Saturday, September 22, 2018

War on Dema Commie Rats?

There are RINOs, "Republicans in name only." Not all Democrats are bad. Both parties have had some of the slimiest sell-outs ever, as I personally believe, and a good example, is John McCain. After the Oklahoma City bombing, the Clintons were out to get the those who are their biggest enemies who would most want to bring the Clintons to justice for crimes committed.

Who are these people?

Well, the Clintons, George Soros, the UN, international police union, and war corporations like Monsanto that is making tax dollars hand over fist against our will, all want the US Constitution suspended.

Who are the biggest enemies of the above? Well it is independent journalists, the self-employed, the self-sufficient, home owners, "Constitutional Extremists", gun owners, small business owners, conservatives, Christians, the religious, those who are anti Muslim, anti EU, anti UN, anti NWO, anti Patriot Act, and anti World Government Tyranny are all in the cross-hairs.

Americans should preserve their rights to privacy, have private property rights, a farm, a ranch, and to be secure in keeping their papers, and even electronic signature private. I am not wanting total surveillance because I have something to hide, I fear the tyranny of the international criminals who have decided to own us all by taking inventory of all we own, all what we individually think, believe, hold dear, and all of where we go, who we have access to, and the future of the planet seems to have been pirated by those who use Dema Communist Rats as their minions.

I have nothing that I have done wrong. I don't trust the tyrants with my personal information. These criminals have proven they are out to use total surveillance to totally own, and totally abuse, the totality of humanity.

Resist and educate the masses. The 2nd American Revolution will be fought by the patriots inside the government, police, courts, infrastructure, military, and the thought to me unthinking minions of the NWO, all pissed off about their own futures, and what is to be left behind.

The most important elections ever, are to occur soon in the US.


P.S. I have total respect for Vladimir Putin who obviously cares about his people, and the future of his people. I have the same respect for Donald J. Trump. I don't respect George H. W. Bush, George W. Bush, Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, Chelsea Clinton, the UN, the EU, international police union, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, former US Attorney General Eric Holder, the USDHS, TSA, and all that are, or who are, out to destroy US sovereignty and my rules for US Government, the US Constitution.

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Donald John Trump, please take off the gloves and fight the Clinton Machine

The above picture is of me and my Lithuanian wife before the Clintons allegedly pulled off the Oklahoma City Bombing to absolutely ruin the lives of citizens like me who are, have been, and will be most critical of the Dema-Communists like the Clintons and others who are furthering the UN agendas. Let's fight for our lives, the US Constitution which is our rules for our representative government, our country, and for all future Americans.

I personally believe that the Clintons engineered the Oklahoma City Bombing to stop their prosecution and go after their political enemies. The enemies are farmers, ranchers, self-employed, conservatives, independent journalists, the outspoken, small business owners, and those who would be rallying their neighbors during a grid down or national emergency situation. The Clintons have a jump on you, Mr. President.

When Hillary Clinton was NY US Senator she stacked the appellate court. Having one judge compromised means that she has a get out of jail for free card. The Clintons have compromised more judges than anyone in the history of the World.

Mr. President, it has to be all out war on the Clintons, UN, and international police union. They are the original enemies of us all.

Even Chelsea Clinton should be spared. She possibly stole up to 20 million just in the financial raping of Haiti thru the Clinton Foundation, CGI. Chelsea will spill the beans to keep out of prison. Get the underlings, get the whole lot. Please save us, the US Constitution, and America.

Mr. Trump, there are countless patriots in the US who have your back.

We the People are going to boycott the liberal bleepholes like Robert Deniro, Alec Baldwin, Al Pacino, the 6 China run Hollywood Studios, and the UN/Democrat run "mainstream" media using taxpayer money to spew mindless propaganda. It is 24/7 anti US Constitution, anti America, anti family spew.

Please act now, before it's too late. Please act 100%, as there is no letting these roaches scurry out and reproduce.


My story:

Ste/ven /G. E/r/i/c/k/s/o/n PO Box Eight Seven Four Brattleboro, VT 05302 (please don’t send registered mail, I won’t get it)

Click on image to make document bigger. I had talked truth to power. I stated my case live in front of cameras and in front of the Connecticut Judiciary Committee. Congressman Chris Shays told me if he got re-elected, there would be a public hearing in Congress on my case, and on others. I got no official cooperation on any litigation against any officials. I got no cooperation, or any questions on any investigations that went supposedly forward. This is an interesting document.

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Swamp declares War on Russia, Syria, and US Constitution

Will Trump take the bait? Scroll down in post for video

Disclaimer: I just found the above pic on the web. I think it is humorous. I don't advocate violence or any harm to Hillary, just just and honorable prosecution of her. 

Hopefully US President Donald J. Trump does not take the Swamp Bait and attack Syria and Russia? The CIA seems to work for the UN/George Soros cabal bent of making war corporations, billionaires, and international banksters richer. The Swamp wants all that the average American has, they want our wages, our land, our homes, our future, and they want us sick, and suffering so that Big Pharma can get even fatter.

Weren't we just about to pull out of Syria. Some sort of bleepholes are at work, and let's hope that Trump doesn't fall for it.

Vladimir Putin seems to care about his people, national sovereignty, the family, self-defense, maybe even personal firearm ownership, and seems to be beloved by his people. It would be awesome if Trump and Putin could foster a friendship, not Cold War II.

Globalists and the Clintons may have come up with idea of implementing Homeland Security before it got its name.

There may have been all sorts of evidence of felonies and international criminal conspiracies of the Clintons in the Oklahoma City Federal Building. If so, it blowing up, was convenient for the Clintons not getting prosecuted.

The Clintons wanted to go after their enemies after the OKC Bombing. Farmers, Ranchers, the Self-employed, small business, gun owners, and independent media all wanted to take the Clintons to task for their treason.

Homeland seems to be out to destroy all the Clinton enemies, AND the US Constitution. [post]

Would Heroin, Cocaine, and other drugs be so powerful and plentiful if it wasn't for US DHS, Homeland Security, CIA, FBI, DEA, DCF, and State Police putting huge quantity in State Police cruiser trunks to distribute to their street dealers? 

Thugs, CIA assets, and police informants can beat up a target of Homeland Security, and the thug can tell the target, pay me $30,000 or you get put on the list, you go to jail, you lose everything including your job, your family is broken up. The thug and police drawing Homeland Security overtime can split what they extort from citizens.

Homeland Security seemed to be supporting thugs caring illegal weapons, and in selling and distributing illegal guns stolen from legal gun owners when police stood by as lookouts. With total surveillance, police know when you aren't home and if you have gold, cash, or other valuables you have to split with thieves that work for them.

As Homeland Security as their cover, White male police officers can arrest the boyfriend, or husband, of hot women they want to take for themselves, and can just beat, arrest, and railroad to prison those they perceive as their rivals, the legitimate romantic partners.

