Sunday, October 17, 2004

Judges aren't above the law

... Or Are They?

Should a judge know the difference between a criminal and his/her victim?

Well in the case of Judge, Jonathan Kaplan, of Rockville Connecticut court, it is either that, or most likely he acted out on a personal vendetta sentencing me to a year in prison for defending myself on my property when I was jumped from behind in my dark driveway in Stafford Springs, CT.

In any case the judge needs to be removed, PERIOD.

My case is easy to prove, READ MY TRIAL TRANSCRIPTS.

I will see if a citizen can actually get a judge, prosecutor, lawyer, and/or police officer ACTUALLY investigated for misconduct and illegal behavior.

I have lodged (this) complaint against Judge Jonathan Kaplan.

Petition to remove a Judge

My email:

Links to my story

* * * *

I have contacted Enfield Connecticut State Senator, Kissel, on this issue.

Post here

We'll see if a citizen can actually get results.


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