on the other, finding patsies to do the job, wouldn't they try again, AND be up to other black bag operations and citizen abuse?


In 1962 were there CIA plans to hijack planes and run them into buildings blowing them up to blame Cuba for a war with Cuba? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_Northwoods


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"Trump Sucks Donkey"?


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Friday, May 22, 2020

Christmas, Florida, the key to unraveling BS?

I was staying in Daytona Florida in about 2015. I asked my lady friend to take an airboat ride with me in Christmas, Florida.

I have posted the video on Liveleak in my Svenvonerick account.

One of the last “free range” cattle ranches, maybe “the last” was one that we saw on the ride. The picture above is not me.

Native American relics and where they were living is all over these islands. Burned pottery, and remains of their culture are all over. These Native Americans wanted to preserve there lifestyle so hard, they would risk everything, just to be left alone, and survive.

Swimming, could mean that you die. The simplest forms of life can get in your nose, your mouth, and worms eat, you die. Alligators have “slides” into the water. Try to move around, and you might be gator food. The operators of the airboat rides know this. My operator offered me a gun, or a machete. I chose the machete, because I would want to check the gator’s tonsils.

Among where Native Americans went to hide in Florida was the last cattle ranch in the US.

The ranchers would lose at least 10% of their cattle to alligators and disease. The benefit was that these ranchers didn’t have to buy feed, and they didn’t need Corporate America for anything. No feed, no drugs, and no Monsanto chemicals were needed to grow, or “prevent” anything.

“We can’t have that.”

The last American free range cattle ranch was shut down ...

Thursday, May 21, 2020

Enron Style World Government?

Enron resold energy, mostly in California. The energy was diverted and sold outside California to create a shortage. The problem was manufactured, and those who caused all the problems then offered the solution.

Citizens protesting that their electric bills were 4 times too high and they were losing their homes, families were broken up, there was job loss, and there was chaos when electricity was intentionally shut off in bad areas to then cause mayhem.

Billions of dollars were scammed out of average people. Green, UN type, World Government type politicians and their friends all stole the real money, and just a few patsies got arrested and prosecuted.

The precedent is that the bigger the scam, and the more powerful the people that are involved, the more that THEY get away with.

The biggest roadblock to tyranny has been the US Constitution and US sovereignty.

The US Constitution has been suspended, we are all under soft Martial Law all over the world, national borders have been erased at the same time almost all international travel is blocked, and all the retirement and benefits all the average people have paid in for has all been stolen.

The thieves have you on lock down. Since you are a theft victim, they are not going to use their stolen funds to serve you. It is in their best interest to starve you, demoralize you into inaction, and to then kill you in the greatest numbers, and the cheapest, lowest effort way, on their part.

The elite will get to their goal of 500 million of them being the total population of the globe. That is the 2030 UN agenda arriving early.


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