Sunday, April 12, 2015

The Crisis of Insiders running US Courts

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Do we the people get representation for our taxation?

The photo above was found here in a Hartford Courant story about the controversy that is Chief Justice Chase T. Rogers. New Haven Register story on Chase T. Rogers getting nominated to State of Connecticut Chief Justice for another 8 years by the Judiciary Committee [is found here].

Scrolling text with below video:

US Crisis- Courts run by Psychopath Insiders

State of Connecticut Chief Supreme Court Justice Chase T. Rogers

Aka “Madam of the CT Judicial Branch Whorehouse”

Check links with video or word search Stark Raving Viking and look for 4-12-2015 post date

Predatory Policing Revenue Collection Courts Property Confiscation Family Break Up

Targeting of individuals on International Police Union (and SEIU) blacklist

The outspoken, farmers, concealed carry pistol permit holders, gun owners, Constitutionalists, and the self-employed are targets for Connecticut State Police-like “Nigger Treatment”

“Nigger Treatment” is official terrorization of a citizen and scorching the earth below the target’s feet

Ruin reputation, break up romantic relationships, estrange parents from kids, loss of home, job, and friends

Police hire their informants to beat up, murder, rape, stab, or set up target for prison

This hurts the economy, American Family, and the Future of the US as a “Free Country”

This does not foster faith in policing, courts, and government

Chase T. Rogers is an enabler of tyrants, tyranny, and the secret UN Agenda 21 plans of Billionaires

Lawyer Legislators legislate more revenue for lawyers and the state at your expense

Don’t Vote for Lawyers ... Ever!

Incumbent insiders are the Downfall of the US. They don’t represent you.

Advocate the Auditing and Jailing of Judges

Judges like Chase T. Rogers are unabashed propagandists for NWO

Blame lawyers, judges, billionaire, bankers, whore legislators, and Dons of international corporate organized crime for your plight

US Justice itself is a Crime

I, Steven G. Erickson, know all about this. Word search my name.

Police tried to recruit me to be an officer or operative for them pre-9/11. I was so disgusted with their agenda I declined, and got MOUTHY.

Stafford Springs Connecticut Police Officer Fat Frank Prochaska told me he was going to ruin my relationship with my Father, take my wife away from me, and have all officers give me the “Nigger Treatment”, through International Police Union Rep and Legislative Liaison Steve Spellman.

If you live in the US, we live in the same country. Is all this okay with you? If not get vocal, get active, do not sit this one out on your butt.

stevengerickson at

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Thursday, April 09, 2015

Madam of Connecticut Judicial Branch Whorehouse, Chase T. Rogers

Chief State of Connecticut Supreme Court Justice Chase T. Rogers photo [found here] with video. 

Text to Connecticut Judiciary that I, Steven G. Erickson, will email, or fax, over to oppose the renomination of Chase T. Rogers as Connecticut Chief Justice:

I oppose the renomination of Chase T. Rogers to the Connecticut Chief Justice Position. Please post this with public comment and distribute to all legislators on the CT Judiciary Committee.

So many citizens have been harmed by predatory policing, the piracy of lawyers, prosecutors, and judges. Being targets for business loss, job loss, loss of home, break up of families, and to be the fodder of official sociopaths of DCF and other positions for emotional torture is too much for some, citizens are fleeing Connecticut in droves. Chase T. Rogers is a tyranny enabler and is known to some as the "Madam of Connecticut Judicial Branch Whorehouse". Word search it.

In trying to improve the reputation of the Branch, or "Whorehouse", Rogers approved a survey of lawyers, not the public so the insider who conducted the survey could get a boatload of cash, and so the Branch would come through the survey with flying colors.

Chase T. Rogers does nothing when reports of police committing perjury, prosecutorial misconduct, attorney misconduct, or when retaliatory and malicious prosecutions are obvious.

I was married, raising my young daughter, owned a home, and had built a contracting business over 2 decades when Stafford Springs Police Officer "Fat Frank" Prochaska told me I would get "The Nigger Treatment," if I didn't shut my mouth and leave the state, but my wife could stay. Prochaska was infatuated with my wife and she had no interest in him. Prochaska would listen to my phone calls and somehow to private conversations inside our house. Prochaska would assault me in my driveway before work if I had sex with wife before or fed her dinner that he considered fattening.

