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Are elected officials mere puppets of the Courts and Police?


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Subject: Is the American Justice System a Sleazy Whorehouse?

To Whom It May Concern:

There is supposed to be a separation of powers, legislative, executive, and judicial branches.
That is, there is supposed to be.

Legislators pass laws and arrogant and rogue cops, prosecutors, and judges do as they please, when they please, cover-up for each other’s illegal and Unconstitutional behavior, and actively harass, threaten, and imprison whistleblowers and those that dare speak out about their scam on taxpayers and on America itself.

The Sheriff System in Connecticut had a long history and a valid purpose.

They were also rivals for political power and dollars with the Connecticut State Police. In or around the Fall of 1998, Connecticut State Police officers started a campaign of arrests, investigations, malicious prosecutions, harassment, threatening, and jailing of Sheriffs within the system.

I was printed in the Hartford Courant and the Journal Inquirer in the letter to the editor section on the same day in defence of the Sheriffs.

That was the beginning of my downfall and losing everything I had ever worked for: my family, home, business, dog, retirement, good credit, health insurance, and my believe that America and its officials are fair and just, for having proposed laws to elected officials and testing Free Speech.
The press seemed to support the Nazi-like, Goon Squad, the Connecticut State Police, and the Sheriff System, and rivals for political power and cash, were abolished.

How is a mere citizen supposed to fare against tyranny when one group of armed revenue collecting thugs takes over a rival’s territory and power, an organization with scores of members, history, and legitimacy?

The Connecticut State Police heads, have a virtual ability to stifle the press, and shepherd stories printed.

Legislators and members of the public are living in fear of the potential wrath of police, prosecutors, and judges, for pissing off just one, on a single day, over even a slight perception of disrespect, of who is the absolute and total authority, judges, prosecutors, and police officers.

I joined a crime watch, spoke about police doing little about crime and drug dealing concentrating on revenue collection, not criminal correction in newspapers, the unfairness of courts if you are a downtown property or business owner, about corruption, proposed civilian oversight of police with quality questionnaires to elected officials as a law, and threatened to sue the police and Connecticut, telling former State Representative Mordasky’s aid and State Senator Anthony Guglielmo that I intended to sue Connecticut and the Connecticut State Police for violating my Civil Rights.

I was so upset I even wrote President Bush, not thinking he would read my letter that was mailed 4 days after 9-11.

And then, AFTER the fact police threatened me with arrest and worse if I didn’t shut my mouth and leave Connecticut as 9-11, may have given police the feeling that they could do absolutely as they pleased with their new FREE PASS.

I then ended up in prison and then kicked out of Connecticut, for having pepper sprayed a police informant that stalked and harassed me, threatened my life, tried to rob me, told me that he’d cut my dick off if he caught me outside in my yard, while banging on my door after midnight, disturbing my neighbors and tenants, and jumped me in the dark when I came home from working a double shift of work.

The police informant told Judge Jonathan Kaplan that he, Brian Caldwell, had been harassing and threatening me, demanded money from me, while threatening to kill me.

Kaplan realizing that Caldwell had been given immunity to prosecute me, and hadn’t even been arrested, told Caldwell not to do what he was doing again or he would be punished. What!!!???

Self-defense isn’t legal in Connecticut, and my lawyer, Michael H. Agranoff, told me that Judge Jonathan Kaplan told him he was not allowed to defend me nor to dispute Connecticut State Police perjury, to get me convicted, without any defense, as I with a lawyer couldn’t defend myself if my lawyer refused to.

After getting out of prison I met with landlords, Donald Christmas, and others about suing Connecticut and Police for civil rights violations and abuse.

Don Christmas got mouthy in newspapers, proposed Civilian Oversight of Police, and was vocal about suing for civil rights, Don was then attacked on his property by an Enfield Connecticut Police Officer’s 16 year old girlfriend, and Donny was then facing a year and a half in prison no deals, and his attacker, with the same results as my case, faced no punishment.

Do you see a pattern?

The Police, Prosecutors, and Judges are going after those that expose their corruption, illegal behavior, and try to remedy the problem, legally, through the courts, and for proposing legislation that makes the courts and police act legally, and in the best interest of the public.

So is Connecticut really part of America, acting Constitutionally, or is it a rogue Police State?

Are other States as bad as Connecticut?

Should I get a pardon, having my record erased?

As if my trial is examined, I assume, the perjury of the Connecticut Troopers will be exposed, as well as the willful misconduct of the prosecutors, and the absolute disregard for ethics, professional conduct, rules of law, conformity, or in acting in the public’s best interest by Judge Jonathan Kaplan, is plain to see and read.

Justice needs to be served against those that claim to be legal officials, but seem to be following a Mafia Handbook, and not laws passed through the legislative branch, and that are pissing on OUR U.S Constitution.

I demand Justice and that American Officials act as advertised, and legally.

With all due respect, I feel that I deserve, as much as any American ever has, to be pardoned, please pardon me, and, please, see that criminals that are elected and appointed, are in the future, punished for their crimes and that the rogue, criminal public officials in my case, are brought to justice.

Thank you,

Steven G. Erickson
PO Box 730
Enfield, CT 06083

My docket # and claims against police, prosecutors, and judge. (post)

More pictures and information (post)

Post regarding my lawyer’s illegal collusion with the judge (post)

Post regarding Don Christmas (post)

My letter and email to President Bush (post)

Anatomy of an Unfair Court System

The informant system is used to screw taxpayers, keep crime levels stable, collect revenue, confiscate property, promote alcoholism and drug dependence, contributes to the delinquency of minors, misery, and helps officers act out on personal vendettas and satisfy their sexual urges even with underage children. (post)

Letter to the former Governor John G. Rowland, Oct. 2, 2003

P.S. the email version of this email letter will not include links, please go to FreeSpeech (dot) com for the online December 9, 2004, post. The site gets at least 3500 hits a day and is growing.
* * * *

Judge Jonathan Kaplan was allegedly demoted from head administrative Judge of Tolland County, Rockville (Vernon) Court to just part time family court.
Why is that?

Is it because the truth came out with posts such as the one above?
Is that an admission of guilt in my case, or in others I have heard lodged complaints against Jonathan Kaplan?

If it is an admission of guilt shouldn’t my case be reopened, and if Kaplan is suspected of illegal behavior, because of trial transcripts and audio tapes, and gross misconduct is easily seen, shouldn’t he be investigated, and punished accordingly, if found guilty?


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