Thursday, September 12, 2019

Make the US Constitution Safe from Gun Control

In all countries that took on gun control to limit citizen rights, there were public shootings that could have been government operative inspired. It is the cheapest way for UN, international corporations, bankers, billionaires, spy agencies, and their globalist criminal friends to take possession of all property, assets, resources, water, and energy. They can then tax us to breathe.

Without Free Speech, you don't have any say over who governs you. Without the 2nd Amendment, you have no property rights, and women, you have no rights over your body. Rape goes up off the charts as cops can rape and sexually assault women as they please.

Social media is preventing one side of the political spectrum from speaking. Accounts are terminated, information is being censored. The mainstream media want to cause a global recession, but banging your brain with that thought, just so one US President doesn't get re-elected. So, the left, UN, communists, banksters, and corporate organized crime will go to extreme lengths to nullify and abolish the US Constitution. With out the US Constitution enforced, we are just serfs on a landlord's prison farm/factory. 

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Sunday, August 11, 2019

The US without a Constitution is New Soviet Union

The above drawing, one of a kind, was purchased for $40 US in Odessa, Ukraine, from a street artist in the town square

Are there whistle-blowers going to former Soviet Block countries to seek political asylum? Do you ever think you'd see that day?

Journalists, cops, criminals, big mouths, officials, bankers, and so many who know too much are being murdered, or just all of a sudden, die of natural causes.

There are 6 Hollywood Studies that all seem to have foreign ownership bent on destroying US sovereignty, and dismantling the US Constitution. I fear using any "trigger" words as there seems to be no Free Speech protected on the internet. Who actually is in charge of censoring the internet? Who do they wish to silence?

Was is blasted 24 hours a day on mainstream media, network "news", print publications, and social media seems to be biased ultra left and nation states and the individual are under attack.

This blogger has considered asking Mexico, Ukraine, Iceland, Costa Rica, Vietnam, Russia, and other countries if they would allow a "US Constitution Zone," to exist in their country. For one, it would promote tourism. If the US Constitution actually applied to Americans, would Americans flock to where they could be free, and American, at the same time?

If I do write such a letter, I will carbon copy the US State Department and the current president's campaign headquarters. This blogger has never given to a presidential campaign. The current president was given a monthly pledge from me, monthly, until the election. Is is painful. The current president seems to be against Free Speech and an amendment after the Free Speech Amendment in recent speeches, this saddens me.

Without a constitution, and its protections, what is America? It is quickly becoming a 3rd World Country, without borders. How is the EU working out for those nation states? See a pattern in the EU? Is the same game plan to make the US a similar slave to criminals who are international, who are the controllers of the internet?

If a certain party is "elected" in, will the US still exist? I am already making plans to live outside of what could be the worst war zone since World War II, inside the US. The writing is on the wall. Have you ever seen so much division and blatant propaganda right in your face?

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Alex Jones CIA Flypaper for the Resistance?

Alex Jones of was seen shirtless tonight on his website.

If the CIA, or other entities wanted to control the narrative, they'd show each other that they are in control, not legitimate government, or the "people", by showing someone doing something that they normally wouldn't do. Alex Jones need to sell items to finance his media tentacles. I am not saying Alex Jones in bad.

But we the people are basically bags of water. There can be a lot to do that will disrupt a bag of water.

It is normal on the Alex Jones websites to see males, and Alex Jones without his shirt on. An overweight, balding, middle age man isn't Big Foot seen on Miami Beach.

But, it you ever see Alex Jones in a dress, wearing lipstick on his show, you'll know the jig is up. The CIA does actually run everything, and the Big Bankers are their masters of everything, including the Communists that are the UN.

I like Trump. I don't love him.

I hate the UN. The UN should be kicked out of the US.

I don't dislike Putin and what he is doing for Russia. With all the blood in my veins, I have a lot in common with Ukraine. I don't like how the worst humans in the history of the world, trace down the Rothchilds' lineage, and we are all literally under the gun.

So, all the people in the world, which includes the rich who aren't affiliated with the criminal bankers, all who are left in the middle, and the poor, are all being screwed over by the way less that a small piece of 1%.

The common enemy isn't each other. If I had a blue candle, and it was in the shape of a helmet, I put piece an ice pick right into it ...

There is a choice. There is Freedom or Tyranny, as a choice. Even if it is your last breath of air, do you care for what you leave behind as your own personal legacy?

Thursday, April 04, 2019

2nd American Civil War?

There is outside money and influence coming into the US. Why should the UN be in charge of the internet? Why should Communist leaning Democrats get the largest voice on the internet, on air, and for what is claimed to be mainstream media?

The First Amendment is about having a free voice to dissent.

The 2nd Amendment is for us to more easily kill communists who aren't welcome here in the US.

We are a sovereign country. Are land, our wealth, our US Constitution is being hijacked.

Trump is pissing off all the Communist vermin there are. They are showing their faces.

It is time to kick the UN out of the US. It is time to put Dema Communist Rats in prison after fair trials, and hang all the traitors from gallows after they are legitimately found guilty.

We live in an age where the FBI should be indicted under the RICO statute. We live in an age where there should be no more titles of nobility. I am talking about judges. No one should be above the law. Have just one judge in your pocket, and other judges will fix other cases with a phone call.

How many judges does Hillary Clinton have in her pocket?

We need a people's grand jury system. We need private investigators that can't have their licenses pulled and their files randomly raided by State Police as they are in Connecticut, and possibly other states. We need a peoples Supreme Grand Jury. Throw all the bums who call themselves judges off their benches and their dirty robes that they masturbate under as they harm average Americans, and America itself.

Look at the European Union. The 3rd World is flooding in to destabilize nationalism, and national identity. It is paying tax to the World State. It is taxation without representation.