The Connecticut State Police "Nigger Treatment" is when officers wreck the target's romantic relationships, relationships with family and children, and make target lose employment, housing, reputation, driver's license, ability to vote or own a firearm, beat up target, terrorize target, and either eventually murder target or railroad to prison. Targets end up with huge bogus state and federal tax bills that can never be paid back. Any havoc the building inspector, health inspector, town hall, sewer officials, DCF, or other taxpayer paid minions can come to bear. CSP-NT is now extended to the self-employed, returning veterans, gun owners, farmers, and the outspoken.

I told Chase T. Rogers to her face about the officers who refused to protect and serve, saying their only job was not law enforcement, it was to F over people like me. I broke no laws, but did advocate paying less property taxes.  International Police Union Representative Steve Spellman, the then liaison to legislators, told legislators what they could vote on pertaining police and the courts, and told legislators targets like me, Steven G. Erickson, would be barbecued and wish they were never born for getting in the way of International Police Union business.

I told Chase T. Rogers about prosecutor Keith Courier, whose prostitute Lana Thompson gave him blowjobs for free, threatened me with arrest and prison if I evicted Lana Thompson who lived for free off me for 6 months costing me $750/month for utilities where he was getting free sex and I was getting his free sex bills. I told her how Judge Jonathan J. Kaplan would automatically rule against the self-employed in small claims cases, cost me thousands of dollars, I tried to have him removed for years, and Kaplan didn't recuse himself in my criminal trial for resisting being stabbed and mugged by a police informant who had threatened my life, stalked me for weeks, and then tried to rob and kill me in my dark driveway. Judge Kaplan sentenced me to a year in prison for pepper spraying the mugger and prosecutor Keith Courier offered me no deals or AR that I was entitled to if I was indeed guilty of any crimes. Should Kaplan have been able to retaliate against him for lodging complaints against him and trying to have him removed BEFORE the trial where he told me I was guilty and going to prison BEFORE the trial began?

I was nearly set up and raped by inmates who prison guards who offered incentives to the inmates who tried. I believe I should have my case looked into for remedy by the Judiciary Committee and I think Chase T. Rogers should be removed and prosecuted for dereliction of duty, for not passing on information to proper authorities when felonious behavior was reported to her, and for covering up for attorney misconduct, piracy of the courts, theft, prosecutorial misconduct, predatory policing, malicious prosecutions, official abduction of children, and public corruption. The Judges' GAL pay to play scam is a whole other matter.

The Death of Shame in America is Chase T. Rogers. Please act accordingly.

Steven G. Erickson
stevengerickson at yahoo dot com

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Monday, April 06, 2015

US Town Hall COINTELPRO, past and present

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FBI J. Edgar Hoover doctored [found here] with post on blog.

Eddie Conway interviews Ward Churchill Real News Network youtube video referred to is [found here].

Those who were politically objectionable, communists, socialists, homosexuals, influential in the media or news, were for integration and US Constitutional Rights were targets of FBI COINTELPRO. Pre-9/11 and post, those who are Crime Watches, want to reduce property taxes, or have issues with predatory policing, court and lawyer profiteering, public corruption, or the operation of international banks and corporations can be blacklisted.

Pre-9/11 priests and religious leaders were offered a carrot and/or a stick to turn in members of their flocks who are self-employed, gun owners, outspoken, or have issues with a corrupt establishment, predatory police, or who advocate paying less property and other taxes. Priests were threatened and bribed to be police informants.

Injustice Busters page [found here].

Post about elitist judge covering up for predatory policing, judicial misconduct and profiteering, and public corruption [found here]. Supreme Court Justice Chase T. Rogers should be prosecuted, not renominated this coming Friday at the legislative hearing held by the State of Connecticut Judiciary Committee.

[Steven G. Erickson video uploads and favorites]

stevengerickson AT yahoo dot com

Thursday, April 02, 2015

Billionaire Bastard Playing Cards?

Scroll down in post for video.

Former New York City Mayor and Billionaire Bastard Michael Bloomberg, gun grabber, 2nd Amendment hater, US Constitution hater, and little person abuser photo with story [found here]. 

Text with below video:

More info:

Should the NDAA and especially the US Patriot Act be repealed? I ask my Vermont US Congressman Peter Welch that question, click above link.

Should decks of cards be produced for the public where billionaire bastards and their minions are exposed on a deck of cards so the public knows who the real players in the world domination game are? This is a shout out to Alex Jones, infowars, and others to pick up the ball if these cards are not already out on the market.

I talk about George Soros, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, State of Connecticut Supreme Court Justice Chase T. Rogers, but I didn't talk about former New York City Mayor, and billionaire bastard, Michael Bloomberg. If you don't know who he is, word search his name. He is absolute scum of the earth and he wants to tell all what to do as he and his friends get richer ...

