Saturday, November 13, 2004

Applaud the Supreme Court


"The administration lost a crucial legal battle this year when a divided Supreme Court determined the president lacks the authority to hold terror suspects classified as enemy combatants indefinitely with no access to lawyers or the ability to challenge their detention."

My post on on this subject

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What happens when you piss off those that think they are GODS?

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Is there legalized Slavery in America?

Excerpts:“This is further encouraged by federal laws permitting confiscation of assets such as homes, cars, bank accounts, cash, businesses and personal property that can be used to fund federal, state and local (law) enforcement budgets.”

“We have approximately 250-280 million people in America.

The question from a portfolio strategist standpoint is what productive value will each one be creating in companies and communities and how does that translate into flow of funds that then translate into equity values and bond risk.

The prison companies are marketing one vision of America with their prison and prisoner growth rates, while the consumer companies are marketing another.”

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What is prison really like?

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