The 3rd World is flooding into the US. Illegals are able to drive drunk, murder, and rip us all off and most don't get deported or prosecuted.

It's a coup, people!

The only good communist is a dead communist.





Sunday, January 27, 2019

Hillary Clinton Cellphone hammers for sale for obstructing justice?

Hillary Clinton and her staff can allegedly use hammers to bust up cellphones, blackberries, and computer hard drives to hide their crimes and treason. That is obstruction of justice and a number of other crimes. Failure to disclose felonies of another, is a crime. So, gaggles of crimes have been committed by Hillary Clinton and her Dema Commie Rat cabal. If the justice system, FBI, USDOJ, US Department of Homeland Security, all US courts, and all US policing bound by the spiderweb of the international police union and the UN, can't go after Hillary Clinton and her co-conspirators, has a coup occurred in the the US, and if so, when?

I believe Roger Stone did nothing wrong. I believe Donald J. Trump, might just be the best US President yet. I hate billionaires and their abuse of us, yet I don't hate Trump. Barack Obama pledged an oath to support and defend the US Constitution. Obama attacked it, and either turned over the Internet to the UN, or mostly did. If there is justice in the US, Trump and his patriotic allies need to see that traitors who are dema commie rats, are tried, convicted, and hung by the neck until dead. Disclaimer: I don't consider Vladimir Putin to be inline with the dema commie rats. He is for sovereignty of his nation, the family, his nation's economy, and an individual's right to self defend ... a good guy, and I would love to shake his hand.

I shouldn't be free, and American at the same time, only if I leave the US. People, let's do something.


Tuesday, January 15, 2019



I don't 100% agree with anyone. That includes Alex Jones.  But if you piss off that many people, and your speech is banned off the liberal led press, and outlets, you can't be all bad. Too many have Trump derangement syndrome. I should be able to wear a tee shirt supporting our US President who won the election without being banned from establishments, yelled at, and fearing being beaten up, arrested, and having my life altered. 

What if we switched what is being said by the globalist coup about Trump, and then said the same about that piece of trash, Barack Hussein Obama? 

The enemy of my enemy is my friend. I hate Dema Commie Rats, the UN, the EU, the international police and teacher union, and any international union. I hate cashless societies. I hate the Federal Reserve and the criminal Central Bankers. I hate corporate organized crime such as Monsanto. 

If you live in the US, we need to deport the UN. Look at what has happened in the EU, and what is happening. The US is a few years behind the EU in the total globalist takeover of everything. 

That is why there is such an attack out there on Christians. They want to leave a better world behind, believe in community, the family, and fairness. We can't have that, can we ... if we support globalism ... right?

The same B.S. that is Global Warming, now Climate Change, is just an international tax, a takeover.

The UN, the EU, and the Globalists want to control all land, resources, finances, everything, and want to own you as a slave. You are a product. You are expendable. You don't matter. 

Lawyers are the biggest traitors. If Shakespeare is a real person, didn't he advocate the death of all lawyers?
Lawyers don't want guns in the hands of the people. They want all of your money in their hands for YOUR process of life.
If we don't have guns, we should have plenty of rope when it is time to go visit lawyers during a power outage or national emergency. Lawyers pledge an oath to each other, globally. Lawyers are legislators legislating for more money and power for lawyers. Those who are attorneys are those whom are the daydreams of a high percentage of average people to receive the cruelest torture, and the longest, most painful medieval sort of death. 

Disclaimer: I don't advocate any violence, I'm just promoting a screenplay that I am in the process of writing. 

Why should I be pissed?

Well ...

Saturday, December 22, 2018

Stealth White US Holocaust?

There is a study that states that 1/3 of Americans are thinking of leaving the US at some point regardless if they are Democrat, Republican, or other political leaning. What could be their individual reasons to not trust the operators of the US with their presence, voting with their feet? [link to study]

I personally have noticed an all out flood of African continent residents somehow just showing up and getting some pretty impressive housing in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and elsewhere. Connecticut might be losing even more exiting that hell hole if they didn't have more of the 3rd World moving in to make some of Connecticut even more of a 3rd World turd of a state.

Who is funding the 3rd World coming in US in droves? Well I think it is the UN and the international police union is a useful UN tool.

Police refused to answer 911 calls and if they showed up where I wanted to make a complaint, police told me I could only be arrested for something if police were on scene, they weren't allowed to serve me. I could only get a BBQ, criminally or civilly, in court, also due to [being blacklisted].

So the system was out to break up my family, make me lose my contracting business (my job), use their illegal police surveillance of my phone and internet use to break up my family and ruin my great reputation, credit, retirement, financial future, cause my divorce, estrangement from my only daughter, and the officer who was stalking and harassing me, Frank Prochaska, told me that if I didn't leave my wife because he wanted a chance with her, he have my father disown me.

So, even if you aren't doing anything wrong, unlimited surveillance doesn't make you freer. The US Constitution is our rules for government. We'd should allow the outside banker/corporate/UN coup that has overthrown us with stealth, to throw out our rules for our being governed and being represented for our taxation.

Please pay attention to what a UN scam the EU is. The 3rd World is flooding into the EU. EU (UN) troops are to be in the streets to keep countries borderless. Look at what the UN is attempting to do and US and how much 3rd World influx there is into the US. Obama gave control of the Internet to the UN, how is the censorship, especially on Youtube, social media, and news reporting platforms working out for you?

I was totally screwed pursuing the American Dream.

Then I see the 3rd World coming in being handed everything, getting houses. I was terrorized out of my home, business, and the divorce caused by the UN/International Police Union run minions of the coup, police officers in the US. The Judicial Branch and Justice System is likewise infiltrated and acting to dismantle the US Constitution and US sovereignty.