Michael Moore should also get prime real estate in the deck of cards.

stevengerickson at yahoo dot com

* * * *
* * * *
* * * *

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I posted the below comment to the liveleak embedded version of the below video:

Voted. I have no problem with the Russian, or any other people. I do have issues with Obama and his billionaire, international banker, and corporate organized crime handlers. Billionaires fund psy-ops where citizens or operatives are incensed to kill police so there is mass chaos. Looks like the billionaires want a nuclear war for their UN Agenda 21 population reduction program and for their total takeover. Let's drop a turd in their punchbowl. Excellent post. I expound:

P.S. I wrote my Vermont US Congressman Peter Welch to support legislation to erase the US Patriot Act and NDAA:

Will embed your video in first link post.

Moscow Should Nuke Yellowstone As Yemen Consulate Damaged By Airstrike ?!?

Text with video:

Earlier this week, the Russian president of the Academy of Geopolitical Problems outlined two geophysically weak US regions to attack in order to combat NATO's aggression toward Russia.

In his article, Konstantin Sivkov justifies the option of "complete destruction of the enemy" because NATO has been "moving to the borders or Russia."

Sivkov, listed as a "Doctor of Military Sciences," described scenarios that involved dropping a nuclear weapon near Yellowstone's supervolcano or the San Andreas Fault.


Yemen Consulate Hit By Airstrike?

Russia To Go Nuclear Over Crimea?

100 Russian Units Created In Crimea

No Deal As Iran Talks Pass Deadline!

Iran Mil Option Will Remain On Table?!

Airstrikes Continue Against ISIS In Syria

Blackjack Iran / Syria / China Bomb Slide

Conspiracy Theorists Right On Markets?!

Investors Fly Away From US Stock Funds!

Chechnya To Arm Mexico To Take On US

Special Forces To Swarm Southwest US!

Americans Ill-Informed And Do Not Care?

Congressmen Speak On 9/11 Cover-Up!

Also See -

BumperTapper2 On Jade Helm 2015

SmokinJoeTrainer On Jade Helm 2015

Operation Blackjack Info -

Operation Blackjack In Full / Print

Operation Blackjack In Full / Video

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Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Do you support the Repeal of the US Patriot Act, VT Congressman Peter Welch?

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Peter Welch photo [found here with Wikipedia post].

I've moved back to Vermont seeking political asylum from the Connecticut Police State brutality, abuse, and court rigging. 

Below text sent in Vermont US Congressperson Peter Welch [webform]:

Support for House Bill H.R. 1466, I would like to testify at hearing: I, and most of those who I talk to, would like to see the repeal of the Patriot Act, as implementation has made America too disgusting to get married in, have children in, have property, work, retire, and even to visit for foreigners. The US is becoming a worse Police State with domestic spying than the former USSR could ever dream. Video:

The NDAA is not American, and is not Constitutional. 

I moved from Vermont to Stafford Springs, Connecticut, and bought a house after getting married. Police told me I got no police protection and service because I was self-employed as a contractor, was a concealed carry pistol permit holder, and because I was a stupid m'erf'er for having bought a home in a crime area. Police told me they did not work for me, that I work for them, and if I didn't like it, I was kicked out of Connecticut.

A police officer, Frank Prochaska, became infatuated with my wife and had my bedroom bugged and listened to my cell phone calls illegally pre-9/11. Prochaska would block my driveway when I had to go to work, and want to talk about whether my wife and I had sex, and what I cooked for my wife, and I, for dinner would make my wife fat, and he didn't want that.

Officer Prochaska told me he'd call my father and get me banned from my family, lose my home, lose my contracting business, that he would beat me up, give me my last right in handcuffs in a police cruiser trunk, that I would spend the rest of my life in prison, that I was kicked out of Connecticut, that I would be estranged from my daughter, and he would have the international police union make my life so impossible that I would want to commit suicide.

Does this sound like the sort of domestic spying and abuse all US citizens should enjoy?

Pre-9/11 microphones and surveillance cameras were strung from poles. Police used them to stalk young girls as sexual predators and to target citizens for retaliation, revenue collection, property confiscation, and to be processed in courts and to pay lawyers their last dimes.

When I asked police for the surveillance tapes of me being attacked on my property their response was that their secret surveillance system was for the protection of the police, not the public, and was not for justice. 

