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The Gestapo "American State Police" Tactics Deal in Torture


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As in any society, you have the good cop/bad cop syndrome. What is disturbing is the law enforcement agency acts almost the same as the Mafia's Code of Silence.

The Blue Wall of Silence code is NEVER RAT on your fellow officer, right or wrong. Officers who inform on their brothers in arms are often shunned, regardless if the officer who was reporting on another policeman was justified.

A movie about corruption in the New York Police Department made it's debut in the 70's called Serprico, in where a policeman informed on his fellow officers who were involved in drugs, bribery and corruption.

A major victory against this The Blue Wall of Silence was won when officers Charles Schwarz and Justin Volpe of the New York City Police Department were found guilty in 1999 of torturing Abner Louima by holding him down and ramming a broken broom stick up his rectum causing major injuries.

In fact, Volpe didn't even try to hide the fact of what he had done, but bragged about his attack on Abner Louima to other officers. Those officers didn't even report or turn him in, but remained silent about this brutal attack.

The only way this vicious attack was investigated was because of the persistence of the emergency room nurse to lead to a inquiry by persistent questioning by internal affairs officers and federal prosecuters.

If not for that, these two nazi goons fascists would have been shielded from justice by the very same badge they wear to enforce it. Officers Charles Schwarz and Justin Volpe were convicted but other officers who had heard them bragging on torturing Abner Louima and did not report it were acquitted of any crime.

After a federal jury Tuesday, June 8 convicted only one of four New York City police officers accused of having a role in his beating and sexual torture, Abner Louima said he was disappointed because, " the verdict was not everything I wanted it to be."

"But I'm confident that complete justice will be done in my case," Louima said. Two more New York City police officers were indicted Monday, June 20,1999 in the case of Abner Louima, a Haitian immigrant who was beaten and sodomized in a Brooklyn police precinct bathroom.

Officers Rolando Aleman and Francisco Rosario, from Brooklyn's 70th precinct, were indicted on federal charges of making false statements about their whereabouts when Louima was put into a holding cell after the 1997 attack, according to a spokesman for the U.S. Attorney in the Eastern District of New York.

A federal prosecutor charged that former cop Charles Schwarz and two other officers `` concocted a story'' to conceal Schwarz's role in the police station sodomy attack on Abner Louima. `` It has been proven beyond a reasonable doubt that that is exactly what these officers did,'' Assistant U.S. Attorney Lauren Resnick told jurors in her summation in the three officers' conspiracy trial. She said that as representatives of the public trust, the officers were obligated to tell the truth. Instead, she said, `` They told one story ... then another and yet another story here at the trial.

They concocted a story to protect one of their own.'' Prosecutors allege Schwarz, 34, held the Haitian immigrant down in August 1997 while Officer Justin Volpe sodomized him with a broken broomstick in a police station lavatory, then connived with fellow Officers Thomas Wiese, 34, and Thomas Bruder, 37, to cover up Schwarz's role. Volpe is serving 30 years after pleading guilty in May, 1999 to violating Louima's civil rights. As of this writing, officers Wiese, Bruder, and Schwarz also have been convicted of violation of Louima's civil rights.

Above pictured is former New York policeman Justin Volpe who changed his plea to guilty. Volpe shoved a broken broom handle up the rectum of a suspect then threatened to kill the suspect if he ever told anyone. Volpe even wept a little when stating to the judge, " I'm sorry for hurting my family. " Volpe made no apologies or showed remorse on his attack of suspect Abner Louima. Bad cops like Volpe are in every law enforcement agency, in every city today.

Honest officers and the public alike need to police the police and expose crooked cops like Volpe before a state ran police goon squad takes over America and anarchy reigns over justice. Do not let crooked cops/state prosecutors hide behind their badges and oath of office. More law enforcers are becoming criminals and top law enforcement official Janet Reno has sent more cops to prison than any other attorney general.

Reno's Justice Department has convicted a record 756 former law enforcement officers on federal corruption, brutality and other charges in the past five years, according to a USA TODAY review. The crackdown has caused the number of law enforcement officials serving time to jump more than 500%. But even more disturbing is the way the government operates and prosecutes .

Take the case of convicted mafia king pin John Gotti, who was sentenced to life with the help of his under boss Sammy Gravono. The FBI made a deal with Gravono to testify against John Gotti.

In exchange the government only charged Gravono with ONE count of racketeering ,and he served only two years in prison, and now is a free man. What is shocking is Mr. Gravono admitted to committing over 19 murders including his own brother in law.

Now thanks to the FBI he walks the street a free man. It shows how corrupt and malicious the government can be when they want someone bad enough, regardless of guilt or innocence .

In February 2000 Mr. Gravono was again arrested for dealing the drug ecstasy in which many teenagers use and is in jail once again. A man who murdered 19 people and also bargained with The FBI to put John Gotti in jail got a free pass plus at the tax payers expense received plastic surgery and was put into the witness protection program.
Other such police attacks include the murder of Pedro Oregon in Houston Texas, July 12, 1998. Without a warrant and ignoring standard procedure, six policeman suspected that 22 year old Mr. Oregon was a drug dealer, crashed into his house and shot at him 34 times. There were no drugs, weapons in the house nor were their any drugs in the suspect's body. The six Houston officers were fired and the only charge was one count of trespassing by a Harris County grand jury.

In February 1999, in Bronx New York, four white officers were justified in the murder of 22 year old africa american Amadou Diallo. Four officers who were part of a elite roaming street crime unit, stopped the suspect as he had just reached his apartment.

Even now the reason is unknown as why they stopped and decided to question him, but the four officers claim that Mr. Diallo ignored their warnings to freeze and stated the suspect was reaching into his pocket at which time officers Edward McMellon, Sean Carroll, Ken Boss, and Richard Murphy, fired 41 bullets at Amadou Diallo, thus killing him.

