Monday, October 18, 2004

The Complete Lenny Bruce


website (The Complete Lenny Bruce)

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"I'm sorry if I'm not very funny tonight,but I'm not a comedian, I'm Lenny Bruce."

"And Lenny Bruce was really, along with Bob Dylan and Miles Davis and a handful of others (maybe Joseph Heller, Terry Southern and Allen Ginsberg in another way) the leader of the first wave of American social and cultural revolution which is gradually changing the structure of our society and may effectively revise it..."

-Ralph J. Gleason (more from this site)

* * * *
The Lenny Bruce FBI File

Lenny Bruce Photos

Bob Dylan on Lenny Bruce

The Fall and Rise of an American Icon

Excerpt: Pot Culture 1925-66 Lenny Bruce
Cannabis and the evolution of popular culture; Lenny Bruce, hip priest of the art of falling apart. ... Lenny Bruce Is Not Afraid. "I don't smoke pot, and I'm glad because then I can ... If you don't know about Lenny Bruce, then you owe it to ... (post)


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