Police watched as vandals destroyed houses. They sent thief police informants to break into houses to do inventory and even to steal guns from legal gun owners, officers would be lookouts. Police threatened citizens like me who complained about hard drug dealing, property crimes, prostitution, and teen gangs that were initiated and run by police.

I was railroaded to prison for being attacked on my own property after being stalked for months by the felon burglar thug substance abusing police informant miscreant. He attacked me with a knife, I pepper sprayed him. Only I was arrested, and with no record got a year in prison.

At the same time, prisons were too crowded to put real criminals in prison. A man on probation who raped a 3 year old got more probation, no prison. A cop friend of mine had never heard of anyone in the history of Connecticut going to prison with no record for Assault 3rd and Breach of  Peace never mind someone getting prison for having to defend themselves on their own property were police had refused protection and service.

My lawyer, Attorney Michael H. Agranoff [Complaint], acted as a 2nd prosecutor for his $17,000 plus fee (throwing my case at request of Judge Kaplan), prosecutor Keith Courier who told me I would be arrested and go to prison for evicting prostitute Lana Thompson who gave him oral sex before I was attacked on my Stafford Springs, Connecticut, property would give me no deals, just prison for resisting being mugged and stabbed.

A, judge [Jonathan J. Kaplan] I had been trying to remove for 2 years for bias against the self-employed in civil cases before I was attacked, told me I was guilty and going to prison before the trial.

I found out the international police union can blacklist citizens to not get police protection and service and can get those on the list an absolute barbecue in courts. 3 Judges refused to sit on a small claims case against a Brattleboro, Vermont, car dealer who ripped me off. The international police union also wants the rise of the police state and to further UN Agenda 21.

I am posting this open letter to you on my blog. Look for today's date and word search Stark Raving Viking blog. Please get back to me about my testifying about the bill and on related subjects. I would like to address the need for compensation, getting our criminal records wiped, and remedy for my case and so many others likewise abused.

Should America be as disgusting as stated above?

Please help.

Steven G. Erickson

stevengerickson at yahoo dot com

related links:

[My video channel]

How will history judge Peter Welch in preserving America for Americans?

Hopefully this is not the real version of Congressman Peter Welch:

Image [found here] with post.

Text with video:

Published on Mar 31, 2015
In this video Luke Rudkowski interviews Congressman Walter Jones and Congressman Thomas Massie on releasing the 28 pages from the 9/11 Report that prove who actually sponsored the terrorist attack. Obama has promised 9/11 victims family members that he would release this report but due to what's happening with the U.S and Saudi Arabia the report is still kept secret from the general public.

Support WeAreChange by Subscribing HERE

Saudi Arabia financed 9/11 attacks?:

BREAKING New Evidence On Saudi Arabia Our Ally

* * * *

It's time to put the blame for the downfall on America on those who many believe perpetrated it for their elitist friends in the international attorney, wreck the world mafia, judge scumbags like Chase T. Rogers who should be prosecuted, not furthering their careers of little people abuse. 

[click here] for:

Public Corruption and Judicial Misconduct's best friend, Chase T. Rogers?


Elites like Chase T. Rogers use taxpayer dollars to fund surveys of lawyers to benefit insiders, reviewing how the judicial branch and courts are best surveying the public by asking lawyers how much they like the court system ... WTF!

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Does Connecticut State Trooper Brass cover-up elites and cultists raping boys?

A blowjob, car crash, politically powerful man dead, and alleged police/court tampering, skewed investigations, and harassment allegedly orchestrated out of a governor's office. ...

When Troopers break ranks when they are disgusted by over the top debauchery, sometimes a little news leaks out. [This post leaks it out]

Does the Superintendent of Schools in Westport make more than a half million dollars paid by taxpayers, more than Obama's salary? If so, why is that?


[My video favorites and uploads]

Monday, March 23, 2015

Billions of Dollars worth of "Lost" Nukes and Military Equipment?

Scroll down in post for video. Click top banner of almost any blog to go to newest posts.

Hydrogen bomb mushroom cloud photo was [found here].

Warning, Alex Jones Infowars [source].

Why have generals and others been fired after complaining about nukes that have gone missing from US bases? Why have Al Qaeda, ISIS, ISIL etc getting planes, drones, boats, guns, ammunition, bombs, and high tech equipment to attack US Troops and the US paid for with US taxpayer dollars? Is this why Obama wants to raise taxes with executive order.

Why hasn't the missing 2.3 Trillion missing Pentagon US taxpayer dollars, which has probably gone to over 10 by this point, been investigated and the perpetrators prosecuted?