So, I too, and am looking for a country to be "free" and "American" at same time to live out my life in. I completely have lost faith in the US being legitimately run. Trump is definitely a breath of fresh air for me. Alex Jones of Infowars is as well. 

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Even US probate court is out to screw you. Try and get an inheritance and lawyers, the courts, and even the government are out to steal all, or most of it. [video

If it were not for police listening to my phone calls, trolling my internet use. I would still own a home, be a viable taxpayer, have credit, would possibly still be married, would have my daughter and maybe more children in my life, my family, contracting business, rental properties, and vacation property. The police used criminal parasites on humanity, police informants on probation, to dismantle my life.

You pay taxes to have drugs smuggled into US, for your enslavement, prostitution, pedophilia, terrorism, property and asset confiscation of innocent citizens, family break up, and the dismantling of the US Constitution. Productive citizens are being made non-productive, and/or are being forced to support the 3rd World for a US implosion.

F the Central Bankers. F The UN. F the International Police Union.

Abort the UN out of US. The police should be allowed to have a union. It should not be mandatory, and it should not be international. The internal police union who can also be for teachers, judicial and legislative aids, all minions in the alphabet agencies, and too much of what is the US. The international police union, and financial obstruction of justice, is treason.

Allowing criminals to run the private corporation to run the US Economy, The Federal Reserve, instead of having an asset backed currency, a legitimate US Dollar, is treason.


Blasts from the past:

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Alex Jones and King Henry the 8th?

Wikipedia photo above and post on Henry the 8th is [found here].

Alex Jones is almost exactly 10 years younger than I am. I have trouble with my weight, and am way overweight in my full disclosure mode. I respect that all that Alex Jones and his people do, although I don't always agree 100%.

I want to see Donald Trump succeed. It wasn't a good business decision for his running for US President. I hate almost all billionaires. Trump is thinking about his legacy, what he leaves behind. I can only respect, and honor his personal sacrifice.

Alex Jones, and all who dare align themselves with him, also risk their treasure, family, and what is said about them after they pass.

I like Vladimir Putin, as it seems he loves his own people and loves his country. I can forgive him for being part of their version of the CIA. I don't think Putin or Trump did anything wrong.

Barack Obama, both George Bush's, Hillary Clinton, and too many US politicians are traitors. Too many should be tried for crimes against humanity. Why shouldn't criminals be prosecuted, jailed, and even executed, no matter how powerful and corrupt they are?

Whomever is targeted for death, financial ruin, family break up, and being slandered openly by the mainstream media might not be all bad. Ask yourself, "Who benefits?"

I owe retired Hartford Connecticut Narcotics Detective Rich Murzin my life. He has since passed away. I have not been there for him, his family, and for what he stood for, to the best of my ability. I was not a drug trafficking violator, he sought me out seeing that I was officially abused, put himself at personal risk, and I was never able to thank him enough. 

I wish to abort the UN and the international police union out of my life. If I have to be "Free" and "American" at the same time, and it leads me outside the US, I will go. I am old enough, seen enough, to be completely disgusted to see, and have experienced, all that I have.

Rich Murzin wanted to see the US Constitution respected in America, and so do I. I think the EU is a good example of how low American can go if they don't kick the UN out. Abort the UN!

Thursday, December 13, 2018

Alex Jones paints target on himself

I like a lot of what Alex Jones on, but I personally don't like him bragging about how nice his car is, advertising his wares.

I have bought a lot of what he sells, often. I bought more when there was less advertising. I have liked most of the herbs he sells, and have reordered often.

One of the recurring advertisements shows Alex Jones' personal car. I think that is a bad idea. Remember Michael Hastings? [Wikipedia Post]

Alex Jones likes to use his cell phone while he drives. The GPS locator is active on his phone. Newer cars can be tracked in real time, because of what electronics they have in them. Alex Jones posts a picture of what he drives. So, those who hate him, can see where the car is parked.

A wind up toy sent out by the Deep State can just see him out in his car, and get tipped off by the Deep State of when, and where, Alex Jones will be.

Donald Trump may not have been elected to President without Alex Jones. Vladimir Putin and Russia might have been painted as the villains they are not if the Deep State had total control of the Internet and what media can put out.

Who are the real enemies in my opinion? Well. it is the Dema Communist Rats, the UN, international banksters, The Federal Reserve, most billionaires, corporate organized crime, and those who are trafficking drugs using the military industrial complex transports.

I'm alive, mostly over all the Deep State has done to destroy my life, and aware because of what Retired Hartford Connecticut Detective Rich Murzin, now deceased, did for me, and was there for me when no one else was. There should be a statue of Richard Murzin erected if America remains a country with an intact US Constitution as he has done so much and is an unsung hero.

I hope Alex Jones stops quacking about how nice his car is. I was his age and had a corvette. So, I did the same thing. Cops told me that I wasn't allowed to have a Corvette, talk to women in Connecticut, and I was kicked out of the state ... long story.

After I got mouthy about the Deep State, maybe 1/100,000th as strong as Alex Jones, my cell phone was used to track me. I would go out to a bar, I would put the battery in my cell phone, and then I would walk home and their would be a cop waiting near where I parked in wherever was home, and this I have tested for well over a decade.


The OBVIOUS murder of Michael Hastings

Tuesday, December 04, 2018

NYC Central Park Monument to Media Dema Communist Rat Propagandist, W. T. Stead

Do gooders, the liberals who claim to be helping us all, are helping themselves. Government by journalism is actually globalism by propaganda. If you scroll down for the video, what is talked about in World War I is the blueprint of what is going on now. If what is presented in below video is understood, we the people can fight back to what the UN has shown us what is in store for all of us in the debacle that is the EU. We need to Abort the UN.

