Monday, October 25, 2004

Jury Nullification


Jury Nullification is the act of a jury to declare a law void, of no legal force or effect. However, there are some Judges who erroneous believe that they, and only they, can declare a law void.

Following is a three-part article, from the State of Ohio Judicial Conference, relative to the law on Jury Nullification, as the writers for the State of Ohio Judicial Conference believe what the law is.

Since some judges may violate your rights, by their erroneous ruling holding you in contempt for not following what they wrongly perceive is the law, CLR highly suggests that you act on what you believe to be the correct law. You do not have to explain to the judge the reasons for your decision, as the decision by a juror is a secret decision, nor do you have to give any reason to other jurors for your decision. You have a right not to explain your secret decision.

For additional information from the State of Ohio Judiciary, see the three part article at Jury Nullification.



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