Wednesday, October 20, 2004



Mindball is an experience product, a game where two players control a ball with their brain waves. The player being most relaxed wins the game. The brain waves are detected by sensors attached to the headbands. The sensors (electrodes) are connected to a biosensor system.

The biosensor system, registers the electrical activity in the brain – so called EEG. The brain waves increasing the chance to win Mindball are called Alpha- and Theta waves.

They occur when we are calm and relaxed. The player´s brain activity is shown in a diagram on the monitor. The player being most relaxed makes the ball roll over to the opponent´s goal, with his brain waves as only aid, and thereby wins the game.

The outcome of the game is seldom straightforward as the transition from calm to excitement and vice versa goes very quickly. Mindball is an exciting and audience friendly game where the audience can follow the game both by watching the ball on the table and the diagram on the monitor as well as watching the more or less relaxed faces of the players.

The product Mindball originates from the prototype Brainball which is developed by the Smart Studio at The Interactive Institute. (more)


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