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Do we really live in a Democracy?


Update to this post 10:30 PM EST 11-28-2004:

What is our form of government in the United States of America?

Is America a Republic or a Democracy?

Most don’t or didn’t know, unless educated, and that included me. Recite in your mind the pledge of allegiance, there lies the answer. (post)

Please read below as freedom is important regardless to whether we as Americans think we are in a Republic or a Democracy.

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I always thought so, until I inadvertently did a little test.

Proposing legislation and speaking out in the letter to the editor section should not end up in prison and loss of family, assets, home, retirement and the sum total of one’s life. (story)

In Connecticut (and probably in your state), legislators must notify liaisons to the judiciary and heads of law enforcement when any new laws are proposed by citizens regarding police or the courts.

The citizen’s name is given and the legislator awaits permission from the liaison to be able to even propose the law for vote, or not.

Does that seem fair and American?
(Anatomy of the Good Ole Boy Network)

(Anatomy of the Good Ole Boy Network, Part 2)

Some emails I sent and received below tell a story:

From: Add to Address Book

Thu, 25 Nov 2004 08:22:38 EST

Meeting with Judicial Senator in connecticut



Wednesday, 5 fathers representing groups in MA, CT and RI met with Senator Coleman to push legislation for shared, equal parenting presumption and "update" him as to the problems in family court, namely judges who do not follow legislative laws.

Senator Coleman is a member of the Judicial Committee that Nominates State Judges.

The group spoke to Fox61 News Reporter following the meeting to promote media attention.
(bio and picture of Shelly Sindland Fox 61 News)

Chris Kennedy
Ellington, CT 06029
860-871-8538(H) - NCP Civil Suit, CT - CT - MA - UK

(Democrat Connecticut State Senator Eric D. Coleman website)



"Steven Erickson"

Fri, 26 Nov 2004 19:22:15 -0800 (PST)

Re: [connecticutcivilrightscouncil] The Chris Kennedy fight for rights and Senator Coleman

Hi Evan and all,
Carol Amino of Gov. Rowland's office and now of Gov. Jodi Rell's is heartless.

I told her about how I tried to propose laws about police and to make courts fair and met with opposition and Connecticut State Police officers coming on my property to threaten me telling me to keep my big mouth shut and to leave the state.

Her question to me was, "Why didn't I listen?" when I told her about police telling me to leave the state for proposing Civilian Oversight of Police.

Well because I thought the Constitution applied and Free Speech and other parts of the 1st Ammendment applied.

My problems with the Gov's office and Carol Amino:

P.S. I'm still acting and making them take notice, please stay tuned.

Steven G. Erickson
PO Box 730
Enfield, CT 06083



The "do nothing stance":

I have hit the same wall. Everyone points elsewhere.

The TV News Channels and Newspapers I send e-mails tofeel this is not a story.
Perhaps MANY of us, sending e-mail, and calling will
get some attention. While my inquiries where not about
restraining orders, I was ejected from my home in my
divorce by one.

last correspondence I have with the governor's office:

Dear Evan: In response to your question regarding thequestion your raised on the Commission on Custody and Divorce your can contact them at the Office of Policy& Management, 1-800-286-2214.

Carol Annino
Staff AssistantOffice of the Governor

State Rep Steve Fontana sent me this:

Mr. Jones,Thanks for your email. I remember that wecorresponded at length on thesubject of family support, and the rights of non-custodial parents.

Since then, I believe that a Governor's Task Force or
Commission has looked at the issue; I don't know
whether they have made some recommendations as to
how to improve the law, or are still studying it.

--- Steven Erickson wrote:>

> most don't know how much our system sucks until they
> suffer at the hands of it.

> > We may not live in a Democracy, as it now exists.

> > You saw yourself that legislators have to ask

> permission to propose bills regarding police or the
> courts. That is a bunch of crap.

> > The fight for father's and any American's rights has
> to start by putting the power back in the hands of
> the people, by making elected officials able to do
> their jobs for us.

> > If police heads, head prosecutors, and judges are
> the real power in America, they to should face
> public opinion, their needs, and election.

> > Legislators should be able to propose legislation
> with having to alert police and judicial heads
> through liaisons, thus asking permission to do
> anything at all.