William Thomas Stead (Wikipedia image)

William Thomas Stead (5 July 1849 – 15 April 1912) was an English newspaper editor who, as a pioneer of investigative journalism, became a controversial figure of the Victorian era.[1][2] Stead published a series of hugely influential campaigns whilst editor of The Pall Mall Gazette, and he is best known for his 1885 series of articles, The Maiden Tribute of Modern Babylon, written in support of a bill to raise the age of consent from 13 to 16, dubbed the "Stead Act."[3]
Stead's 'new journalism' paved the way for the modern tabloid in Great Britain.[3] He was influential in demonstrating how the press could be used to influence public opinion and government policy, and advocated "Government by Journalism".[4] He was also well known for his reportage on child welfare, social legislation and reformation of England's criminal codes.
Stead died aboard the RMS Titanic in its sinking, and was considered to be one of the most famous Englishmen on board.[3]

[More from Wikipedia source]


[Corbett Report Source for the below]

Richard Grove of joins The Corbett Report to discuss his research into the Rothschild dynasty and how it intersects with the story of WWI.

[Episode 346 – 9/11 War Games]


Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Jeffrey Epstein, proof of a separate and unequal justice system

[direct link to above video]

I started at Drudge Report, and then all the below fell into place.

A serial child molester can get a slap on the wrist. Tell truth to power and you can end up in prison for getting mugged on your own property.

Those who are ideologically opposed to the UN, the Clintons, and the international police union can have all sorts of bad luck.
[Corbett Report Meet the Clinton Video a blueprint of public corruption]

[Corbett Report on the OKC Bombing and implications]


In December 2018, all sh*t could hit the fan in Florida. The implications are global.

Please click for links below for video and more from the Miami Herald (Excerpt):

“The conspiracy between the government and Epstein was really ‘let’s figure out a way to make the whole thing go away as quietly as possible,’ ’’ said Edwards, who represents Wild and Jane Doe No. 2, who declined to comment for this story.

“In never consulting with the victims, and keeping it secret, it showed that someone with money can buy his way out of anything.’’

It was far from the last time Epstein would receive VIP handling. Unlike other convicted sex offenders, Epstein didn’t face the kind of rough justice that child sex offenders do in Florida state prisons. Instead of being sent to state prison, Epstein was housed in a private wing of the Palm Beach County jail. And rather than having him sit in a cell most of the day, the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office allowed Epstein work release privileges, which enabled him to leave the jail six days a week, for 12 hours a day, to go to a comfortable office that Epstein had set up in West Palm Beach. This was granted despite explicit sheriff’s department rules stating that sex offenders don’t qualify for work release.

The sheriff, Ric Bradshaw, would not answer questions, submitted by the Miami Herald, about Epstein’s work release.

Neither Epstein nor his lead attorney, Jack Goldberger, responded to multiple requests for comment for this story. During depositions taken as part of two dozen lawsuits filed against him by his victims, Epstein has invoked his Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination, in one instance doing so more than 200 times.

In the past, his lawyers have said that the girls lied about their ages, that their stories were exaggerated or untrue and that they were unreliable witnesses prone to drug use.

In 2011, Epstein petitioned to have his sex offender status reduced in New York, where he has a home and is required to register every 90 days. In New York, he is classified as a level 3 offender — the highest safety risk because of his likelihood to re-offend.

A prosecutor under New York County District Attorney Cyrus Vance argued on Epstein’s behalf, telling New York Supreme Court Judge Ruth Pickholtz that the Florida case never led to an indictment and that his underage victims failed to cooperate in the case. Pickholtz, however, denied the petition, expressing astonishment that a New York prosecutor would make such a request on behalf of a serial sex offender accused of molesting so many girls.

[More from the Miami Herald online]

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Deport the UN

If the UN is using outside the US money, or US taxpayer money, to bring about harm of average Americans in America, to American Sovereignty, or to US economy, it is an Act of War.

How is almost the unfettered influx of aliens into EU countries working out? Rape, robbery, murder and other crimes are off the charts in the areas with the most migrants. Are EU country residents getting any representation for their taxation? The UN wants the same abuse to occur in the US.

The UN is funding mass migration into the US to destroy the unique flavor of the US.

The UN needs to be deported out of the US.

The international police union is also an enemy of the state that should also be deported out of the US. I don't have a gripe with police having a union. The union should not have unknown foreign money and influence. Elections can be controlled by the union and elections can be thinly veiled auctions.

The UN has declared war on the US with their actions. It is time to treat those in the UN as the scum that they are. The US can't continue as a sovereign nation unless the UN is taken out. Those who puppeteer the UN need to be brought to justice and face trials for crimes against humanity.

I would wear a "Depot the UN" tee-shirt.


I have known a woman who works in a Lowell, Massachusetts, daycare facility. She claims that all but 1 to 3 students out of current classes are NOT special needs, Autistic, have mental, or health issues. She claims there used to be close to zero of these issues when she started 20 plus years ago in the whole school! She claims that about half of current classes are students directly from Africa, some from China!

What is wrong with this picture? 


I only check my email about once a month:

stevengerickson at yahoo dot com


[My beef with the international police union and the UN, scroll down in blog]

My video uploads have gotten about 2 and 1/2 million views:


Thursday, March 31, 2005

The Outrage that should have been acted on back in 1997

"The Godfather"- The State Posted by Hello

The Corruption Connecticut isn't just Connecticut, but the path can be followed up on for the national web of deceit.

Character Trouble continued
We may soon find out.

Rumors abound at the Capitol that Rowland himself received more surplus military equipment than has been publicly accounted for, an accusation that Department of Public Safety Commissioner Kenneth Kirschner denies.

