Thursday, October 14, 2004

Are Judges above the law?


To: The Honorable Judge, Joseph H. Pellegrino (Judicial Review Council) October 14, 2004
231 Capitol Ave.
Hartford, CT 06106 (860-757-2100)

From: Steven G. Erickson
PO Box 730
Enfield, CT 06083 (cell xxx-xxx-xxxx)

Subject: Docket # CR01-0074672, Rockville Court, Connecticut, 20 Park St. Oct. 2002

I wish to lodge a complaint against Judge Jonathan Kaplan as I had past animosity with Judge Kaplan, tried to have him removed by giving his name to the former Representative Mordasky and State Senator Anthony Gublielmo, gave Kaplan’s name to the Hartford Landlord Association and the Enfield Property Owner’s association citing his bias against landlords and other self-employed individuals, wrote a nasty letter to Kaplan with the docket # on it for the Small Claims case Haas vs. Erickson, etc. BEFORE I was ever before Judge Kaplan on any criminal matter. Please review my trial transcripts and have Judge Kaplan investigated for illegal behavior unbecoming of a judge and public servant.

I believe Judge Jonathan Kaplan acted out on me in court for revenge and to cover-up police misconduct and acted in collusion with the Connecticut State Police and with Arthur L. Spada, the former Connecticut State Police Commissioner.

Judge Jonathan Kaplan should have recused himself regarding my case given our outward animosity and hatred for one another.

I asked my lawyer, Michael H. Agranoff to ask for a different venue given that I had lodged complaints against police, the prosecutor in my case, and the tried to have Kaplan fired BEFORE the matter that I was in court for, occurred.

Judge Kaplan told me before jury selection that I was guilty and going to go to prison.

A worker for the police was allowed to become jury foreman against my wishes.

The jury was shown videotape on how to find me guilty, but contained nothing about reasonable doubt and finding me innocent!

Agranoff (story) told me at the end of the trial he was not allowed to defend me, disagree with the prosecutor, or contradict the police under penalty citing instructions given to him in private chambers by Judge Kaplan.


The crux of my argument can be found here, on the web.

I was recently contacted by email and by phone by Chris Kennedy of Ellington, Connecticut, and he indicated Judge Jonathan Kaplan is acting out on a personal vendetta against Chris for having lodged complaints against Judge Kaplan.

My case and injustice is not an isolated case.

Should someone that offends, disagrees with, or upsets Kaplan or one of his cronies get arrested, get barbecued in court, and even get railroaded to prison?

Is Connecticut a Constitutional, American State?

Judge Jonathan Kaplan was ok with me being attacked during a robbery attempt in the dark on my property, the fact that I was called the VICTIM in the follow-up police report, that my assailant left threatening messages on my voicemail, told my tenants that he was going to kill me, stalked and terrorized me before and after the incident, where I go to prison for using pepper spray and the attempted robber is not even punished for HIS LAUNDRY LIST OF SERIOUS INFRACTIONS and breaking of the law.

Did Kaplan act legally, ethically, and in the best interest of the public?
Are Judges above the law?

Answer: No. (to both questions)

Should Kaplan be prosecuted and be thrown in prison for his illegal behavior and despicable conduct?

Answer: Yes.

Please review my trial transcripts for illegal behavior of Judge Jonathan Kaplan.

Disclaimer: All contained in this letter is to my best belief and knowledge.
CC. The Governor’s Office, posted on the internet

* * * *

My open letter to the former Governor Rowland

* * * *

Excerpt: Following what the Gay Officers Action League (GOAL) of New England has described as a series of discarded complaints in the internal affairs department at the Connecticut State Police, the organization is now asking the state’s attorney general to step in.

According to Det. Michael Carney, a Springfield, Mass., police officer and vice president of GOAL/NE, several troopers have filed internal affairs complaints which he believes have been swept under the rug.



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