Friday, October 15, 2004

Lack of Ethics Hurts Freedom


Plofsky is appealing his ouster, which the commission based on an investigation
of three subordinate lawyers' "whistleblower complaints" alleging misconduct.

He has denied their claims.

Some Democrats and the
good-government group Common Cause of Connecticut have been saying that if the
legislature does not conduct an investigation into the commission and the
firing, the public will never know if Plofsky was the victim of a politically
motivated railroading in retribution for pursuing (former Governor)
Rowland's ethical violations.

When Giuliano resigned from the commission
after Plofsky's firing, she blasted (current Governor) Rell and "any
other political officials who have come forward and made comments and criticized
the commission unjustifiably without knowing the facts."

from the Hartford Courant

If there were ethics in Connecticut, or as I call it, "Korruptikut," I would still have $500,000 in investment real estate, my contracting business, my daughter with me, my dog, and my life.

Corrupt bastards will do about anything to keep a whistleblower from singing.

I spouted off in newspapers and at town hall meetings.

I was thrown in prison and out of Connecticut.

Steven G. Erickson
PO Box 730
Enfield, CT 06083 USA


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Police Intimidation, Politics, and Scamming Cash

Excerpt: The detectives' incident report -- which runs to four pages, single-spaced -- lays out no criminal activity, and no charges were ever filed. But following the police intervention, things at the foundation changed dramatically: Three dissenting trustees stepped down, a new board was formed, and Verdone's compensation as foundation president skyrocketed, from $33,000 in 2000 to $260,132 in 2002.

Today, the foundation has come to resemble many private foundations examined by the (Boston) Globe Spotlight Team over the last year -- one in which trustees have used money meant for charity to fund generous compensation and perks for themselves.


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