While New Haven State's Attorney Michael Dearington says no prosecutable offenses were committed by the governor, more information may be forthcoming. New Haven civil rights lawyer John Williams, who is D'Angelo's attorney, says that Kirschner, as head of the state police force, knew what D'Angelo was up to. Williams says Kirschner knew D'Angelo gave the meat grinder to his neighbor and did nothing to stop D'Angelo. More importantly, Williams says some of D'Angelo's superiors also told D'Angelo to give their friends various pieces of equipment from the federal stockpile.

Williams claims his client is a fall guy, an unknowing patsy who has done nothing wrong. He says D'Angelo, who claims to have worked for Kirschner as a "gofer," is twisting in the wind because he is caught in the middle of feuding factions within the ranks of the state police force. Some cops want to embarrass Rowland, says Williams; others want to protect him.

Rowland, for his part, insists that he didn't know anything about D'Angelo's alleged abuse of the Section 1033 program or the fact that his kids had taken some of the surplus goods until after the deeds had been done. But Rowland's story about picking up the goods is full of holes. In one case, he says he went to pick up his kids at the Meriden garage where D'Angelo worked.

There he planned to meet up with Susan C. Lajoie, a deputy commissioner at the Department of Environmental Protection and Rowland appointee who was babysitting Rowland's two sons and his daughter. Lajoie is also a friend of D'Angelo's.

The kids got into Rowland's car with the equipment in bags, Rowland has said. It's unclear whether D'Angelo was there that day, how Lajoie gained entry to the garage or whether at any time Rowland dealt directly with D'Angelo.

In another version, Rowland says he just swung by the Meriden storage facility to check on his kids. The sleeping bags made their way back home without Rowland's help.

There will be no further accounting called for by state police; Kirschner says Rowland's answers are good enough for him.

But the governor's connection to the Section 1033 business has already become more intriguing than the saga of how D'Angelo operated. State police sources say it was D'Angelo's mention of Rowland and the fear that D'Angelo had kept records and would name names if prosecuted that led state police to drag out their investigation for six months.

Indeed, the arrest warrant shows that investigators had already seized a handgun from D'Angelo's kitchen table that was obtained through one of his backroom deals in January.

Rowland's ethically compromised behavior as governor began long before the Northstar controversy started making headlines several months ago.

The first instance came on the campaign trail for governor in 1994. The Hartford Courant tried to get a report released from the Middlebury Police Department relating to a domestic incident on April 10, 1994 at the home of his ex-wife Deborah.

The report, according to Middlebury Police Chief Patrick J. Bona, contained an uncorroborated allegation of a crime and therefore did not have to be released.

The Courant's attempt to make the report public was thwarted by Bona and others, many of whom have since been amply rewarded with state jobs and appointments.

Shortly after Rowland's election, James Smith, the Middlebury attorney who argued the town's case to keep the report secret, was appointed state claims commissioner, a $70,000-a-year post.

Smith's Middlebury law firm contributed $2,789 to Rowland's bid for governor in 1994. Carmody & Torrance, the Waterbury-based law firm of Jim Robertson, Rowland's personal attorney in the Middlebury police case, has received a hefty chunk of state work from the quasi-public Connecticut Development Agency.

In fact, Rowland has raised political patronage to an art form. Andy Thibault, one-time editor of The Torrington Register-Citizen and Rowland backer who wrote editorials favoring candidate Rowland during the 1994 campaign, was appointed to the Freedom of Information Commission after the election.

So too was Frederick E. Hennick, the former publisher of the Naugatuck Daily News. Hennick contributed $300 to Rowland's campaign and subsequently voted against having the FOI Commission appeal the state Superior Court's decision to keep the police report under lock and key.

"He's reinvented patronage," says Edward Marcus, state Democratic Central Committee chairman, whose law firm has been removed from the CDA's list of vendors under the Rowland administration.

"What grates at me is the arrogance of it all. He's beyond the law and beyond the restrictions of most people. He's made the operation of government his private province."

One of the most controversial examples of this political back scratching within state government has been Rowland's use of durational project managers -- temporary posts that are designed to be short-term appointments -- to increase the number of allies he has in state government.

Durational project managers have been used extensively by former governors such as Rowland's predecessor, Lowell P. Weicker Jr. But while Weicker appointed some 40 durational managers, Rowland currently has 144. At least three dozen of them are politically tied to Rowland, the Republican party or a major Republican officeholder in the state.

For example, Mark Brennan, a political backer of Rowland from Waterbury, was a key legislative liaison in the governor's office until late 1995, when he became a $69,500 durational project manager at the Department of Mental Health. Brennan's father, Francis Brennan, has had a similar job with the state military department.

Many of Rowland's political contributors, such as Whit Betts of Bristol, have been given lucrative state jobs at various points during Rowland's term for their support. After giving Rowland $1,000 toward his run for governor, Betts was given a $40,000-a-year job as a liaison between the Department of Agriculture and the community. His mission was to promote the "CT Grown" food program with small businesses and farmers.

Yet another Rowland campaign supporter, Vito Santarsiero, listed in campaign records as a worker for Brunele Construction in Waterbury, was awarded a $37,500 job at the state Department of Environmental Protection. As an executive assistant to DEP Deputy Commissioner Susan Lajoie, Santarsiero was responsible for monitoring the use of the surplus military equipment.

Despite the time limits required for durational project managers, several have served for nearly Rowland's entire term. State auditors last year chided the governor for moving a number of durational project managers from department to department in an effort to "circumvent the requirements of the state personnel act," since the positions do not require civil service tests or any kind of qualifications check. Recently, the Senate passed a bill to change that, limiting the number of durational project managers to one-fourth of one percent of the total number of state employees and mandating that they meet basic employment criteria for the jobs.