If Americans give up any part of the US Constitution, Free Speech, and the rest of the US Constitution. With the NDAA and Patriot Act, there is no such thing as a court case that isn't rigged to screw you out of your liberty, cash, and ability to question The Swamp.

With gun confiscation as an excuse. Police and other thugs can go door to door and rape, rob, beat, murder and be tyranny on steroids, a far cry when British Soldiers went to farmer's homes, raped their daughters in the barn, went through their valuables, stole money, and looked for items where the Crown Tax should have been paid, but was not.

The Swamp Media is baiting America into restricting the 2nd Amendment to lead to line item deletion of the US Constitution, until it is nullified.

Silence signifies acceptance.

ALEX JONES (1st HOUR) Thursday 4/12/18: Help Stop Trump Syrian Russian War [Direct link to video]

Text with video:

• Infowars Live TV presents • • The Alex Jones Show • • Real News with David Knight • • War Room with Owen Shroyer • • HARD HITTING • NEWS • ANALYSIS • REPORTS • INTERVIEWS • • -- REAL NEWS Channel • -- WAR ROOM Channel • • IMPORTANT: Bookmark Date: Thursday April 12, 2018 Today on Infowars Live TV - The Alex Jones Show Thursday, April 12th: Emergency 34-Hour Broadcast - Stop the next world war! Participating in this explosive 34-hour broadcast are experts from the Pentagon, Russia, Germany, and the UK. Most war-game scenarios show that an escalation in the Middle East will turn into a thermonuclear war within hours. Today we fight to stop that from happening. Click here for our full schedule. Do not miss out on this special broadcast. Call and tune in now! INFOWARS PRIME YOUR FAST-TRACK APP WITH EXCLUSIVE VIDEOS, LIVE FEEDS, BEHIND THE SCENES ACTION AND INCREDIBLE INSIDER DEALS. Follow Alex on TWITTER - Like Alex on FACEBOOK - Infowars on G+ - The Alex Jones Show © copyright, Free Speech Systems .LLC 1995 - 2018 All Rights Reserved. May use for fair use and educational purposes Credit to videezy for backgrounds. Help us spread the word about the liberty movement, we're reaching millions help us reach millions more. Share the free live video feed link with your friends & family: :Web: :Subscribe and share your login with 20 friends: Visit to get the products Alex Jones and his family trust, while supporting the growth of our expanding media operation.


[click here] for:

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Putin isn't the Jackass that Barack Obama is


Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Reporting Homeland Security Thugs to the IRS for Tax Evasion?

Scroll down in post for a video discussing banning Free Speech in America

State Police and other officials can get Homeland Security overtime, paid by you, the Federal Taxpayer. Each officer hour, with expenses can range $200 to over $500 per person hour. Since Homeland Security is above the law, their thugs can break laws. My friend Rich Murzin said that many Connecticut State Police Officers, whether working Homeland Security Overtime, or not, carry date rape drugs.

Why date rape drugs? Well, to date rape hot women and young girls. The other use is to torture, extract information, and the victim of the abuse can be railroaded to prison, abused, ripped off, and is none the wiser on who the perpetrators are. If thugs in Homeland Security, including Police Officers, FBI, CIA, Jail Guards, Sheriffs, court workers, aids to elected officials, teachers, and others mainly can belong to the same international union as police. International Unions are foreign influence, and can be a haven for international banksters and corporate organized crime.

Are Homeland Security thugs ripping citizens off, racketeering, dealing drugs, laundering money, raping, prostituting out citizens, breaking into houses, paying criminals federal tax dollars to commit crime. Do these officers have secret stashes of cash. Maybe the IRS should audit Homeland Security thugs who extort money to not prosecute and abuse citizens, and who just plain straight up are ripping people off.

I wrote L. McGuire at the Rutland, Vermont, IRS, the below the below text about seizing  of 100% of what I make and have:

To whom it may concern at the IRS: 4/9/2018

[Social Security # snipped]

100% of my pay is being seized. I request that you cease and desist. There has been no hearing, agreement, or settlement. I don’t owe the IRS $30,000.

I pay $180 per week for lodging, in one of the places I stay. I pay $140 a week for where I have an office in Exeter, NH. I have more than 1000 customers that I drive to in a year. I then mail them a quote and include a stamped envelope back to me. I drive 40k to 60k miles in a year specifically for work. I buy 2 laptops per year, a printer, lots of paper and supplies, and I have invested in other equipment and items to do my job. I do not have money to sustain myself and am 2 months behind paying for rents and storage, and don’t want to end up homeless again unable to afford to pay to work, and then get nothing. I can’t get food or other assistance.

I have issues of what federal tax dollars have been used for, and the trillions that can’t be accounted for [stolen?].

Former Hartford Narcotics Detective Richard Murzin, AJ Fontaine, and I were going to present evidence about Homeland Security being involved in illegal activities, thefts, racketeering, drug trafficking, kidnaping, and harassing citizens paid for with federal tax dollars. Murzin determined each officer hour costs taxpayers $200 to $500 per officer hours. Homeland Security over time is paid to police, and others. Murzin determined that taxpayers have paid out 100's of thousands of dollars to over a million in just harassing me and destroying every aspect of my life.

Murzin said he had evidence that DCF, the State Police, International Police Union executives, the Conecticut FBI, Homeland Security, elected officials, and members of the judiciary were using federal tax dollars, and money they made from thefts, drug trafficking, prostitution, racketeering, kidnapping, etc. to conduct, or to allow to happen bombings, and mass shootings, to end the 2nd Amendment. Drills could go live.

Did Murzin have information before Sandy Hook, that there was a planned drill there to then go live, where no ambulances, or helicopters took any patients, children, or teachers out? There was nothing filed for handicap spaces and accessibility for that Sandy Hook School, because it was not in use. I know that school to have been closed for years for having toxic mold, having stayed and hung out with various friends in that town. Police are paid federal tax dollars to lie and propagandize mainstream media.

Murzin and Fontaine died within hours of each other of “natural causes”, a week or two before we were to air a public access tv program and put videos out on youtube with their evidence. Police Officers came with ski masks and black electrical tape over their badges and knocked on my girlfriend’s window 40 Orange St., Nashua, NH, at about 1 AM and asked me to identify myself and whether I was living there around that same time frame, through the window above the bush they were hiding in, spying in the window. Those officers, or other officers, came to visit me and watched me barbecue steaks in ski masks. This is just one relationship and living situation that I have been terrorized out of, I believe costing me and taxpayers federal tax dollars.

Police show up to where I work, next thing I know, I am fired. I have one, or two unmarked cruisers parked in front of where I lived, over and over, police will bang on my door and loudly when I am not there, then talk to neighbors saying they’re doing an investigation of me. I call that town’s police department, and ask if I can answer any of their questions. And, I always hear back that there isn’t an investigation of me, and officers did not go out to where I live. Murzin told me that this type of harassment is what officers do when drawing Homeland Security overtime.

