Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Now is Time


National Action and Lawsuits Regarding Parental Rights

A fax to a Connecticut Legislator from activist, Chris Kennedy:

Excerpt: Dear Senator Coleman,
Thank you for agreeing to meet with us to discuss options and solutions to the current problems parents face in divorce and custody disputes, particularly, legislation that encourages Shared, Equal parenting.

Referencing the Report from the Governor’s Commission on Divorce Custody and Children (CDCC), the commission found that Connecticut laws need to be modified to promote equal parenting. We would appreciate your help in introducing legislation this session to incorporate improvements to the statutes for a presumption of Shared, Equal Custody, Physical and Legal.

I am working with individuals and groups in Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island which promote this presumption. In Massachusetts Shared Parenting was on the ballot and 85% of all voters favored shared parenting and both parent’s having an equal right to raise, nurture and parent their children.

Thank you, _____________________________________, Christopher B. Kennedy

The complete document (a quick download):

http://sharedparentinginc.org -CT

http://www.fatherhoodcoalition.org - MA

http://www.fathers-4-justice.org - UK

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Parental Rights Class Action Suits

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My letter to the editor printed in the Hartford Courant:

Keep Judges Off Commission

I say “no way” to putting judges on an ethics commission [Associated Press article, Oct. 26, “New Ethics Plan Calls For Retired Judges"].

Appointing judges to an ethics commission would only worsen the problem. Judges have gotten their jobs by hobnobbing, doing favors and being team players, often sweeping away uncomfortable allegations for friends and other officials and barbecuing whistle-blowers. They are used to acting how and when they please. These are all traits you don’t want on an ethics commission.

Judges, prosecutors and police have a larger ability to abuse the public than any governor or elected official. The U.S. Constitution is valid only if the court system and the police are answerable to the public, but they are not.

To put public trust in a Star Chamber of judges would be quite insane if the main objective is to make elected officials and others who are paid with our tax dollars more apt to act legally, ethically and in our best interest.

Steven G. Erickson


More information on the above (click)

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