Amadou Diallo was unarmed. The four officers were acquitted as they claimed they believe Mr. Diallo had a gun in his hand, ( It was his wallet) and it was dark.

I can almost understand why the jury of eight white and four black citizens who acquitted the four officers due to the fact it was dark, they were in a dangerous neighborhood known for gang crime, and they claimed to be in fear of their life.

What I don't understand is the 41 shots fired at Mr. Diallo. The last time I looked at my wallet it doesn't fire or make any sounds remotely close to a handgun.

The ideology it seems is, shoot now and ask questions later. The shooting began when one of the officers tripped, thus falling down and his fellow officer assumed he was shot and that's when the bullets started flying.

Also the four officers were in plain clothes. If you were a white person and four black men in plain clothes pointed guns at you in a rough part of town claiming they were police, what would you do?

The family of the victim has filed a 61 million dollar law suit against the four officers and the city of New York.
There is growing alarm among some Los Angeles judges that is one effect of the mushrooming police scandal, known as Rampart, named after a division in the city's police department.

The scandal broke in September, 1999. In maybe a dozen cases thus far, there is growing evidence to suggest that jurors are simply refusing to believe police testimony in court, said Larry Fidler, supervising judge for the Los Angeles Superior Court Criminal Division. The spill over may be from the unfolding police corruption scandal.

It has been alleged that officers in the now disgraced anti gang Rampart Division fabricated evidence, lied in court to win convictions on false charges, perjured themselves, committed assaults and even shot people. At least 99 people, the police chief thinks, were wrongly and falsely accused by apparently corrupt cops working out of the Rampart Division.

At least 32 criminal cases have been reversed as a result of the investigation, and 20 officers have been relieved of duty, suspended or fired or have quit. A number of 70 officers are under investagation. ( As of this writing, there are no arrests, charges of any criminal activity by Los Angeles District Attorneys against ANY police officer.

Make's you think a little as I'm sure the 99 people who are sitting in jail because of this sure are. ) Ramona Ripston, executive director of the ACLU of Southern California, said the scandal may have a positive result.

" For far too long, jurors and judges believed police officers and have given additional weight to the testimony of police officers," Ripston said.

"So very often, innocent people have been convicted, and I think we're beginning to see a balance now because of the Rampart scandal. "

The Rampart fiasco was brought to light when former cop and now a singing jail bird started ratting out on his brother " rat " officers.

Covicted for stealing cocaine from a evidence room, former cop Rafael Perez began telling of numerous officers who lied under oath, planted evidence, dealed drugs, shot people, robbed banks and numerous other crimes.As of February 2001, the lawyer newspaper known as The National Law Journal reported that five officers have been fired, over 30 had either retired or resigned due to the Rampart scandal. As of this writing, not ONE officer has even been arrested or charged with a single crime.

Investigators Raid Homes of 17 LAPD Officers
May 6, 2000:
LOS ANGELES -- Justice Department officials will bring a civil rights lawsuit against the Los Angeles Police Department unless city officials agree to a number of reforms, news reports said Saturday.

The report of the probe came just hours after investigators raided the homes of 17 Los Angeles Police Department officers looking for evidence in connection with the city's ongoing police corruption scandal.

After a four year Justice Department probe that in recent months has focused on the department's Rampart station scandal, in which officers are said to have framed, beat, robbed and shot innocent people, federal investigators now believe they have enough evidence to sue the LAPD, the Los Angeles Times reported.

Task force investigators have been gathering additional evidence for possible conspiracy charges, attempted murder and murder charges against some officers implicated in the police corruption case after former officer Rafael Perez confessed to participating in or witnessing unjustified shootings, evidence planting, false arrests and framing of innocent people, sources tell CNN. Perez has been cooperating with authorities as part of his plea agreement with state prosecutors following cocaine theft charges.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

WHY DOES ANY OF THIS SHOCK ANYONE? LAPD HAS BEEN BEATING AND PLANTING EVIDENCE SINCE I WAS A KID CAUGHT STEALING HUB CAPS AT DODGER STADIUM.After smiling when and officer asked if I wanted steak for breakfast I was hit 20 times in the face with a hand held radio,and this was in the 60's.Later when I got into drugs I was arrested and the cops at the old Georgia st.offered to let me go if I told on my friends.Well after I was let go I never called them and two weeks later they chased me and beat me cause I didn't want to snitch on my friends.Thank God since then I've changed my life style and only hope that the L.A.D.A.sees there is a chance to really make a change ,but if none are arrested then it will just go on and on. Fact of the matter the D.A. office is probally in on it too! Once while doing 6 months at biscalou center I saw six officers drunk at a swat xmas party smoking pot and bragging about being as they said "pillars of society"I have a hundred other real life adventures with lapd and sherriff's dept along with El Monte pd. that should be brought to light like how the old narc from elmonte Shiedel would let you go with drugs in your pocket if you promised to call him and when you did'nt he would put a snitch jacket on you and laugh when you were shot.Or how one cop told me next time I was shot he hoped it hit my heart,cause I never called him when he let me go on a 'marks beef'These all happened over twenty years ago and no one really cares now least of all me.I can't put my name on these out of fear not from the criminal element but from your local police THINK ABOUT IT AMERICA????? YOUR POLICE ARE USING GESTOPO TACTICS AND EVEN DEALING DRUGS LIKE HERE IN LAS VEGAS,but thats another story.Don't believe me call the FBI and ask for and old elmonte police officer who worked the delorean case his name was Roger Neusted, and ask him if I'm telling the truth.My spelling may be off on the fbi name but they will know who I'm talking about.Should of pulled the trigger motherfucker!!!!!!!

Wednesday, October 05, 2005 1:31:00 PM  

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