I used to live in Stafford Springs, Connecticut, and Somersville. I owned a home and rental properties. I was married and raising a daughter. I wanted to be a police officer. I contacted LT. Trapp, and was told I could work for police as an asset as there was a federally paid program to go after Militia, gun owners, and others who would be an issue when the Constitution was suspended. I found out that they went after every self-employed person and gun owner, who weren’t organized crime, official, or police connected. Bar owners and construction people suffered the worst.

Murzin told me that Homeland Security was set up not in name, but in practice after the OKC bombing and that the Clintons were going to go after their enemies, conservatives, farmers, the self-employed, and gun owners.

So, I could have been paid to go to gun shows with police to identify what guns were purchased so that Trapp could have them in his personal collection. I would receive more pay if I was willing to break into houses with police as lookouts, and then share the guns, money, and valuables to split with police. I would get a cut of break-ins if I identified individuals who always pay cash for their house broken into. I refused and began the process of becoming a whistleblower.

Trapp had also offered to pay me to beat up targets of police so only the victim of my beating would be arrested, and either get a criminal record and/or prison and would lose his, or her, right to have guns and possibly be financially ruined and have family break up. Trapp asked me if I wanted to get together with other assets to beat a police officer who was planning on informing on other officers.

When I reported drug dealers having illegal guns, or thieves who broke into houses to the Connecticut State Police, nothing was done. I was threatened with arrest and being beaten by police for reporting crimes! I was told that police could be doing an investigation, and reporting crimes to police could be interfering with a police investigation and I could be felony arrested. 2 to 4 Connecticut State Police Detectives drawing Homeland Security followed me around wherever I went. How many thousands of dollars per hour was just I costing taxpayers?

Police began spreading vicious rumors about me. It was determined that I had guns and $30,000 cash stashed due to my lifestyle, spending habits, and amount of money that I made. So, every Tom, Dick, and Harry police informant was breaking into my places of residence, with police as lookouts. JT Turner got caught in the garage window he was breaking into, cut his abdomen, and was taken by ambulance to the hospital. The State Trooper told JT he should sue me for his injuries breaking in! Stevie Carver, while on probation, smashed all my windows out in my home as police watched and laughed. JT and Stevie were part of the youth gang the police created, called the Diaper Gang because of their youth. It is part of police getting federal tax dollars, infiltrating, and creating criminal gangs that commit crimes and are useful for targeting individuals on the list.

Officer Prochaska, began appearing in my driveway, telling me he was listening to all my calls and conversations in my house! He told me he wanted to be my friend, and that he was like, James Bond. I laughed in his face. He told me that since he is Polish, my then wife is Lithuanian, and he was taller, and had more money, that he should be with her, not me, because I am the wrong race and short. Prochaska told me I could be put on the list if I didn’t agree to leave my wife and move out of state. Prochaska would help me, by not putting me on the list if I did what he said so he could have a shot at my wife. Prochaska told me, being put on the list, I would always have tax problems, police would chase me out of wherever I was, and I would automatically be barbecued in civil and criminal cases. I didn’t listen to Prochaska, and he began assaulting me in my driveway when I was to leave for work if I had sex with my wife the night before.

I dialed 911, after being assaulted by “The Incredible Hulk,” cocaine dealer Peter Panciera. Panciera picked me up by my neck, pummeled the daylights out of my face, bit into my ear, and I was bleeding into my underwear. Police responded to the 911 call about an hour later. I could see them hanging out by their cruisers chatting before deciding to answer the 911 call. Police took witness statements, and the witnesses said they didn’t know who attacked me. Officer Prochaska re-interviewed the witnesses to say that I attacked their friend Peter.

Prochaska banged on my door when my wife and I were about to go to bed. He marched me up to my bedroom, and pointed to my bed, and said he was arresting me for what I did there, and as he drove me to jail, he told me I could avoid prison, if I agreed to leave the state. Prochaska told me he was going to go back and comfort my wife while I was in lock up. After I was arrested and faced prison, my wife quit talking, eating with me, we slept separate and were later divorced. Prosecutor Beth Leming told me that since I was on the list, I needed to plead guilty to assaulting Peter, pay thousands in fines, go to prison for a year and a half, and if not, she said I would go to prison anyway, and if I didn’t willingly agree to plead guilty, I would spent the rest of my life in prison because police or jail guards would keep charging me with infractions.

The Enfield Dog Warden’s retarded adult son would crap in his underwear, and then flush loaded underwear in the toilet. The Dog Warden then put greasy rice down other drains, the caps to the sewer in my basement office came out, and everything I owed after the divorce had sewage and floating turds on it, The Dog Warden blew out my well pump. The Dog Warden flooded my basement 3 days in a row, I couldn’t work and clean and had no sleep. On the 4th day Dog Warden wanted me arrested for causing him a health hazard and get 6 months in prison. Since I’m on the list the Dog Warden was able to sue me for 1000's and win, for “his” losses.

From then on I had the Health Department, Sewer Department, Building Inspector, Dog Wardens, my neighbor on Church St., Stafford Springs, CT, Bruce Brown, a fireman, who also claimed to be FBI Intelligence, told me I would spend the rest of my life in prison, or be very painfully murdered, if I didn’t shut my mouth and leave Connecticut, as I was kicked out. Trooper Decker told me that police were executing a “No Dating”, policy on me. I was told I could live, date, or work in Connecticut.

So, I was in a bar, and for some reason State Police weren’t following me around wherever I went that night, and a complete knock out asked me if I would take her home. She took care of me a certain way for weeks, then told me in my Somersville home, that she would get completely naked and we could have sex if I gave her $20 to buy some crack cocaine, WHAT!!!??? A SWAT team was waiting out of sight outside for me. Police wanted the $160,000 equity that I had in my property and for me to get 9 years in prison. The woman broke down crying after I told her no. She had been popped for powdered cocaine and would have avoided prison if she compromised me.

I then got a bill from The Department of Revenue for $160,000. I am supposed to collect 6% sales tax for contracting jobs in Connecticut. I had done no contracting in Connecticut, the past 3 months for that period so I owed nothing. The letter of demand for payment in 30 days or my property could be seized. At the registry I had to register my vehicles in multiple towns that I had never lived in, and pay taxes in all those town. The woman at the Registry counter told me she had never seen that, so I was ripped off for thousands, or I couldn’t drive and my driver’s license would be suspended.

Peter Coukos was a known police informant, who also allegedly was being paid federal tax dollars through police. Coukos would beat citizens up and then extort cash out of them after they were arrested, saying that they could either pay him, or go to jail. Coukos would then split money with police. Coukos bragged around town that he used to work for the CIA, helping identify children 4 to 8 years old for kidnapping, and 4 to 8 year old boys was his preferred age of a sex partner. Coukos demanded that I pay him $30,000 or I would be estranged permanently from my daughter, go to prison, have lifelong problems with IRS if I got out of prison, lose my contracting business, Coukos also, as he was punching me in the back of the head, said that I would have to let him F me in by butt at least once a week. Wow, my tax dollars at work!

