Sunday, November 28, 2004

Anti-Immigration Party Banned In Belgium


Can it happen here in America?

I idea to post all below came from a comment recently made in the comments section of this post

[VDARE.Com Comment: Think it can’t happen here?

Look at Ethnic Agitators Suppressing Free Speech in Wisconsin—With Help From Big Business, by Bryanna Bevens]

By Paul Belien

[Recently by Paul Belien: Islamic Imigration And Murder Among The Tulips]

Exactly one week after the political assassination of Dutch journalist Theo Van Gogh in Holland last Tuesday, the Supreme Court in neighbouring Belgium has banned the Vlaams Blok, an anti-immigration party that happens to be the largest party in the country.

[Blow to Belgium's far right, BBC News]

The above found (here)

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The Blok is dead. Long live the Vlaams Belang?

The people of Flanders are, this evening, contemplating the decision of The Court of Cassation, the final court of appeal in Belgium.

In a case of historic proportions Flanders’ largest political party has been criminalised on charges of racism and, to all intents and purposes, politically assassinated.

It is the most legalistic of convictions obtained on the most specious of grounds. But the means will be seen by the victors as justifying the end, and the end was to preserve the political status quo and, therefore, the existence of Belgium itself.

The stakes could not have been higher. More

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Monday, November 15, 2004

Not just of Flemish interest

It was written in the skies that the Flemish political adventure which was Vlaams Blok would not end with the decision by the Court of Cassation last week.

The Party Council, comprising delegates from one thousand local Blok chapters, voted at an extraordinary general meeting yesterday morning in Antwerp to disband their Party.

The next vote brought into being a new party: Vlaams Belang – in English, Flemish Interest.

The cost of this historical action is high, put at two million dollars by the old leadership. But that is a small price for freedom of speech and thought in Flanders. More

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Blow to Belgium's far right

Belgium's highest court has ruled that the country's Flemish nationalist party, the Vlaams Blok, is racist.

The decision means that Europe's most successful far-right party will be forced to disband - and re-form under a new name.

Pictures and more from the BBC

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If liberal opinion can do it for Mandela, why not ...

Post contains cartoon of Yassir Arafat as an angel

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