Are Americans being served by their taxes and elected officials, or are the billionaire, international banker, and corporate organized crime cartel's psychotic agenda?

Check out more videos on this channel.


Sunday, March 22, 2015

Death Camps for Lying Lawyer Scumbags?

I did a image search using the words, "Shark head lawyer," and the above image of Steven Spielberg in a shark's mouth was a choice. The shark was probably one of the mechanical marvels of the time for the movie Jaws. Image stolen [from here]. The mechanical shark was allegedly named, "Bruce," after Spielberg's attorney.

First they came for the farmers, declared war on the self-sufficient, then they came for me because I was self-employed painting without a bank or corporation involved, now they are coming for you. 

If billionaires, international bankers, and corporate organized crime get their wish, a total takeover of the US as a Police State, what need would be for lying lawyer scumbags, especially the ones who are legislators?

If Judges, police, DHS, TSA, EPA, FDA, NSA, FBI, CIA, IRS, other officials, and their contractors etc., just decide someone's fate at a keyboard, what need will there be for lawyers? In some states children can be removed from any home with just a judge's signature, no hearing. With the NDAA and Patriot Act, no one need be given a hearing, trial, or have rights. We live in a nation where indefinite detention, torture, and forcing us to pay for murders, even our own, is the current reality.

Attorney scumbags like US Attorney General Eric Holder and Barack Obama are thinking of any dirty trick they can to end the 2nd Amendment and most of the rest of the US Constitution. Former New York State US Attorney Michael Chertoff is a dual citizen of the US, and Israel. He became head of the DHS, placed big, multi-billion dollar contracts with corporations, then went to work for those companies in the private sector, illegally pocketing millions. These scumbags were called on the carpet September 10, 2001, on the stolen 2.3 trillion dollar Pentagon stolen taxpayer funds with Donald Rumsfeld making excuses. What is Hillary Clinton's body count as an alleged CIA cocaine trafficker, queenpin?

The lawyer lobby is responsible for the break up of the family, small business failures, making self-employment a crime, helping end Free Speech, feeling safe and secure in one's home or effects, and has been instrumental in dismantling the US Constitution and making the US a virtual ATM of cash, assets, property, resources, and energy of the world's most elite.

What is going to stop the elites from sending the excess lawyers to camp when they are no longer minions of use?

When US Veterans and Police have their retirement, savings, property, and sum total of their life's work, and they are no longer of use, will they have already been given a vaccine for a slow painful demise by their former international masters, the elites?

Draw a line from where America has been, to where it is headed. Do you get the picture?


[My beef with lying lawyer legislators, judges, officials, and police run by a organized corporate criminal international union]

[My video uploads and favorites]

stevengerickson at yahoo dot com


What history is not widely known, can easily be repeated. Too many complacent people have allowed themselves to be ripped off and stripped of their rights. Silence signifies acceptance. Image was [found here].


The below song is now over 52 years old ...

The billionaires, international bankers, and corporate organized crime wanted to have autonomous killer drones and robots with laser and microwave weapons, silent and deadly, and kill us out of our range of sight ... for less than a dollar a pop ... they have these now ...

When the corporate stealth occupation of America goes hot, there will be a higher tech version of this:

Time has come today ...


Please share this post with a lawyer or a friend ...

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Does Hillary Clinton advocate US DHS/FEMA Re-Education Camps?

Hillary Clinton as Wizard of Oz Witch image [stolen from here]. 

Are code words for FEMA Camps, "Love Camps" or "Fun Camps"?

Hillary Clinton went to the UN, and spoke, looking for support after her latest crime wave and self-inflicted scandal with her deleting 31,000, or so, emails that should be a matter of official records. Did she sell off US sovereignty to foreign powers, commit treason, and/or enrich herself through Clinton Foundation secret donations from enemies of average Americans?

Should Hillary Clinton, former first lady, and US State Department Secretary, be arrested, fingerprints taken, mugshot taken, placed in county jail lockup, and await trial for treason, crimes against humanity, conspiracy, murder-for-hire, cocaine trafficking, obstruction of justice, destroying and fabricating evidence, tampering with evidence, and other crimes?

[Steven G. Erickson liveleak video uploads and favorites]

Hillary Clinton video from below, [direct link].

* * * *

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Connecticut Woman gives Legislators Hell about Sandy Hook at Hearing

Scroll down in post for videos ****

Newtown Insane Asylum image [found here].

This went out live over CT-N. It is testimony given at a public hearing. This is real news which officials claim that they are not allowed to discuss, why?