I had met a woman after my divorce, Melody, a 5'11 beauty. She soon became pregnant, we were expecting twin boys and were talking about marriage. My only daughter was going to come live with us. Coukos sat down at our table at a restaurant when I was in the bathroom. Coukos told Melody that he was my best friend, that I was a loser, and that Melody should get an abort my twin boys, and have a baby with him. After that night Melody and I stopped living together, she got an abortion, and moved to North Carolina.

Coukos also told me he paid Selectman John Julian $5000 cash to have dibs on properties. Coukos got my properties for a song before I was railroaded to prison. CT State Police rewarded crack cocaine addict, alcoholic, diagnosed sociopath Peter Coukos help in getting a concealed carry pistol permit because he helped kick me out of Connecticut, and made me lose my concealed carry permit, got my properties for a song, and I got prison, and estrangement for life from my only daughter, and all family except my mother.

At least 3 Armed CT Troopers committed perjury so I would be railroaded to prison. They said I never requested to make a complaint against my attacker, Brian Caldwell yet another police informant, demanding money, stalking me, harassing me, and attacking over weeks. When he attacked me in a crowded restaurant, I dialed 911, and police who were standing around talking about a block away, showed up about an hour and a half later after all witnesses had gone.

When I dialed 911 when Caldwell was banging on my door demanding me give him whatever money I had, telling me he’d cut my penis off and kill me if he caught me out in my yard. Police showed up at 3 AM, hours later to start singing, “Oh Stevie Boy, Oh Stevie Boy,” over and over, banging on my door, laughing, hours later as a response to my 911 call. When Caldwell attacked me with a knife the following night in my dark driveway, he told me to give him my wallet, or he’d cut my penis off after he had already attacked me with his fists. I pepper sprayed Caldwell and myself, accidently.

After I rinsed the pepper spray out of my eyes, police arrested just me, refused to listen to the death threats left on my voicemail, my tenant’s answering machine, and police refused to take my statement, and that of my tenants, and then police lied under oath about it, so I got a year in prison, to also be permanantly estranged from my only child, Sarah. States get federal tax dollars per inmate, so there is an incentive to put as many citizens who have property, pay federal taxes, and have enough to pay 10's of thousands of dollars to lawyers, before being railroaded to prison in kangaroo courts.

After I had been attacked on my property by a police informant, I was arrested, and was offered no deals. Before I was arrested, prosecutor Keith Courier, had told me if I evicted his prostitute, Lana, I would be arrested and go to prison, because I was on the list and had to listen to him. Lana Thompson allegedly went to the court house to give Courier oral sex on her knees. Lana had moved into one of my apartments without my permission.

There were two other apartments where prostitutes had moved in, and were staying without paying rent, and without my permission. Officials, police, and important people were getting free sex, I had no interest in getting any myself, and it was costing me about $2500, or more, for police, lawyers, officials, and possibly others to have free sex.

In prison, guards asked me if I needed to be f’d in my butt to shut up, to stop writing letters out, complaining about injustice. Guards told other inmates that I was a snitch, that didn’t get me killed, then they had me take my first shower with 9 African Americans who were chained to metal platforms with high intensity flood lights for 23 hours a day. They had huge muscles. The guard in the shower tower, looked scared and flustered, abandoned his post, and the 9 African Americans thought they were being set up, so I wasn’t attacked. I was kicked out of Hartford County Jail by Captain Murphy for being a bleephole, telling me that the Connecticut State Police were coming to take me away and kill me. I was then put in a cell all day, no food, nothing offered to drink, thinking I was waiting to die.

A Marshall came in a van, told me he didn’t have to chain my ankles, put me in handcuffs, or locked in the back. I had been given a lot of juice before the ride to Storrs Prison. The Marshall went to the bathroom in McDonalds and was gone over a half hour, and I could have just gone the bathroom, but it was a set up to shoot me for trying to escape. I nearly peed my pants in the van.

My first day in Storrs Prison, by UConn, I was told I had to do trash collection duty on the highway with the Connecticut State Police, probably with the same officers who told me before I was arrested to shut up, or I would take my last ride in a cruiser trunk, in handcuffs, with my teeth kicked out. The head of the block was an armored car robber who had lost one eye when a police shotgun blast took out one of his eyes, and was told to rape me by guards who probably are also members of the same international union as the police, as are most government workers, and aids to politicians.

Two African American inmates grabbed each wrist, and pulled, when I was smashed up against a bathroom wall after having took a shower. My pants were pulled down to my ankles, and the head of the block started masturbating with hand cream to get hard before he was to plunge right into my butt. I asked him if he wanted to keep his remaining eye. The Blacks commented on how cold hearted I was, and dropped me off the wall. I pulled my pants back up. I punked the Armored Car Robber. I then ran the block, had my bunk made by other inmates, laundry done, guards had to have me settle inmate disputes, and I got a piece of the armed robber’s sports betting racket.

When I got out of prison, I was told to immediately report to my Parole Officer, Eric Ellison. He had me empty my pockets, turn around to get frisked, and he punched me in my ribs, bent me over the desk and told me how is friend Stafford Police Officer Desso, who was also head of Storrs Prison, that I needed a talking to. Ellison told me if I complained about police, judges, or if I contacted reporters, I would be violated on parole and spend the rest of my life in prison. When he bent me over the desk, I still had my pants on, as did he, and he dry humped me for ten or fifteen seconds, and Eric Ellison had a happy ending.

After being out of prison, and after 3 years probation not allowed to travel, I took a Peter Pan Bus going from Springfield, MA, to NYC. About half way through the trip, the driver jammed on the brakes, pulled out his TSA laminant ID and told me I was a piece of excrement and he didn’t want me on his bus. He then asked me to confirm my name. He said he couldn’t kick me off the bus, as police wanted to be called if I stepped off the bus in Connecticut. The driver said he would have to make a TSA report about me after we landed in NYC.

I was trying to work contracting in Massachusetts, I was pulled over on 2 different occasions, was not asked for license and registration, and the Troopers demanded that I tell them whether I had guns, or bombs, and I had to tell them all names and addresses of wherever I had been in Massachusetts. I was told that I couldn’t work or be in Massachusetts and needed to go back to Vermont. A Monson Officer followed me into the Palmer Mass K-Mart and demanded that I tell him where I was living in Mass, and wanted names and addresses of wherever I had been.

I can’t get a Real ID Driver’s license due to Homeland Security, and soon will no longer be able to legally drive. I have committed no felonies, and I would “over react to getting mugged” again, and am not a threat to society.

