Tuesday, October 19, 2004

The Bullshit Drug War


From The Holowach Blog:

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Wanna know the best place to grow poppies? How to harvest them? Extract and process them into opiates such as heroin? Well, the the DEA can help.

They have such informative pieces of info as:

"The Golden Triangle Area of Mainland Southeast Asia is ideally suited for the cultivation of opium poppy. Although the poppy plant will grow remarkably well in this climate, soil, and humidity with little to no effort, farmers in this region, nonetheless, expend a considerable amount of time and effort caring for their crop."


"The conversion of morphine to heroin base is a relatively simple and inexpensive procedure. The necessary chemicals for conversion to heroin are commonly available as industrial chemicals. The equipment is very basic and quite portable. Heroin conversion laboratories are generally located in isolated, rural areas due to the telltale odors of the laboratory’s chemicals. Acetic anhydride, in particular, is a key chemical with a very pungent odor resembling vinegar."

Oh, and don't forget:

"The mixture becomes nearly solid after an hour. At this point, it is filtered and the solids are collected on clean filter paper. Batches of between 5 and 10 kilograms (occasionally as much as 20 kilograms) are commonly made at one time. The paper is wrapped around the crystals and placed on wooden trays, usually over lime rock, to dry.

"When the white crystals of pure heroin HCl are dry, the powder is compressed into bricks in a hydraulic heroin press. These machine-compressed bricks, often bear a “999” logo....

"Although highly soluble in water, heroin HCl is very stable, and can be stored in a relatively cool, dry, and dark area for an indefinite period of time."

To paraphrase Sideshow Bob: God bless the idiot-proof government.

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The Holowach Blog

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Friday, December 21, 2001

So, I was talking with Wayne today, and he brought up a good point. Remember when the "War on Terrorism" started and you would hear every once in a while about the heroin that comes out of Afghanistan?

And then, you didn't?

There were little sound bites about how the region produced 90% of the heroin in the states and this and that.

Why would that stop?

Aren't we engaged in a protracted (and pointless) war on drugs?

Wouldn't Bush especially, as a Republican, love to talk about the cleanup efforts that we can link to the war?

Maybe he would, if there were cleanup efforts.

But, since the U.S. has now allied itself to the heroin producers, I'm guessing that's why we don't hear about it.

I haven't heard anything about this, so this is somewhat speculation (because, there's apparently a media blackout), but it is usually the rebel groups that have the largest drug operations in a country.

Sure the government or dominant groups have it too, sometimes, but they need to be legitimate and all as well. Most of the cocaine and such comes from guerillas and what not. I'm sure it's the same with heroin.

And whose the rebel group in Afgahnistan?

Why, our friends the Northern Alliance. So, as always, America avoids the hard road, eschews their purported values, and does whatever is most expediant.

If that means the U.S. government helping the worlds largest producer of heroin to take power, well, that's okay with Bush and his high approval rating.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you do something and it doesn't hurt anyone except yourself why is it against the law? It's a sad country when its legal to kill babies, but it's illegal to smoke a weed. Only in America.

Saturday, March 11, 2006 6:37:00 PM  

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