There are so many inconsistencies. Instead of officials answering questions, the answers are now considered classified. Since when is asking questions about an official account which has changed the dates, times, "facts", guns allegedly used, and player list?

Did a gaggle of Connecticut State Trooper all crawl through the same broken window in a door, instead of the first one through, opening the door for the rest!!!??? Their "official report" could have been written by the 3 Stooges. 

The police are about UN Agenda 21, gun confiscation, targeting the self-employed, dismantling families, kicking citizens off land, property confiscation, armed revenue collection, and processing as many citizens into prisons or to be on probation as is possible, even before 9/11. DCF is to officially kidnap children from good parents, so federal tax dollars come into states. Judges and their friends run a scam, the GAL, system where an advocate for children is appointed. Parents are forced to pay $2000 to $5000, less or more for someone who spends very little time, and makes money hand over fist, especially if they suggest parents should not be in the their kid's lives. Judges allegedly get kickbacks back and can own stock in corporate prisons where they send more inmates. 

When officials have something to hide, they ask a witness testifying no questions in case that can open up a whole can of worms.

Connecticut State Police Public Relations Liaison Vance declared it is illegal, a crime, and jail time can be given if anyone questions the official Connecticut State Police report on the alleged school yard shooting Sandy Hook, Newtown, Connecticut.

I've slept and hung out in Newtown, Connecticut, this is what I know about it. I ask the head of the Sandy Hook Task Force, Connecticut State Senator Martin M. Looney, to answer my questions about this.

Some of the best presented, thorough examination, and well thought out documentary, "We Need to Talk - 2015 Edition" [link to YouTube video]. Fairfield Mental Hospital is in Newtown, it is an alleged Black Site from the 1930's. MTV's Fear has been filmed on location there. So has the movie, "Sleepers", starring Robert DeNiro and Kevin Bacon.

It takes officials like State of Connecticut Supreme Court Justice Chase T. Rogers for police brutality, predatory policing, and revenue collections scams of judges, lawyers, prosecutors, riggers of courts, and their organized criminal friends for such widespread abuse to be rubber stamped in all 3 branches of government. Please contact elected officials in Connecticut not to reappoint Rogers to the bench, even if you do not live in Connecticut. [Please check out some of the reasons why, here].

Text with below video:

Published on Mar 4, 2015
CT lady proclaims the "Sandy Hook shooting" a FAKE HOAX. Watch her stand up to corrupt CT officials during the Newtown Public Safety Hearing.


Monday, March 16, 2015

Israeli Government & Mossad Culpable for 9/11? More facts become common knowledge.

Scroll down in post for video

Image was [found here]. 

Watch the below video while it is available.  The FCC is setting up for you not to see videos like the one below.

So, what is in the 28 classified pages of the 9/11 official report? Are Americans denied this knowledge, why? 

Michael Chertoff a dual citizen of Israel and the US might be a key to solve the real crimes of 9/11. Chertoff was a federal prosecutor, then head of US Department of Homeland Security, and then went to the private sector to profit off of the orders he placed in his official position. Another video about this is embedded [in this blog post, Ken O'Keefe breaks it down].

If the Israeli Government and Mossad is key to 9/11 going down, why are US taxpayers sending billions, if not trillions, to Israel to fund their aggression, pocket wars, running the open Palestinian Prison Camp, and black operations?

The puppet US Government is making America too shitty to continue to live in for more, and more, people. There are more, and more citizens, renouncing their US citizenship than ever before. The cost to renounce one's US citizenship has just at least tripled.

Text with below video:

Published on Mar 13, 2015
9/11, links to Israel, the mossad, and the crime within a crime is all discussed with Christopher Bollyn in an uncensored discussion with Sean Stone. The disposal of evidence, promotion of a scripted story, and how Ehud Barak and Benjamin Netanyahu are involved, plus the accusation of anti-semitism levelled against those that explore the connection to the Israeli government and intelligence are all explored. Who profited from the operation, false flags, and the mysterious influence of the Saudis and British are demystified in this full length episode of Buzzsaw.

Christopher Bollyn is an American journalist who has investigated the events of 9-11. He helped Professor Steven E. Jones in the spring and summer of 2006, when Jones found solid evidence of Thermite in the dust of the Twin Towers. The discovery and discussion of Thermite in the demolition of the World Trade Center led to serious trouble for both Jones and Bollyn.