I don’t feel I owe federal taxes, to pay for trillions that can’t be accounted for by the DoD and other departments, and if millions can be spent just abusing just me. The abuse is theft of tax dollars from taxpayers. The US Constitution is my rules for my government. Have these rules been followed? So, if I have been rendered dishonest services from international criminals, why should I be forced to pay money I don’t owe?

It seems that my federal tax dollars have been used to literally have me raped in the butt. If courts were legitimate and if judges weren’t sell outs, I would ask for triple damages paid to me by the IRS for whatever was spent on abusing me and housing me in prison, probably 3 million dollars plus.

I request that the IRS do an audit of Homeland Security and all police who were paid federal tax dollars to follow me around and/or harass just me. I want triple the $100/day it cost taxpayers to house me in prison. Connecticut State Police would lie and commit theft and fraud collecting Homeland Security overtime for hours not worked. Officers weren’t punished, and did not have to pay money back to federal taxpayers that were ripped off by police.

Please cease, and desist, taking 100% of my pay, and please contact my lawyer about remedy. I have suffered way too much already. I want travel restrictions taken away. I want to be taken of the Terrorist Watch List, my bogus criminal record erased, and I just want to be left alone and on with the rest of my life unmolested by bands of thugs wearing badges being paid federal tax dollars to rape and nullify the US Constitution.

The contents of this letter is the best of my belief, knowledge, and recollection.

Ste/ven /G. E/r/i/c/k/s/o/n PO Box Eight Seven Four Brattleboro, VT 05302 (please don’t send registered mail, I won’t get it)

Click on image to make document bigger. I had talked truth to power. I stated my case live in front of cameras and in front of the Connecticut Judiciary Committee. Congressman Chris Shays told me if he got re-elected, there would be a public hearing in Congress on my case, and on others. I got no official cooperation on any litigation against any officials. I got no cooperation, or any questions on any investigations that went supposedly forward. This is an interesting document.



Text with video:
ALEX JONES TO MAKE NATIONAL PRESS CLUB SPEECH ADDRESSING LAWSUITS AGAINST INFOWARS First Amendment rights under attack Alex Jones is set to give a speech at the National Press Club in Washington DC on April 10 during which he will make a statement on the raft of anti-free speech lawsuits targeting his First Amendment rights. Numerous lawsuits have been launched on the premise of attracting media attention and defaming Alex Jones and Infowars’ reputation. While many on the left routinely celebrate the lawsuits when they are filed, those same people have been noticeably less vocal when the lawsuits collapse. Last month, Pepe the Frog cartoon creator Matt Furie sued Infowars for copyright violation despite openly encouraging people in a 2015 interview “profit off of” his creation. Even the left-wing Daily Beast admitted that the latest lawsuit against Infowars, brought by an individual falsely named as the Parkland shooter, is “a general attack on InfoWars and Alex Jones and their fans” and does not rest on any sound legal basis. Ken White, a First Amendment litigator at Brown White & Osborn, said the suit was more of a PR stunt and could run afoul of Texas law. “Texas has a very strong anti-SLAPP law. If InfoWars can frame the lawsuit as being more broadly about the content of its speech in general (or about the speech of third-party commenters, for whom InfoWars is not responsible under Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act), the plaintiff faces a real risk of an anti-SLAPP ruling,” said White. Jones will address the left’s new tactic of trying to bury Infowars under a deluge of lawsuits, which is yet another attempt to shut down free speech and is doomed to fail.

Keywords: Connecticut State Trooper stole money out of my wallet Connecticut State Police Misconduct Judicial Abuse Connecticut Governor John G. Rowland DCF US President Donald J. Trump, Vladimir Putin cares about the Russian people believes in self-defense the family national sovereignty and is respected by his people George Soros Globalist Globalism NDAA Patriot Act 9/11 US DHS Homeland Security. Hillary Clinton should be in prison Barack Obama sucks UN Agenda 21 Free Speech banned 2nd American Revolution Shadow Banned Censored Dissent.Civil Liberty Bill of Rights NWO

Sunday, April 01, 2018

YouTube, Robo Posts, Propaganda, and Censorship

Above image was originally [found here]. 

This post has nothing to with pulling something on April Fool's Day.

Have you noticed all the robo voice news posts lately on YouTube? Who pays for that? Well, Federal Tax Dollars are used to propagandize and censor Free Speech. Why not boycott robo voice posts? Use certain key words or phrases and you are banned completely, or just the post or video disappears. Nothing is for free, Federal Tax Dollars are being used to eliminate legitimate competition.

If there is real damaging information leaking out about the Deep State. Videos are put out with the real information, and then aliens, shape shifting, greys, Reptilian beings, etc is mixed in so the viewer then thinks the real information is crazy conspiracy nut job propaganda.

I wrote letters to the editor about the organized crime and racketeering the Connecticut State Police were up to from 1990's, finding out, they're pandering for other organized crime, going after the politically inconvenient, manufacturing evidence, making false arrests, and committing perjury to put targets in prison, is more the norm than is honest law enforcement, the precursor to Homeland Security.

What I posted on the internet about pubic corruption earned me being railroaded to prison, you having to pay 100's of thousands of tax dollars for one to four Homeland Security officials at 200 to 500 dollars an hour to accompany me shopping, getting a haircut, working, hanging out, etc. I was no threat. When there is a threat, like the Petit Home Invasion, where the 2 daughters, and mother were sodomized, raped, and then burned alive by the dangerous criminals. Police did the equivalent of roasting marshmallows at the fire.

Rich Murzin, AJ Fontaine, and I were going to putt out videos and public access television show about what the Connecticut State Police, Connecticut FBI, DCF, and US DHS and other agencies were up to, and are up to.

The other 2 had hard evidence of drug trafficking, kidnapping, murder for hire, prostitution, sex slavery, racketeering, and the use of tax dollars to set up youth gangs so police had cut outs for revenue collection, property and asset confiscation excuses, and to ruin, discredit, beat up, murder, and/or set up police targets for prison. Did they predict one of the most obvious false flags to end the 2nd Amendment there is. Fontaine and Murzin died of "natural causes" within hours of each other a week, or so, before we were to release the evidence in videos, 2011.

Why not check out other posts on this blog, and check out videos and links with posts?

Friday, March 30, 2018

Support the 2nd Amendment because you HATE US Constitution Dismantlers

Scroll down in post for video

Image of FBI and Connecticut State Police target for being a Constitutional Extremist, Code Name: "Big Apple to Big Easy,", picture of Steven G. Erickson, having gone from New York City to the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in the aftermath to help out. Picture taken on Bourbon St.

The biggest tool of the globalists is the international police union. They're coached at roll call that the Founding Fathers were terrorists who thumbed their noses at true authorities. The forefathers of International Banksters swindled Great Britain out of their empire taking over the media and money supply back around a birth of a nation, the US.

