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Freedom and the American Road Posted by Hello

A Connecticut State Police Officer's Limp Winky, a Harley-Davidson Motorcycle, and a movie idea

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The History of Abuse of Citizens arbitrarily caught up in the legal system
(Former Governor Rowland, government for sale, bribes, a blowjob, a Connecticut State Police investigation fixed for Rowland cronies, and a court and law enforcement system so sleazy their crimes are obvious to the taxpayers getting screwed)
Can cops rape, rob, beat, and murder with immunity?(pictures of young adults brutalized by Hartford Police, a 1978 L-82 Corvette, and the White Victorian I lost to police and judicial corruption)

What is Prison really like?(and other links)

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Is there a Cover-up in Korruptikut?

Are their unnamed factions in the US, similar to the KKK?

Steven G. Erickson, Unofficial Lobbyist from Hell

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Does Leonard C. Boyle, the new police commissioner in Connecticut answer my accusations, line item?

Find out (here)

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Steven G. Erickson’s Plan for Reducing Crime

Are Connecticut Judges part of the problem and do elected officials do nothing?

Do Connecticut State Police Officers get away with GAY BASHING within their own ranks?

* * * * post with HBO's Sopranos pic

Requiem for a DreamerBy Kurt Vonnegut

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Added March 2, 2005:

Satanic US Government? Posted by Hello

FRANKLIN v. MCCAUGHTRY, No. 03-1031 (7th Cir. February 24, 2005)
Denial of plaintiff’s petition for a writ of habeas corpus is reversed where his trial judge was actually biased since the only inference that can be drawn from the facts of record is that the judge decided that plaintiff was guilty before he conducted the trial. To read the full text of this opinion, go to: [PDF File]

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No Irish need apply

It’s legal to take your kids away based on your ethnicity

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A Boy kept from his Father by an Official System of Abuse, Marshall Mathers, III (aka Eminem)

A Pattern of Abuse, the Donald Christmas Story

An American Court vs. An Unfair One
(Are Americans with Dissabilities treated fairly in one state, but not another? If our legal system is unfair for one individual or group, it is UNFAIR FOR ALL)

Are there man unfriendly states?
(Bill Mulready profiled)

Can Attorney Michael H. Agranoff of Stafford Springs, CT, get away with charging over $17,000 for defending me, but wouldn't, allegedly at the request of Rockville Connecticut Judge, Jonathan Kaplan?

Are elected officials mere puppets of the Courts and Police?
The above post asks the President, Connecticut Attorney General, and others: “Is the American Justice System a Sleazy Whorehouse?"
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A letter I sent to ex-Governor John G. Rowland for his first day in federal prison.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah for FREE SPEECH....kind of that is. I mean is there really free speech in this crapola-country? I beg to differ. Unless you remain anonymous about your views, you will be subjected FOREVER to retaliation and harassment from this politically INCORRECT nation. This letter was accurate and long overdo!
Rowland will get a pension for GOD'S sake for his deceitful, theiving behavior. He claims he "is sorry". He is only sorry he got caught.
He is a wife beater and he also beat his stepson. His claim of "slipping on the ice" was just another of his rap sheet of lies to this State.
He is a disgrace and should not be entitled to a pension, unemployment, welfare or any other financial gain from the community he CHOSE to lie to and rob.
Everyone is the state should get a Vacation voucher equal to what he spent on his lavish trips with that wench he calls a wife. She is an accessory to his crimes (like she didn't know???)
Discrimination is alive and well in Connecticut. We now have an agency (THE CHRO) that does nothing to cease and disist this behavior. They are merely there to help cover it up and then ban you from employment for filing a complaint.
The most disgraceful thing is that any state agency is soverign from the very laws they create!!! That in of itself is discrimination.
There is no American with Disabilities Act AT ALL! I suffer from a 15% DISABILITY FROM A WORKERS COMPENSATION back injury. Every application I fill out attest to the fact that they WILL DO A BACKGROUND CHECK on any Workers Compensation Injuries. My medical information wether work related or not, is nobodies business as long as I can "perform the essential functions of the job with or without reasonable accomodation."
I applied to The Department of Transportation for a part time Customer Service postion, which involves NOTHING STRENUOUS. THE STATE of CT, will, if I am offered a position, do an X-RAY of my back! And we wonder why the State has no $$$$! They are too busy spending it on finding out who HAS a DISIBILITY so they can discriminate and hire more people that ARE NOT CITIZENS OF THIS COUNTRY!!! Apparently if you have a disabilty they'd rather boot you off the planet or make you eat out of the garbage can. This behavior is apparently acceptable. I left a message with THE ADA Commission in Hartford and have had ZERO response! My car was graffittied for filing a CHRO complaint against a State agency. They offered me in the settlement process, $5,000.00, right in front of Referee Knisky, to permanently ban me from working in the HUMAN SERVICES FIELD, AFTER they gave me tuition reimbursement for educating me to work for a particular Human Services Agency. What a waste of tax dollars. I declined, but my CIVIL BACKGROUNG CHECK shows my complaint with the CHRO against this agency. SO, I AM BANNED! Now I'm collecting UNEMPLOYMENT!!! So, they'd rather pay me to watch TV and pay to X-ray my back to avoid employing me, rather than get over the fact that I won my complaint and letting me get back to my life.
Economically and truthfully challenged is the State of Connecticut in my experience!!!

Saturday, April 30, 2005 3:36:00 PM  

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