Buzzsaw Full Episodes:

Buzzsaw Short Clips Playlist:

00:01 Welcome to Buzzsaw with Sean Stone.
00:26 Introducing Christopher Bollyn.
00:58 Why not to believe the government's story of 9/11?
03:58 At what point did Chris believe that things weren't unfolding properly.
06:00 Is blaming five Israelis anti-semitic?
07:02 Where the Mossad fits into the story of 9/11.
08:08 Are Netanyahu and other Israeli leaders terrorists?
11:12 Why the King David hotel had to be destroyed.
12:04 "When you're talking about 9/11, you're talking about a crime within a crime..."
14:39 Ehud Barak gave a faulty explanation of 9/11.
16:05 OEM has a bunker on 23rd floor where Chris believes people pushed the button to make the towers fall.
17:23 False flags and FF terrorists.
19:04 Site Intelligence Group.
19:28 Where do the Saudis fit in?
22:28 Snookered into wars we shouldn't have gotten into.
24:22 The need to expose who is behind 9/11--shadows of Israel.
25:23 The British using the Zionists...still.
26:00 Destroying the evidence of 9/11.
27:56 AIG and ties to government.
29:09 The history of Israel, targets and 9/11 in his books.
32:17 Prosecuting the crime of 9/11.
32:50 Thanks and goodbye.

9/11, Israel & the Mossad Investigated with Christopher Bollyn

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Are most US politicians douchebags, especially Lindsey Graham?

Scroll down in post for video

Lindsey Graham, ugly mug photo stolen [from here]. Prison Planet post called, "Lindsey Graham Meets With Terrorist, Threatens to Overthrow U.S. Government".

Do you think Republicans and Democrats suck? Please answer the poll. [Look for LiveLeak embedded video with same title as this blog and check out other videos on channel]

Click on top banner of blog to go to newest posts

Democrats and Republicans, mostly both want more offensive spending to attack other countries to benefit billionaires, international central bankers including the Federal Reserve System which isn't federal or a bank, and corporate organized crime, not us.

Please check out more videos on this channel, or on my blog.

Disclaimer: I post Alex Jones Infowars videos (this isn't one), RT America, Algezeera (sp?), mainstream media (even though I hate them), and I'm not religious from age 3 or 4 because my own father started beating me and telling me I belonged punished in the basement, to not be around regular people because my mother is short, annoying and wishy-washy like her (she was so mentally abused by my father that she did not come out of her shell until after the divorce), and I was going to be too short to play football, or basketball, and I was too annoying to be around other people, and he'd punch me, or kick me, or say incredibly cruel things when no one else was around ... so, I didn't believe there was a Jesus, or a God, as religious propagandists taught, if I had such a complete douchebag, Monsanto Executive, for a father.

Text with embedded video below (scroll down):

During his remarks before the Concord City Republican Committee last week, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) suggested that robust military spending is absolutely necessary to defeat ISIS forces abroad, and that, as president, he would use the military itself to force Congress to reverse budgetary cuts to defense and intel...

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Interesting comment just placed in [this Stark Raving Viking blog post] on the Sandy Hoax Event, Newtown, Connecticut. The lying Connecticut State Police mouthpiece, and brutality and crooked courts enabler, Paul Vance, is blasted. Connecticut is about dismantling the US Constitution and confiscation legal firearms from honest US taxpayers. Let's improve the world, prosecute Connecticut Supreme Court Justice Chase T. Rogers for crimes against humanity, [post].

stevengerickson at


[Let's Talk about Sandy Hook video embedded in Stark Raving Viking blog post

Taint on Obama loving Jimmy Kimmel, Mean Tweets Edition

Jimmy Kimmel and Barack Obama showing each other solidarity and appreciation photo [found here].

If used to make me sick to even look at, nevermind  listen to, George H. W. Bush, Slick Willy Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, George W. Bush, John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Diane Feinstein, and especially Barry Sotaro, the alleged pandering whore to billionaires, the UN, international bankers, the offshore elites, and corporate organized crime.

[My video uploads and favorites]

Barack Obama narrates his own "Mean Tweet Edition" on the Jimmy Kimmel Live show on ABC, the video below is funny ... I'll give it that. Kimmel is a shameless pandering whore for Big Pharma and their dangerous vaccines generating billions in profits for that international criminal scam.

Friday, March 13, 2015

Citizens 20 plus times more likely to be shot by Cops, than Cops by Citizens?

The picture is of former Hartford Connecticut Detective Robert Lawlor, aka The Teflon Badge. Lawlor shot two Blacks in the back in his second shooting event of minorities. Officer Bob posed in front of a badge and American Flag calling himself the "Great American Patriot" getting all sorts of donations from other cops nationwide ... Wow! [story]

Scroll down for video in post.