The international police union wants to end free speech, private property rights, individuals farming and raising livestock, public gatherings/socializing, breaking up of the family, and in controlling of all government officials and civilians through surveillance, fostering fear not respect, covert actions, false arrests, false imprisonment, and covert murder/assassination

A police officer in Stafford Springs, Connecticut, who was living with his mother, told me he could be my friend, if I left my house, wife, and daughter, because he was more important than me, was like James Bond (I laughed in his face), and that I should just leave before I was put on "The List," and the IRS, the police, and the courts would hound me for the rest of my life and I would want to commit suicide.

You can't have representation for your taxation, if a cop or covert deep state operative can threaten torture, ruin, imprisonment, and death of elected officials who are supposed to represent us for our taxation. That is what we have, a police state, run from the outside, by the International Police Union and the UN.

The cop who threatened me with the total retaliation if I didn't leave me wife, home, and daughter was right. If I didn't do what he said the IRS, police, and courts would make my life a living hell if he put me on the International Police Union Enemies List. They have.

I once considered writing Vladimir Putin asking for political asylum. Yes, it has gotten that bad. But, all being said, I have respect for a leader of a country who supports self-defense, the family, sovereignty of his country, and having the respect of his people. George W. Bush, Obama, Hillary Clinton and others have failed. Trump is a work in progress.

Click links for other posts on this blog for my contact information and for other posts where I talk about more.


[Alex Jones Inforwars Videos]

Alex Jones (FULL SHOW) Thursday 3/29/18: Ted Nugent, Jerome Corsi, Tommy Robinson, Marc Morano

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

US Cops selling seized guns, drugs, and kids for sex on the Black Market?

Scroll down in post for video links. Bitchute might be a Free Speech video platform, unlike the current YouTube.

Above photo and link to website is [found here], On the Last American Vagabond.


My comment posted below current video on Bitchute:

Voted video up. I wish I could say some of the things you have as well. I don't agree with all of what you have to say 100%, but I am glad that I happened by. 

I want to get off Google platforms due to the censorship and coming bans of those who can think, and speak, for themselves. I currently blog as the Stark Raving Viking. In Stafford Springs, Connecticut, in the 1990's, police had started their own youth gangs. They got federal dollars after OKC bombing to go after gun owners, farmers, and the self-employed. 

Police would be lookouts for their gang to steal legal guns, cash, and assets. Police ran prostitutes, kidnapping, drug sales, kids for sex, it's disgusting. Their gang was used to attack, discredit, and ruin police targets. If a cop wanted your wife, or girlfriend, they could have you fired from job, beaten up, arrested, imprisoned, and unfortunately for some, murdered. 

Thanks for covering the subjects that I thought only I saw in average America. I will link to this video on my blog and on LiveLeak. Fat Frank Prochaska, a cop living with his mother at the time, told me he could do me a favor if I left my wife, daughter, house, and contracting business, he would not put me on the international police union enemies list

He wanted my wife for him. He told me I would have IRS problem for the rest of my life, prison, and police would hassle me for the rest of my life. I didn't, and his putting me on the list has meant, a lot of pain, financial ruin, being railroaded to prison, and his threatening of my being permanently being estranged from my only daughter, also now a reality.

Police Black Market Gun Sales, Child-Slavery At All-Time High & Gov “Secrecy Orders” Hide Inventio.. [Direct link to Bitchute video]

There is a lot in the below video link. Just the tidbit about Barack Obama's former National Security Advisor and UN Ambassador, Susan Rice becoming a member on the Board of Director's of Netflix, is a golden nugget alone. There is so much more. Do you want to cancel your Netflix just because Rice can regulate, steer, and/or censor your viewing choices ... ?

Destroying the Illusion:

3.28 - Q's Latest/Sex Trafficking Exposure/Julian Assange Internet Cut/PARDON FLYNN! [Watch video on Bitchute CLICK HERE]


The Deep State especially hates those who operate the 2 closest links for their websites, below:


Who thought Roseanne Barr would ever be relevant again after her singing the US National Anthem?

Yes, I am dating myself.

I truly hope Trump doesn't restrain himself, just because he is the US President.

While the left Demacommunists want to bog Trump down in Jerry Springer Land,

Trump feeling his testosterone fueled intensity, should not be restrained. The US Constitution, and America, itself, can only benefit.

Laura Ingraham: Hollywood discovers America [Direct link to video]

"Soul Sacrifice" - Santana Live at Woodstock in 1969 [Direct link to video]

The B 52's "Private Idaho" (Original Video Clip) [Direct link to video]

I had a 2 hour drive one way into New Orleans everyday while I was an insurance adjuster going from Ocean Springs, Mississippi, into The Big Easy, working as an insurance adjuster after the aftermath of Hurricane Hurricane Katrina. I left the Big Apple, New York City to go down. I then obtained a new code name, "The Big Apple to the Big Easy." If you want to use that, or make a film, on the subject, contact me while I still draw a breath ...

I met an Alabama girl with a Georgia Baptist father, I was invited over for the Christmas Holidays. He racked a shotgun behind me, and we became friends. I will remember the warmth of those holidays without sarcasm. He had a sense of humor, and I enjoyed all the time he blessed me with his wisdom of a simpler America.

Leaving Alabama, Mississippi, and New Orleans, Louisiana was truly painful and has not left my soul as I still breathe ... 

Attorney Michael H. Agranoff had another lawyer tell me that they had $10,000 to pay me for movie rights for my story. They thought I was still in Connecticut. I gave away my position, as maybe did my turncoat father as well, and all that I had built, yet again, was toast.

A Lyme Disease Activist gave me a 1995 Ford Escort Wagon with a 5 speed manual transmission station wagon to go down to the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina to find my new destiny . 

I drove down with almost no money into a National Disaster and re-invented myself. I had thought I had life by the balls, being well-to-do and going to retire at age 51. Connecticut State Police Troop C decided otherwise, I was self-employed, a gun owner, and had a wife too pretty for me ... so they told me ...

Fates Warning - Guardian {Direct link to video][Another favorite from this band][Fate's Warning: Damnation]

Iron Maiden - Run To The Hills (Official Video) [Direct link to video]

Black Sabbath - "N.I.B." Live Paris 1970 [Direct link to video][War Pigs in Paris, France]

I have actually won some poker hands while the below was playing in the background ...

Deee-Lite - "Groove Is In The Heart" (Official Music Video) [Direct link to video]

The Gap Band - You Dropped A Bomb On Me [Direct link to video]

Private investigations — Dire Straits 1986 Sydney LIVE pro-shot [SPECTACULAR VERSION!] [Direct link to video]

Protest #2 on Constitution, Get HS Diploma no classes/homework?

scroll down in post for video

If you're a high school student, can you quit school, not attend classes, not do homework, and then still get a high school diploma if you get bused into the massive protests to destroy #2 on the Constitution to make the whole thing null and void?

How much are students being paid, especially the one who seems to be the leader?

