Thursday, November 11, 2004

I love Tallinn, Estonia


The land that most looks like children's books on kings and castles ...

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Ever wanted to eat blood sausages washed down with a syrupy liquor of unknown origin, go bog walking and sleep with 80 untouchable nuns and novices?

You can do it all in Estonia, the small territory which packs in some charming quirks without ruining your budget.

The early years of independence brought hardship, but Estonia is recovering. Despite the rapid changes since it regained its independence in 1991, there's still a lot of tradition, including a language packed with deep 'oo's and 'uu's and thriving folk shindigs.

Full country name: Republic of Estonia

Area: 45,226 sq kmPopulation: 1.41 million

Capital City: Tallinn

People: Estonian (65%), Russian (28%), Ukrainian (2.5%)Language: Estonian

Religion: 23% Christian (Lutheranism and Orthodoxy)

Government: parliamentary republic

Head of State: President Arnold Rüütel

Head of Government: Prime Minister Juhan Parts
GDP: US$15.52 billion

GDP per capita: US$11,000

Annual Growth: 5.5%Inflation: 3.7%Major Industries: Food, clothing, oil shale, metals, woodworkingMajor Trading Partners: Finland, Sweden, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania

Member of EU: Yes


* * * *

Eye candy in Estonia
(I'm not talking about babes ...)

Yes, I was there and loved it.

* * * *

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