Thursday, October 21, 2004

This has to stop


I’m talking about male police officers harassing, stalking, and even raping women.

It is up to you to contact your legislators now before the election, national and local.

Write, email, and call requesting Civilian Oversight of Police with Quality Control Questionnaires going out to those needing police protection and service.

To take back control and force the police and the courts to act in the public’s best interest, top police officials and all judges should face a vote every 2 years or so.

It will keep them honest and make sure they aren’t abusing the system, ripping us off, and not acting in their best interest, but instead, ours.

A Belchertown Massachusetts Police Officer repeatedly sexually harassed women (should this behavior have been nipped in the bud?)

More links on Police Misconduct

Hartford Connecticut Police Misconduct

Is Gay Bashing allowed with the ranks of the Connecticut State Police by Internal Affairs? Are Complaints Covered-up?

Find your local or national legislator's email, address, and other information on

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Steven G. Erickson
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Enfield, CT 06083-0730 USA

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P.S. please use the little evelope to send this post to your legislator and demand Civilian Oversight of Police and that Judges and High Police Officials face Election, our approval or firing.


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