While not illegal, Rowland's use of durational project managers sends a disturbing message to those who work their way up through the civil service system: At any time, they may be passed over by, for example, a childhood playmate of the governor's.

Other political favorites of Rowland's have also had their lots bettered by the governor. Kathy Mengacci, a longtime friend of Rowland's, was given a job in his office. Her husband, Joseph Mengacci, another Rowland chum, is an attorney in the Waterbury law firm of Drubner, Hartley, O'Connor and Mengacci, which contributed more than $9,000 to Rowland's 1994 campaign.

In addition, Joseph Mengacci is part of a community board in Waterbury charged with handling $17 million in state money earmarked for downtown redevelopment. Another Rowland supporter and contributor, Ken Pocius, an attorney at Carmody & Torrance and vice chairman of the Greater Waterbury Chamber of Commerce, also sits on the same board.

The firm of KPMG Peat Marwick, another campaign contributor, was hired by the Naugatuck Valley Development Corp. to research various development options for the Brass City.

Other recipients of Rowland's largesse include Gregg P. "Rock" Regan, the governor's boyhood playmate, who as a durational project manager, has been engineering Rowland's proposal to privatize the contract for maintaining the state's computer system, an estimated $1 billion contract. Reagan's background? He was an engineer at Sikorsky Aircraft.

"He [Rowland] is a throwback to the days of Tammany Hall," Marcus says. "This is not a fraternity or a club he's a head of. He's reinvented patronage. Something like this only becomes significant (to the public) with its cumulative effect."

Not so, says Pagani.

"It's not as if the entire state government is stacked with political appointees. There are some, of course, because that's how government works. You need people assisting your top appointees to push your agenda through. Many of the people who are making these accusations are Democrats who are in the Legislature. Before they throw stones at the governor, they should look at their own house."

Questions about Rowland's treatment of his pals and supporters has only grown in recent months. Earlier this year, the Courant reported that the Rowland administration treated a Waterbury chemical manufacturer, MacDermid Inc., with unusual passivity after a 1994 chemical spill killed nearly 12,000 fish in the Naugatuck River. According to the Courant report, MacDermid dumped chemicals in the Naugatuck on Nov. 9, 1994, only hours after Rowland was elected. MacDermid's president, Daniel H. Leever, contributed $2,500 to Rowland's 1994 election campaign. Terrace Copeland, a vice president at MacDermid, contributed $250. MacDermid had a track record as a despoiler of the environment before Rowland came along.

The Courant reported that the company had paid the state $306,000 in penalties in 1993 to settle lawsuits involving hazardous waste and cleanup violations.

Because of its past record, the company could have paid fines up to $25,000 a day if it violated DEP rules again. The Courant's review of other cases involving MacDermid showed un-usually indulgent enforcement by the Rowland administration when compared with other water polluters.

Rejecting his department's own enforcement remedy, DEP Commissioner Sidney J. Holbrook allowed the company to pay a $70,000 fine into a DEP account to benefit the river. Who negotiated the settlement? Carmody & Torrance partner Jim Robertson, Rowland's personal attorney who served him so well in the Middlebury FOI case.

"There was no one in the governor's office directly involved," Pagani says.

"It was something that was happening at the DEP. He [the governor] has tried to institute a policy at the DEP where the commissioner has tried to work with people in terms of violations. The goal is to impose a penality if it is necessary, but also work with the company to correct the problem and make sure it doesn't happen again."

Public records show that other political contributors to Rowland's campaign, such as Fairfield-based wire-maker Jelliff Corp., Uniroyal Chemical Co. of Naugatuck and Connecticut Light & Power, based in Berlin, have been fined by the DEP for violating environmental laws.

Donald S. Strait, executive director of the Connecticut Fund for the Environment, points out that the Rowland administration's toleration of MacDermid and other polluters sends a message to other companies that is all right to pollute. Even if they are caught, Strait says, the fines are often negligible. In addition, Strait says, DEP referrals to the Attorney General's office for prosecution dropped 75 percent in the first year of Rowland's administration.

"It is no secret that the current administration has worked to create a user-friendly climate at the DEP," says Strait. "

At the beginning of the current administration...a clear message was sent to companies and DEP staff that the department would emphasize asking polluters to comply with the law. Many polluters probably believe that they stand only a slim chance of substantial penalties for violating our environmental laws."

Rowland has the dubious distinction of being the first governor in Connecticut history to be fined by the State Ethics Commission for accepting free tickets to a number or concerts at the Meadows Music Theatre. The tickets were provided by a lobbyist for the Meadows, Democrat James Sandler. Although the commission says there was no evidence of a quid pro quo for the tickets, the violations are significant.

The governor attended six Meadows concerts in 1995 and 1996 with tickets paid for by other people, including William Dunn, a longtime Rowland friend who works for KPMG Peat Marwick, an accounting firm which has received some of the state's business while Rowland has been in office. The governor's explanation underscores the lack of seriousness the governor attached to the commission's findings and the general principle of ethics.

"I think the average person will say, 'What's the big deal if he went to a concert with some of his friends?'"

Going to a concert with pals is clearly not a big deal. It's the appearance of taking money for political favors and a pattern of self-indulgence that suggest Rowland's ethical barometer is not calibrated to the same standards as everyone else's.

The list of the ethical lapses by Rowland and his administration seems endless. Last year, the Legislature approved a bill that banned the heads of state agencies and their immediate families from entering into business contracts with other agencies. The legislation stemmed from the state Department of Economic Development's decision to award a $292,000 printing contract to a company owned by Arthur H. Diedrick, the owner of Connecticut Magazine, who was then the agency's acting commissioner.

Still, even his political adversaries are loath to criticize him on ethics.

