Thursday, October 28, 2004

Well dressed doesn’t guarantee good behavior


If a police force doesn’t enforce a code of conduct, remove transgressors, and punish bad behavior within its ranks, it doesn’t matter how well the police officers dress, they are just plain thugs.

I know from personal experience police officers will lie, commit perjury, and harass and threaten citizens complaining about bad policing and policies.

Good police officers pay for bad behavior of other officers in lost public trust.

-Steven G. Erickson

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Judges aren't above the law
... Or Are They?

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Lookin' Uniformly Good Connecticut State Police Named The Best-Dressed Force In The Nation, All Over Again

October 28, 2004 By TRACY GORDON FOX, Hartford Courant Staff Writer

MERIDEN -- There's the fashion police and then there's police fashion.

In the world of patrol cops, vogue is all about colors and stripes, badges and buttons.And according to the experts of police panache, the Connecticut State Police are tops.

For the second time in a decade, the Association of Uniform Manufacturers has named the Connecticut State Police the best dressed in the nation, gushing over the department's dress and everyday uniforms.

"In a short word - we liked everything," said Bernard J. Lepper, executive director of the association, who presented state police officials with the honor Wednesday during the department's award ceremony.

The association noted the "royal blue epaulets on the dress shirts, piped in gold and tacked with gold brass buttons, and the royal blue tie that is a strong contrast against the gray shirt."

But what they really liked is how troopers are inspected at each roll call before they go out on patrol, and how their uniform "adjusts to the ever-changing, vibrant New England climate."

Judges loved the lightweight wool/Dacron polyester material, worn with short-sleeved shirts and a straw trooper hat. And they were smitten with the winter wear, which includes trousers "of 100 percent wool construction," a fur felt trooper hat, and waterproof parkas and jackets.

As part of the honor, troopers will be featured in a law enforcement magazine and be recognized at the International Chiefs of Police Convention in Los Angeles later year.

"I think our uniforms are the best in the country," said Col. Edward Lynch.

"We'll throw it out there if we meet the other state police."

Gov. M. Jodi Rell spoke at Wednesday's ceremony for troopers and police officers who were given awards for bravery, life-saving and meritorious service.

She thanked Massachusetts State Police Sgt. Daniel Clark, who sang at Fenway Park last week, for singing at the ceremony but couldn't resist giving him a jab.

"You did a great job," she said, "but your Massachusetts uniform doesn't compare."

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My email published online today in the Hartford Courant:
(it also most likely was also printed in the print edition)

Keep Judges Off Commission

I say "no way" to putting judges on an ethics commission [Associated Press article, Oct. 26, "New Ethics Plan Calls For Retired Judges"].

Appointing judges to an ethics commission would only worsen the problem. Judges have gotten their jobs by hobnobbing, doing favors and being team players, often sweeping away uncomfortable allegations for friends and other officials and barbecuing whistle-blowers. They are used to acting how and when they please. These are all traits you don't want on an ethics commission.

Judges, prosecutors and police have a larger ability to abuse the public than any governor or elected official. The U.S. Constitution is valid only if the court system and the police are answerable to the public, but they are not.

To put public trust in a Star Chamber of judges would be quite insane if the main objective is to make elected officials and others who are paid with our tax dollars more apt to act legally, ethically and in our best interest.

Steven G. Erickson

I was responding to this piece in the Hartford Courant

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