Sunday, November 21, 2004

Saint Casimir's Day


Saint Casimir's Day is celebrated on March 4th. He is Lithuania's only saint and his feast day was very popular among the people. When Lithuanians heard priests speak in church about other saints, it was hard to picture where they had lived, their living conditions and surroundings. The people accepted the saints, loved them, took them to their hearts, but they still remained distant.

Saint Casimir was different. He left his footsteps on the Lithuanian soil, his body was buried in Vilnius where the people could visit him and pray at his casket. Lithuanians believed that St. Casimir understands their prayers and indeed answers them. Was he not the son of a Lithuanian king? Did he not travel across Lithuania, did he not see her people and hear their complaints?

St. Casimir was so cherished by Lithuanians that stories of his life and miracles had gone beyond the church walls and spread through the population, became tales and legends. The saintly prince's special devotion to the Blessed Mother was also very dear to the Lithuanians because Lithuania is Mary's Land, known for its many shrines dedicated to her and sincere veneration. Especially the young were attracted to St. Casimir's youth and high regard for chastity. On June 11, 1948 Pope Pius XII named him the special patron of all Lithuanian youth. Thus, St. Casimir became the patron of youth not only within Lithuania, but in all the world's countries where Lithuanian young people reside. MORE

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I Love Lietuva (Lithuania)

I got my nickname, "Vikingas," while in Kaunas, Lithuania.

Kaunas is know for great food, culture, a wonderful people, but also as a center of the Russian Mafia, Black Marketeers, and other criminals.


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