Wednesday, October 20, 2004



Why is an asshole as described below not in prison, while Martha Stewart, is?

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State Inspector Gets Probation For Bribery

October 20, 2004 Associated Press

LITCHFIELD -- A Department of Transportation inspector who accepted bribes to finance his gambling addiction and child support was spared jail time Tuesday.James Murray, 46, received a five-year suspended prison sentence and three years probation, meaning he will not serve jail time as long as he does not violate his probation, court officials said.

Murray, of Watertown, pleaded guilty in Bantam Superior Court this summer to three counts of taking bribes from contractors. In exchange for the bribes, he said he overlooked shoddy work and invalid work permits.

Murray told police that he "borrowed" money from friends because he had high alimony and child support payments, as well as a severe gambling problem.

He said that in return for the money, "I would not always be available to inspect the work."Several contractors told investigators they gave Murray loans and denied expecting anything in return, court papers said.

The above found here in the Hartford Courant

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