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F the Police


The Crux to my angst

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The below is a complaint regarding police emailed to me:


(Jayne Said:)

I live in the city limits of a small town in North Carolina. For over a year my family has complained to the city, the fire department, and the police department about a neighbor. The neighbor’s property adjoins the back of our property.

Our complaints have been for the following:

Trees growing over our property and hanging over our swimming pool. This damages our pool liners. We did take this to small claims court but lost.

All day, all night (some last 2 days and nights) cookout parties

Fires that burn to the top of trees sending smoke and ashes onto our property (our pool)
All the men guest urinating frequently near the property line. (Once a lady had her pants down urinating)

Loud voices sometimes cursing

Playing music all day and into the night (most of the time it is music without words)

Dog barking during the night

Trespassing onto our property.

Emptying their above ground pool with a hose onto our property ruining our shedand well water. (done this for three years)

I have videotapes of all the above. The police department and the fire department claim they never see these things and it seems they don‘t care about the video. Actually they have made comments such as we are trying to get people in trouble and have suggested we are lying.

A few months ago this neighbor called the police while my daughter was singing karoke. A police officer came. He was rude and began telling us what ordinance we had broken and claimed he could hear the music down another road (untrue).

I have been told after eleven at night music cannot be heard over 50 feet.

I agree the music could be heard 50 feet but not down another road. The dog has 100 feet and the police have actually came to the house and measured the distance the dog is away from our house which is just a little over 100 feet making the dog in ordinance.

I asked the officer why he didn’t go up there and make them quit "pissing" in the back yard.

He got real angry and told me to shut up or he would put the handcuffs on me and take me to jail. My daughter asked why he was picking on us after all the things the neighbor was doing.

He told her to shut up and not to say another word or he would put handcuffs on her and take us both to jail. After he left I called all my other neighbors and asked if they had heard our music and they said no. I filed a complaint against the officer but he was found not guilty. I was written up as being hostile.

They sent a lieutenant to our house to get the information for the complaint. During this time he asked my daughter if he could see her sociably. She fell for him and he began calling her.

Their relationship led to him hiding her out from a girlfriend and her coming to his apartment late at night. My daughter thought she was doing this because of his kids to give them time to adjust. He came to our house to see her mostly when he was working third shift but every time he came he was always on duty and in the police car. Most of the time he had her paging him on his cell phone and he would call her and talk for long periods of time either from his apartment or while he was in his police car on duty. He talked about how horny and hard he was along with other sexual desires of his. He had begun saying mean things around her. She got a little weary of this and began recording their conversations.

He got a little rough with her during sex one night at his place and hurt her.

She was confused as to whether he was aware of his force and by this time she was getting somewhat afraid of him. Once while talking to him on the phone he told her of all the people he hated in his life he hated his x-wife the most. He called the x-wife an evil bitch and said she turned his oldest daughter against him and she had not had much to do with him since she was fourteen.

She is now in her twenties and married. My daughter called his x-wife after this to see what was with him and if he could be dangerous. The x-wife confirmed her fears and gave her the reason for the daughter. I don’t know if she would repeat what she said so I am afraid to say what she said.

I have heard a rumor that the lieutenant once in the past had been demoted because he was always beating on his wife and he almost lost his job. There is no way I can find out because of the privacy laws. This really scares me that this lieutenant could be a woman beater and my daughter really was in danger with him. I keep wondering why they would have left him on the police force to be able to hurt other women.

During the relationship with the lieutenant he told my daughter details (sexual) about a death scene of a prominent person in our town. The brother of this person had asked the police department to keep this secret for the privacy of their family. My daughter has informed the brother of this and this conversation is recorded.

We were told the lieutenant’s girlfriend is also a Christian and teaches at a Christian School and has been going with him for seven years? We learned who she is and my daughter called and talked with her sister. The sister acted as if they had told her about things he had done and had been trying to get her away from him for awhile but she would not listen.

The sister made another comment that was very disturbing to me. My daughter told her she was afraid if she tried to get the lieutenant in trouble with the recorded conversations he would retaliate against her. The sister said Yeah he might. The sister’s husband is a captain at this police department and she is making these comments. The last name of the police officer that I filed a complaint against is Anderson and this also happens to be the last name of the lieutenant’s girlfriend and I am wondering if they are kin to each other. The Anderson guy goes to church with the lieutenant.

The things that are being allowed to happen to us, no one else would ever have to put up with. To me it is ridiculous that men are urinating in the back yard and because we said something we have became the joke of the town. My family is being forced to listen to the neighbor’s music day after day, yet my daughter cannot sing anymore. I have to stay inside my house while they party all day at a shed right at the property line within only a few feet from our swimming pool.

The lieutenant has made a joke of my daughter, dead people and others and we don’t think he should get by with it. My daughter is thirty and she has only been with two men in her lifetime.

She is not a tramp and doesn’t deserve to be talked about like this. She made a bad mistake. I have a hard time accepting the police department wrote me up as being hostile considering the way their lieutenant talks. Because of some other things the lieutenant said and we cannot prove we believe he is dangerous, especially if something threatened his job.

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