> > Thank you,

> > Steven G. Erickson
> PO Box 730
> Enfield, CT 06083

> >

> > Please check out:

> >

> > and

> >

> > > wrote:

> Email From Morano in CT - State take "do nothing
> stance"

> > Chris Kennedy

> Ellington, CT 06029
> 860-871-8538(H)
> > - NCP Civil Suit, CT

> > - CT

> - MA

> - UK

> > > > > ATTACHMENT part 2 message/rfc822
> Date: Mon, 22 Nov 2004 15:00:04 -0500
> From: State of Connecticut Division of Criminal
> Justice

> > To:
> Subject: Re: attention: chief state's attorney

> christopher l. morano

> > It is apparent that you are aware of your avenues to
> complain and have
> utilized them. We can offer no other suggestions.

> > wrote:

> > > Dear Mr. Morano, Who do I contact to file a
> criminal complaint

> > against Judge Jonathan Kaplan of Rockville
> superior court? I am being

> > selectively and maliciously prosecuted by this
> judge and am being
> > threatened with arrest. Judge Kaplan conspired

> with Attorney Susan
> > Boyan in issuing 2 restraining orders. I was
> restrained from my three

> > children for 6 months, not for abuse but for
> filing a complaint
> > against Judge Kaplan. He stated in a court
> transcript that he called
> > the state prosecutor and instructed him how to act
> in my criminal

> > case. I witnessed him excuse my attorney from a
> conference room and
> > close the door to talk to the State Prosecutor on

> my case. I was
> > told that Judge Kaplan made copies of my family
> case folder and

> > ordered hearing transcripts (at taxpayers
> expense). He personally

> > delivered these documents to the Hartford State
> Prosecutor urging my
> > arrest. Following a hearing for a restraining
> order, despite

> > testimony that no abuse occurred, Judge Kaplan

> stated that I committed

> > a crime and should be arrested. He stated that if

> a warrant was
> > written up the right way, a judge would sign it
> and I would be

> > arrested. 4 weeks later I was arrested for
> assault. The police report

> > and DCF report stated that there was no assault
> and no physical
> > injuries or abuse. Judge Kaplan Denied ExParte
> Communication with
> > attorney Boyan despite 3 witnesses stating they
> saw Boyan search out
> > Kaplan and return saying "I know how the Judge
> will rule" at the RO

> > hearing. I have been contacted by several people

> who have been
> > victims of Kaplan's "Cloak and Dagger", God
> complex, including
> > attorneys. Judge Kaplan brags about taking
> children from a father,

> > openly told me my parenting rules are stupid and
> my children shouldn't
> > listen to me. He told me he's keeping me on a
> short leash and made

> > derogatory comments about my Irish heritage - all

> on the court

> > transcripts. I have repeatedly contacted every
> State Legislator, met

> > with them in person and Governor Rell urging them

> to address ethics
> > violations in the judicial system and judge
> Kaplan. This is

> > definitely an election issue. I have been

> interviewed by the Hartford
> > Courant and every other newspaper I can get hold
> of. I have several

> > News Stations stories pending as well, about what

> Judge Kaplan is

> > doing to the judicial system and his personal
> vendettas. I am not
> > going to stand idle while he abuses his authority
> and influence.

> > Following complaints to the Chief Adminitrative
> judge of CT, Judge
> > Pelligrino, Judge Kaplan was removed recently as
> Tolland
> > administrative judge. What agencies will
> investigate Judge Kaplan's

> > attacks on father's, Irish heritage and other
> people he chooses to
> > selectively persecute and conspire against? Chris
> Kennedy
> > Ellington, CT
> > 860-871-8538
> begin:vcard
> n:State of Connecticut Division of Criminal

> Justice;Communications Officer
> tel;fax:(860) 258 5885
> tel;work:(860) 258-5997
> x-mozilla-html:FALSE
> org:Division of Criminal Justice

> adr:;;300 Corporate Place;Rocky
> Hill;Connecticut;06067;United States of America
> version:2.1
> email;internet:
> title:Communications Officer
> fn: State of Connecticut Division of Criminal Justice
> end:vcard


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