"My main beef with the governor is on policy stuff," says Rep. Michael Lawlor (D-East Haven).

"The ethical things that come up from time to time don't anger me. Generally speaking, he just doesn't appear to take government too seriously."

Even Senate Democratic leaders like George Jepsen of Stamford and Kevin Sullivan of West Hartford bit their tongues when asked about Rowland's character.

It is ironic that Rowland should flaunt public standards of ethics so casually and thoughtlessly.

After all, his own grandfather helped root out municipal corruption many decades ago in the Brass City. Perhaps at 40 years of age, Rowland has achieved too much too soon. And perhaps his immaturity and fraternity-boy attitude towards state government is having more of an impact on Connecticut than voters like to think.

If Trooper D'Angelo's attorney John Williams has his way, Rowland will pay some sort of price for his role in the military surplus scandal.

"For (prosecutor) Mike Dearington to sign off on this says to me that he wants to try this case. There will be no settlement. I guess it's all going to come out at trial," Williams says.

Williams adds that if D'Angelo committed a crime, then those who received the goods, including Rowland, should also be prosecuted for accepting the gifts. Receiving stolen goods, Williams says, is simply against the law. Williams will seek to have the charges against D'Angelo dismissed on the grounds of selective prosecution.

"Those guys knew where this stuff came from. If (D'Angelo)'s guilty, then the others are guilty."

D'Angelo has reportedly drawn up a list of officials who received the surplus gear, names Williams promises will come out in due course. Williams says he plans to call Rowland and Kirschner to the witness stand when D'Angelo's case goes to trial to testify about what they really knew about what D'Angelo was doing.

As always, Rowland's supporters will be there to protect the governor. The first hint came last week from Public Safety Commissioner Kirschner.

"This has nothing to do with his political affiliations and his friendships," Kirschner says.

As for the black eye his department has received over D'Angelo's alleged actions, Kirschner believes "the public confidence will be restored."

Whether the same will be said of Rowland, if the drumbeat of cronyism, petty scandal and ethical obtuseness that has accompanied his term in office continues, is up in the air.

The Hartford Advocate link to the above 1997 piece

Saturday, September 22, 2018

War on Dema Commie Rats?

There are RINOs, "Republicans in name only." Not all Democrats are bad. Both parties have had some of the slimiest sell-outs ever, as I personally believe, and a good example, is John McCain. After the Oklahoma City bombing, the Clintons were out to get the those who are their biggest enemies who would most want to bring the Clintons to justice for crimes committed.

Who are these people?

Well, the Clintons, George Soros, the UN, international police union, and war corporations like Monsanto that is making tax dollars hand over fist against our will, all want the US Constitution suspended.

Who are the biggest enemies of the above? Well it is independent journalists, the self-employed, the self-sufficient, home owners, "Constitutional Extremists", gun owners, small business owners, conservatives, Christians, the religious, those who are anti Muslim, anti EU, anti UN, anti NWO, anti Patriot Act, and anti World Government Tyranny are all in the cross-hairs.

Americans should preserve their rights to privacy, have private property rights, a farm, a ranch, and to be secure in keeping their papers, and even electronic signature private. I am not wanting total surveillance because I have something to hide, I fear the tyranny of the international criminals who have decided to own us all by taking inventory of all we own, all what we individually think, believe, hold dear, and all of where we go, who we have access to, and the future of the planet seems to have been pirated by those who use Dema Communist Rats as their minions.

I have nothing that I have done wrong. I don't trust the tyrants with my personal information. These criminals have proven they are out to use total surveillance to totally own, and totally abuse, the totality of humanity.

Resist and educate the masses. The 2nd American Revolution will be fought by the patriots inside the government, police, courts, infrastructure, military, and the thought to me unthinking minions of the NWO, all pissed off about their own futures, and what is to be left behind.

The most important elections ever, are to occur soon in the US.


P.S. I have total respect for Vladimir Putin who obviously cares about his people, and the future of his people. I have the same respect for Donald J. Trump. I don't respect George H. W. Bush, George W. Bush, Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, Chelsea Clinton, the UN, the EU, international police union, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, former US Attorney General Eric Holder, the USDHS, TSA, and all that are, or who are, out to destroy US sovereignty and my rules for US Government, the US Constitution.

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Donald John Trump, please take off the gloves and fight the Clinton Machine

The above picture is of me and my Lithuanian wife before the Clintons allegedly pulled off the Oklahoma City Bombing to absolutely ruin the lives of citizens like me who are, have been, and will be most critical of the Dema-Communists like the Clintons and others who are furthering the UN agendas. Let's fight for our lives, the US Constitution which is our rules for our representative government, our country, and for all future Americans.

I personally believe that the Clintons engineered the Oklahoma City Bombing to stop their prosecution and go after their political enemies. The enemies are farmers, ranchers, self-employed, conservatives, independent journalists, the outspoken, small business owners, and those who would be rallying their neighbors during a grid down or national emergency situation. The Clintons have a jump on you, Mr. President.

When Hillary Clinton was NY US Senator she stacked the appellate court. Having one judge compromised means that she has a get out of jail for free card. The Clintons have compromised more judges than anyone in the history of the World.

Mr. President, it has to be all out war on the Clintons, UN, and international police union. They are the original enemies of us all.

Even Chelsea Clinton should be spared. She possibly stole up to 20 million just in the financial raping of Haiti thru the Clinton Foundation, CGI. Chelsea will spill the beans to keep out of prison. Get the underlings, get the whole lot. Please save us, the US Constitution, and America.

Mr. Trump, there are countless patriots in the US who have your back.