How much foreign billionaire money is being funneled in to fund the protests to abolish the US Constitution and subvert America to most profit international bankers and corporate organized crime?

I tried to blow the whistle on this when I found out. There isn't any part of my life, or health, that hasn't been affected. [My story]

[Direct link] to below video:

Full video of above [Direct link to video]

Monday, March 26, 2018

Police to loot, rape, rage during door to door GUN CONFISCATION

Scroll down in post for videos. Please forward this post to Donald J. Trump, the Atty General, or appropriate authorities not helping operate the Deep State. 

What happened in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina? Police and military was going door to door kicking in doors beating up grandmothers, wanting to shoot citizens in their own homes, arresting citizens, taking guns and other valuables. It was a dry run, tactics are in place for when gun confiscation happens.

I was told by a US DHS Homeland Security insider that State Police who get Homeland Security overtime allegedly carry street date rape drugs. They're for date raping. If a suspect is set up for an arrest, is beaten up, tortured, or made a patsy, the police then have a victim who can't remember what happened. 

Police were listening to all my phone calls, trolling my internet use, and tracking me using my cellphone. Them giving me no privacy didn't work out well for me. They utilized information to cause major havoc in my life. The International Police Union wants the self-employed, small business owners, farmers, contractors, concealed carry permit holders, and gun owners targeted for being processed, ripped off, and to be unable to have firearms, a covert program paid for with federal tax dollars in the aftermath of the Oklahoma City Federal Building Bombing

In the mid-1990's, police were getting federal tax dollars to go after gun owners, concealed carry gun permit holders, the self-employed, independent journalists, and the politically inconvenient.

Police would use thieves on probation to break into houses to steal legal guns, cash, and valuables. Police would split the booty with criminals after the police stood as lookouts. Police would watch as vandals on probation smashed windows in homes of targeted individuals.

 I wanted to become a police officer in Stafford Springs, Connecticut, and LT. Trapp walked me through the process of becoming a police officer. Police were targeting gun owners and self-employed to give criminal records and to get business for lawyers and and business in the courts. States get federal dollars for prison inmates. The more inmates the more a state gets in federal funds.

Organized crime gets your tax money to run, build, and supply prisons and other facilities.

Police are encouraged to use honey traps to arrest their dupes. Drunk driving, buying drugs, or just getting beat up by cops and then getting charged with assaulting a police officer.

Call the FBI to report the above corruption, and the FBI will go after the whistleblower and/or the police will go after you even harder.

It was thought that I had $30,000 cash in my home. Police wanted my guns that I no longer have, and the cash that they thought I had. Connecticut State Police, Troop C, were looking outs when "JT" Turner broke into my garage, lodging himself part way in, cutting his abdomen on broken glass. The fire department got him out, and he was taken away by ambulance.

The State Trooper didn't arrest JT but suggested that he sue me and/or file charges against me for his injuries having attempted to break in my house! Stevie Carver was smashing my windows and Connecticut State Troop C officers were in their cruisers laughing.

Former CIA Asset, Peter Coukos, who claims he helped get 4 to 8 year old boys, and girls, his preferred sex partners, as sex slaves for pedophiles and use by CIA.

Coukos paid Selectman John Julian $5000 cash to have police terrorize me out of my rental properties so Coukos could buy them like it was a fire sale. 

Peter Coukos was sexually harassing my then 14 year old daughter, and her friend Leanne, leaving death threats for her on my answering machine. Peter Coukos told me that I would have to pay him $30,000 cash, or he'd make a false claim and I'd be arrested, go to prison, lose everything, and be permanently estranged from my daughter.

Coukos told me I could avoid prison if I gave him $30,000. Coukos was allegedly to split the money with Stafford Springs Resident State Trooper Mulcahey and Stafford Officer Fat Frank Prochaska, the pair who had told me that I was kicked out of Connecticut, and if not, I would go to prison.

Even if you don't have guns, how do you think you will deal with having thugs in your homes looking for guns and valuables. If you're a woman, and good looking, imagine these dirty thugs with their hands all over you, beating on you before you are raped.

Steve Spellman, Rep for International. Police Union, legislative liaison to legislators told legislators to ignore what I was reporting on police misconduct to Senator Anthony Guglielmo, John Kissel, and Rep. Mordasky, telling them I would be taught a lesson, lose everything, lose contact with my daughter, get beaten and go to prison.

I proposed Civilian Oversight of Police. Those who do this, get their information sent to the Commissioner of State Police, and your picture and information is passed to area departments to distribute at roll call to beat, kill, and/or set up target for prison. Ritt Goldstein also proposed Civilian Oversight of Police and was so terrorized and abused by police, he fled to Sweden seeking political asylum.

I have dialed 911 and police either didn't show up, or showed up hours later to bang on my door singing, "Oh Stevie Boy, Oh Stevie Boy," over and over, chanting and laughing. Around the same time police would drink in former Mayor of Norwalk, Bill Collins' driveway, throw their empty beer bottles on his porch, putting police union bumper stickers on his porch. Police were telling the mayor, that they were in charge, not him.

Think police will protect you when needed?

Think again.

With the NDAA and Patriot Act being passed, all of the above is "legal". Court cases are decided by insiders before the case is even held. It is a puppet show. That is if you can even get a court case, with the legislation you can be jailed without charges, tortured, and murdered. You have no rights. 


For Lawyers, Judges, Police, Prosecutors, police informants, operatives, assets, and their Organized Crime Friends, it just one big party at our expense.


A former prosecutor was charged early Sunday with driving under the influence and possessing marijuana and a handgun after leaving a birthday party at the Essex home of Chief State's Attorney Christopher L. Morano.

"I made a damn stupid mistake," Peter W. Soulsby of Marlborough said Thursday. [more]



More information:

Alex Jones Infowars videos are [found here]

SEIU goon Union, Big Banks, Drug Money Laundering & You [Direct link to video]

Oregon Gun Confiscation, Omnibus Bill and Betrayal [Direct link to video]

Tucker Carlson Tonight 3/26/2018 - Breaking Fox News - March 26, 2018 [Direct link to video]

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Take my Free Speech from my Cold Dead Hands

Image of US President Donald J. Trump as a young man, [found here].

I haven't seen the CBS 60 Minutes piece on Donald J. Trump and his alleged tryst with porn star Stormy Daniels.

If Trump, did, or did not, who cares?

I don't want to compare Trump to Nixon or Bill Clinton, but what did those 2 do wrong?

Nixon could have avoided all his plight by saying that he knew, and his people got out of hand. What was needed was an admission, not lies. Nixon would have remained in office. There would be no Gerald Ford or Jimmy Carter.

Bill Clinton lied about having had oral sex with Monica Lewinsky. Clinton should have refused to answer, or said that his personal life is none of your business. Clinton could have just admitted what he did, and everyone would have moved on, admiring that piece of crap for having the balls to admit what he had done.

