Thursday, September 23, 2004

Unresponsive Democrat U.S. Senator Christopher Dodd of Connecticut

Unresponsive Democrat U.S. Senator Christopher Dodd
I wrote Dodd when I was a Connecticut property and business owner. He was unresponsive, his staff was unresponsive, and the issues I wrote to him about took me and others down only months later.
I then contacted his office after the fact, and again, no response.
My letter and the post that I would never have needed to post, if he or others got off their asses, is below:

Email that should have been answered, at least by a staff member:

Date: Fri, 12 Jan 2001 23:55:49 From: Steven G. Erickson [ Add to Address Book Block Address Report as Spam ] To: Subject: landlord rights

Dear Honorable Senator Dodd,

I bought and fixed up a 3 and 4 family houses that were boarded up in Stafford Springs, CT, in July ‘98. Now all are fixed up and rented.

There are ‘professional’ tenants that get access to apartments, do damage and stay as long as they can for as long as they can over and over where ever they can.

There seems to be nothing illegal about this and police do not go after those that have done severe damage and even left drug using equipment.

I have had to pay movers to remove one tenant that I evicted after she moved in without my permission and stayed many months for free. I have lost over $25,000 last year in damages and lost rent and have no way to recover.

I have sued tenants in Small Claims Court and have yet to receive a dime for any of my wins. If I owned a candy store and these people stole candy bars, I could have them arrested ... but instead, I may lose my properties and the criminals/ drug users go on their merry way without a thought.

Please consider addressing these issues in this next session,
Thank you, Steven G. Erickson, Stafford Springs, CT 860-684-xxxx

P.S. Are hardworking people to be punished, and irresponsible con artists rewarded?

Life as I knew it ended when I was attacked on my property by a police informant 10-11-01. I was arrested and put in prison, losing everything.

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Would I have posted pieces such as this if he had:

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