We the People are going to boycott the liberal bleepholes like Robert Deniro, Alec Baldwin, Al Pacino, the 6 China run Hollywood Studios, and the UN/Democrat run "mainstream" media using taxpayer money to spew mindless propaganda. It is 24/7 anti US Constitution, anti America, anti family spew.

Please act now, before it's too late. Please act 100%, as there is no letting these roaches scurry out and reproduce.


My story:

Ste/ven /G. E/r/i/c/k/s/o/n PO Box Eight Seven Four Brattleboro, VT 05302 (please don’t send registered mail, I won’t get it)

Click on image to make document bigger. I had talked truth to power. I stated my case live in front of cameras and in front of the Connecticut Judiciary Committee. Congressman Chris Shays told me if he got re-elected, there would be a public hearing in Congress on my case, and on others. I got no official cooperation on any litigation against any officials. I got no cooperation, or any questions on any investigations that went supposedly forward. This is an interesting document.

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Swamp declares War on Russia, Syria, and US Constitution

Will Trump take the bait? Scroll down in post for video

Disclaimer: I just found the above pic on the web. I think it is humorous. I don't advocate violence or any harm to Hillary, just just and honorable prosecution of her. 

Hopefully US President Donald J. Trump does not take the Swamp Bait and attack Syria and Russia? The CIA seems to work for the UN/George Soros cabal bent of making war corporations, billionaires, and international banksters richer. The Swamp wants all that the average American has, they want our wages, our land, our homes, our future, and they want us sick, and suffering so that Big Pharma can get even fatter.

Weren't we just about to pull out of Syria. Some sort of bleepholes are at work, and let's hope that Trump doesn't fall for it.

Vladimir Putin seems to care about his people, national sovereignty, the family, self-defense, maybe even personal firearm ownership, and seems to be beloved by his people. It would be awesome if Trump and Putin could foster a friendship, not Cold War II.

Globalists and the Clintons may have come up with idea of implementing Homeland Security before it got its name.

There may have been all sorts of evidence of felonies and international criminal conspiracies of the Clintons in the Oklahoma City Federal Building. If so, it blowing up, was convenient for the Clintons not getting prosecuted.

The Clintons wanted to go after their enemies after the OKC Bombing. Farmers, Ranchers, the Self-employed, small business, gun owners, and independent media all wanted to take the Clintons to task for their treason.

Homeland seems to be out to destroy all the Clinton enemies, AND the US Constitution. [post]

Would Heroin, Cocaine, and other drugs be so powerful and plentiful if it wasn't for US DHS, Homeland Security, CIA, FBI, DEA, DCF, and State Police putting huge quantity in State Police cruiser trunks to distribute to their street dealers? 

Thugs, CIA assets, and police informants can beat up a target of Homeland Security, and the thug can tell the target, pay me $30,000 or you get put on the list, you go to jail, you lose everything including your job, your family is broken up. The thug and police drawing Homeland Security overtime can split what they extort from citizens.

Homeland Security seemed to be supporting thugs caring illegal weapons, and in selling and distributing illegal guns stolen from legal gun owners when police stood by as lookouts. With total surveillance, police know when you aren't home and if you have gold, cash, or other valuables you have to split with thieves that work for them.

As Homeland Security as their cover, White male police officers can arrest the boyfriend, or husband, of hot women they want to take for themselves, and can just beat, arrest, and railroad to prison those they perceive as their rivals, the legitimate romantic partners.

If Americans give up any part of the US Constitution, Free Speech, and the rest of the US Constitution. With the NDAA and Patriot Act, there is no such thing as a court case that isn't rigged to screw you out of your liberty, cash, and ability to question The Swamp.

With gun confiscation as an excuse. Police and other thugs can go door to door and rape, rob, beat, murder and be tyranny on steroids, a far cry when British Soldiers went to farmer's homes, raped their daughters in the barn, went through their valuables, stole money, and looked for items where the Crown Tax should have been paid, but was not.

The Swamp Media is baiting America into restricting the 2nd Amendment to lead to line item deletion of the US Constitution, until it is nullified.

Silence signifies acceptance.

ALEX JONES (1st HOUR) Thursday 4/12/18: Help Stop Trump Syrian Russian War [Direct link to video]

Text with video:

• Infowars Live TV presents • • The Alex Jones Show • • Real News with David Knight • • War Room with Owen Shroyer • • HARD HITTING • NEWS • ANALYSIS • REPORTS • INTERVIEWS • • -- REAL NEWS Channel • -- WAR ROOM Channel • • IMPORTANT: Bookmark Date: Thursday April 12, 2018 Today on Infowars Live TV - The Alex Jones Show Thursday, April 12th: Emergency 34-Hour Broadcast - Stop the next world war! Participating in this explosive 34-hour broadcast are experts from the Pentagon, Russia, Germany, and the UK. Most war-game scenarios show that an escalation in the Middle East will turn into a thermonuclear war within hours. Today we fight to stop that from happening. Click here for our full schedule. Do not miss out on this special broadcast. Call and tune in now! INFOWARS PRIME YOUR FAST-TRACK APP WITH EXCLUSIVE VIDEOS, LIVE FEEDS, BEHIND THE SCENES ACTION AND INCREDIBLE INSIDER DEALS. Follow Alex on TWITTER - Like Alex on FACEBOOK - Infowars on G+ - The Alex Jones Show © copyright, Free Speech Systems .LLC 1995 - 2018 All Rights Reserved. May use for fair use and educational purposes Credit to videezy for backgrounds. Help us spread the word about the liberty movement, we're reaching millions help us reach millions more. Share the free live video feed link with your friends & family: :Web: :Subscribe and share your login with 20 friends: Visit to get the products Alex Jones and his family trust, while supporting the growth of our expanding media operation.


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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Putin isn't the Jackass that Barack Obama is


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