Trump can defuse, deflate, and hit back, depending on his response to the George Soros/Hillary Clinton push to dethrone, murder, and/or defame him.

Even if Trump had nothing to do with Daniels, what if he said "None of your business, my personal life is my business."?

Well, that would end any bimbos coming out of the woodwork saying that they somehow know Trump and that they have somehow had inappropriate sex with Trump.

Trump has to either shit, or get off the pot.

George Soros and Hillary Clinton would spend billions to have Trump assassinated, removed from office, the US Constitution made null and void, and will use all means necessary to take out the US as a sovereign nation, so why doesn't Trump use his power to go after the enemy?

Not having a drone strike on Soros and having Clinton brought to justice is a sign of weakness.

America needs Trump to have a backbone, and fight, for at least himself, and his legacy.

[click here] for:

Bitter Climber, Stormy Daniels?



Barred and Overcharged for Trump Shirt? [Direct link to video]

Am I being paranoid?:

Sunday, March 25, 2018

Greedy Lawyer leaves Vietnam Vet out in Cold?

Scroll down in post for video. Should attorneys be able to take a huge percentage, most, or all of a clients cash and liquidated assets in divorce cases, child custody, divorce, civil, and probate cases for their "legal fees"? Should the alleged criminal, or negligent, behavior of Attorney Ronald J. Caron of Manchester, NH, be addressed by his being arrested? 

Ronald J. Caron of Divine and Millimet, Manchester, NH


(Caron's email posted inside of video and is on website)

Is the above attorney dragging an inheritance case on, making a retired Vietnam Veteran suffer in the cold without a car? Is the above attorney supposed to pay estate expenses? The attorney has not paid any of the bills since putting all money, assets, and valuables in his, or his firm's, name so that if his attorney fees, or billable hours, reaches the value of the estate including $146k that was in the original bank account, will lawyer get it all?

Does the above sound like a scam, abuse of influence, and a crime against average citizens everywhere?


House valued @ $80k
House contents @ $12k
2012 Toyota Camry @ $7k
Bank Account had $146k

Total $245k

Linda Birkbeck, Exeter, NH, estate


Why not make video full size?

[Direct link] to below video

This bloggers email is at end of video.

This post is of our best belief and knowledge

Saturday, March 24, 2018

UN to lead US Gun Confiscation?

Scroll Down in post for video

Why not make below video full size?

[Direct Link] to below video 

Will the international police union benefit with more police needed to go door to door to confiscate guns if a UN led gun ban is instituted?

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Friday, March 23, 2018

Trump Funds Swamp?

Image [found here]

For many, Donald J. Trump is the last great hope to keep the US Constitution intact.

Did Donald Trump fund the swamp?


[Post with video, on what we're up against]

Stealth Invasion, Int. Bankers/Corp Owners attacking US Constitution for Profit?

Scroll down in post for video

Above image [found here]

Billionaires, international bankers, and owners of major corporations can seize vast land, resources, energy, and control if they can use the UN and international police union as their tools.

If you are American, you've already given up your privacy, because you might be a terrorist if you want a private conversation and your finances and assets out of view of the insiders who want to steal all from you.

Removing the 2nd Amendment, means you shouldn't have property rights, Free Speech, or anything else in the US Constitution. If outside agitators are funding the anti-gun movement, then the push is a stealth invasion to undermine Americans to be enslaved in the system like the EU in Europe. In Europe, violent migrants from the war torn 3rd World are being brought in to destroy borders, bankrupt local government, and enslave populations dismantling human rights for former citizens who became mere residents, without representation for their taxation.

If a gun ban can be secured in the US, the International Police Union can make more money hand over fist for union dues. The UN could then become an armed occupying force in the US, erasing the US Constitution eliminating Free Speech and any real representation for our taxation. There will be a worldwide erasure of basic human rights.

A retired police officer friend of mine who was on the ground floor when US DHS Homeland Security was being built, told me that a large percentage of police officers and officers who are being paid Homeland Security overtime are carrying date rape drugs. One reason is to rape, another is so police who beat up, torture, or set up for false arrest, citizens have no idea the abuse that they have suffered, and who is to blame.


AMC's "TURN: Washington's Spies," can be found on Netflix. Spoiler alert: citizens in a town loyal to the crown are stripped of their guns, their property can be confiscated at will, and are mistreated after they become disarmed. Women can be raped, and you can be robbed of your life and property by those armed troops occupying your town. In modern America, that can be Armed Police and Troops and a disarmed Modern America.

A Look at the Series: TURN: Washington's Spies [Direct link to video]


Alex Jones, Infowars videos can be found here: 


[Direct link] to below video.


IRS taking 100% of your pay, How to Survive [Direct link to video]

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Give up your Guns & Free Speech because you've already given up Privacy for your Safety

If you are an American, your US Constitution has been line item deleted.

After 9/11, you can't be trusted with privacy, a supposed US Constitutional right.

But, you might be a terrorist, so you can't be trusted to have a private conversation. You need all of your data collected and stored.

Since you gave up your right to privacy for your safety, what else won't you give up for your safety?

If you question authority, or any measure for your safety, you must be a terrorist, right?


[Click here] for below post

Police Conspiracy to Kidnap Kids?

40 Billion US Dollars transferred from parents to others, lawyers, and to the states is controlled by corrupt judges according to Nancy Schaefer. She went to testify about the abuse of children and families, going to a special hearing in the Netherlands.

Georgia State Senator Nancy Schaefer, former Republican Candidate for LT Governor, pillar in the Baptist Church. Image [found here]

Nancy was recently a victim of murder. Her husband is said to have been the killer in a murder suicide. Some may think it is a murder-for-hire, paid for by police, or insiders in Georgia Government allegedly involved in officially kidnapping kids for federal tax dollars. Are children being trafficked for White Slavery, sex exploitation, for bogus adoptions, and to give political insiders 6 figure salaries paid for with taxes? Are the police in some states involved in drug dealing, prostitution, racketeering, obstruction of justice, murder, rape, extortion, and other crimes? Are American Courts, a scam?

Nancy was pretty high profile, making serious allegations and ends up dead. Do the math. Points made in the below video are pretty hard hitting. States such as Connecticut, are probably doing the same thing in the same way. Department of Children and Families, DCF, is often a cruel scam breaking up families to enrich lawyers. Judges will barbecue citizens and railroad them to jail just for exposing judicial, police, DCF misconduct and brutality. The State of Connecticut and too many others states are repeat offenders.




[Click here] for below post

Jesse Ventura, Plum Island, West Nile Virus, Lyme Disease

[source of Jesse Venture "Predator" Movie photo]

Jesse Ventura spells it out pretty well. I have read up a bit on the subject. Most of the credit for informing me about Lyme Disease and the US Government malfeasance associated with it goes to Kathleen Dickson.



[Click here] to go to below post




Alex Jones Infowars videos are [found here

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