Friday, September 24, 2004

Pathetic Sheep Populate the World

I think groups such as PeTa (story) have gone too far and have a political agenda way beyond the eating of meat and treatment of animals. How do you ensure animals don’t suffer, without terrorist/bushwhack/nutcase organizations wrecking daily life as we once knew it? The foie gras complaints just might be valid, but what bigger demons are out there, such as the safety of the food supply and how it is being altered?

We were told nuclear power was safe and authorities were looking out for our best interests, then there was 3 Mile Island and Chernobyl. Meryl Streep played Karen Silkwood in the movie, “Silkwood,” one of the better movies showing that those exposing conspiracies and the true nature of the government/corporate beasts aren’t all whack jobs. (story)

How safe is genetically altered food designed to have a longer shelf life, be more durable for transport and packaging, resists diseases, insects, is injected, altered, adulterated, and/or otherwise changed so drastically it is far removed from what nature intended?

Not much was done about cigarettes and drunk driving, until authorities realized there is billions of dollars to be made pretending they care about us. All the money collected in supposed good faith, is being used inappropriately, wasted, and funneled to people and places that is just plain immoral and illegal.

Billions of dollars are collected in the fleecing of America. Authorities can lie all they want on how they are looking out for our best interests as they enrich themselves, family, and cronies.

Cows have been fed animal parts and slaughter waste and cows aren’t meat eaters, this practice led to Mad Cow disease and other threats to the public health.

Pigs have been fed hospital waste such as tumors and other unmentionables just begging for an outbreak of a super virus raising havoc.

What inedible and unimaginable ingredients are being added to processed foods?
Much is untested on what it will do to our health, reproduction functions, and what is in store for us in the future.

The military allegedly sunk barges out at sea of chemical wastes, batteries, and other hazardous wastes, up until recent times and may still be. How many fishing areas are contaminated and how many have suffered health effects without knowing why.

What about water supplies contaminated and the health effects?

Authorities knew from the very beginning of industrialization that what was being emitted in the air, dumped in rivers, and buried in the ground caused health problems, death, killed wildlife, and wreaked havoc on the environment.

It has always been about the bottom line, not us or anything just.
So the populace should be outraged across the board, not just about the possible cruelty to a relatively small number of birds.

Without splinter groups and infighting, more average Americans should be outraged and tackle real issues, not the agenda of those way out in left field without a clue.

Thank you,
Steven G. Erickson PO Box 730 Enfield, CT 06083


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