Wednesday, October 27, 2004

The Last Chance Ranch


It happened so sudden, 12 years in my past,

For the rest of my life the injury would last.

The cars hit head-on, not a chance to slow down,

The next I remember, I lay on the ground.

My hip joint was crushed beyond all repair.

"You're too young to replace it," Doc said with a stare,

"You will walk again, but never will run."

These words hit me hard like a shot from a gun.

Ten years came and went, the pain more severe.

I said to my wife, "Time to replace it is here."

When the surgery was over, Doc said to my wife,

"He can't ride a horse for the rest of his life."

We own our own farm with a full riding stable,

So horses and riding put food on our table.

I could sell horses and tack, and some money I'd make,

But to ride one myself was a risk I can't take.

And then it did happen, one night at the sale,

As I stood selling halters inside of the rail.

My wife came up to me with that look in her eye.

She said, "There's a horse out back ready to die."

As I walked to the killer pen and looked over the fence,

There stood a starved gelding whose frame was immense.

His eyes were three inches sunk back in his head;

If he were lying down, you would have sworn he was dead.

He stood sixteen-one, weighed about four and a quarter,

His hair was three inches and not one-half shorter.

A skeleton with hide stood before my own eyes.

If he walked through the ring, it would be a surprise.

As the barn door slid open and they led him on in,

The auctioneer said, "Two hundred is where we'll begin."

The kill buyer said, "Two-oh-five's all I'll give."

I said, "I'll give two-ten just to see if he'll live."

The bids then quit coming, not a sound from the crowd,

The next word was "Sold" he said very loud.

As the trailer backed up to the wood loading gate,

I said, "Let's get him home before it's too late."

He had to have help to step up to the floor,

But we got him in and then closed the door.

As I drove home that night,

I looked back at a glance

And said,

"If he lives, we'll call him Last Chance."

* * * *

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