Are Citizens 20+ times more likely to be shot by Cops, than Cops by Citizens, who are mostly unarmed, and not a threat to the police officers? Should Police Officers be trained by international bankers, billionaires, their international police union, and corporate organized crime that the people are the enemy?

I clicked on the [Drudge Report] and then was inspired to post his video that I shot.

[Wikipedia post on cops]

[US Census numbers]

40,000 smash your doors down, police gun drawn, special military raids on civilians. Maybe well over 1000 Americans gunned down by police [story].

Cops shot in the line of Duty. [Atlantic dot com]

Connecticut State Police Major murders his wife, shoots hid wife's lawyer on court steps, commits suicide. Major had hundreds of thousands of unexplained cash before his divorce proceedings began. [Story]

Connecticut Police Officer Scott Smith chases down black suspect, stands on his back, places his gun against suspect's back, executes man. [story]

Hartford Detective Robert Lawlor, shoots 2 Blacks in Back in his second racially motivated shooting, calls himself, "The Great American Patriot" [story]

Rolling text with video below:

Check links with video or go to Stark Raving Viking blog

Word search Stark Raving Viking blog and look for today’s date for links to go with video

If my math is correct an officer has less than 1/10 of 1 percent chance of being shot on duty not necessarily killed

George W. Bush’s uncle, a Federal Judge ran down and killed a New Haven Connecticut Police Officer directing traffic [Federal Judge John M. Walker Jr. kills New Haven Police Officer Picagli]

The Police Officer was blamed for his own death for not being orange enough. No big cop funeral

Is the big hype about police being shot going to be a ploy to take our rights?

The elites want to tax us to breathe oxygen as we exhale carbon dioxide. Plants breathe in carbon dioxide and breathe out oxygen.

Billionaires, International Bankers, and Corporate Organized Crime have already stolen most land, wealth, and resources.

They want us to riot, so there is an excuse to crack down, suspend the US Constitution, officially

CNN “Experts” are already talking how great an NU, a North American Union of the US, Canada, and Mexico will be.

The UN is just a cover for the Central Bankers. Banks are corporations.

The Federal Reserve Bank isn’t Federal and it isn’t a bank.

The FED is an international corporation that loans paper of no real value to take land, resources, fruits of our labor, to charge us interest on value the offshore elites have stolen from us.

Did the Connecticut State Police Major have a stash of cash from heroin and cocaine trafficking or other racketeering?

Did the Connecticut State Police Major murder his wife and commit suicide to keep all his friends from having to answer where they got there stashed wads of cash?

The WHITE officer placed his gun against the BLACK man’s back and SHOT

Can you imagine a BLACK man standing on the back of a WHITE POLICE OFFICER and executing the OFFICER?

Then getting off without spending the rest of is life in prison, and then getting his defense paid for, first trial purposely botched, skating on appeal, to make possible millions suing for damages

Is a “Great American Patriot” a White Cop who Shoots a Black in the Back? Is it beyond disgusting that this Robert Lawlor, a murderer, posts his picture in front of an American Flag and Police Badge?

My “Math” was quick. I’ll post the links. Please comment on this video if you are a skilled statistician and have more exact numbers than mine.

The question is do you want to be led away to be educated in a camp, or do you want to learn how to resist electronics free, free of the Bankers’ Eyes and Ears, with your fellow countrymen ... and women? At this point there still is a non-violent solution.

stevengerickson at yahoo dot com


The State of Connecticut is so abusive, known for just ripping  average citizens off, taking children away from good parents,  is anti-small business and self-employed, targets concealed carry pistol permit holders for arrests, total ruin, breaks up families, is about predatory policing, rigged courts, making lawyers rich, public corruption etc., that population fled so Connecticut needed one less Congressperson eliminating a district.

Connecticut Supreme Court Justice Chase T. Rogers contributes to, and fosters the public corruption, racketeering, profiteering, and official abuse in Connecticut. [Post with links]

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

US Breaking News: Hillary Clinton goes to UN about her State Dept Emails

I am watching BBC news on PBS. Hillary Clinton has gone to the UN to talk about her using private, and illegal, email server, for her, and elite anonymous others' use for her US State Department covert email server. Why did she go to an international tribunal, and "World Community", not authorities in the US?

Why would Hillary Clinton go speak at the UN, not to be prosecuted here in the US for her crimes?

Check out more posts on this blog for the answer. 

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