Sunday, December 05, 2004

Freedom is calling from your local prison

Propose Civilian Oversight of Police or Radical, but needed reforms for the Judiciary, to elected officials and maybe you’ll be viewing the world from prison.

Liaisons from the judiciary and/or law enforcement agencies may get your name, number, and address, any time, YOU propose legislation, regarding THEM.

It may not matter because the liaison may tell the politician whether he or she is even allowed to propose legislation regarding THEM.

So, then who is really in charge? Well, seemingly not you or I, nor our ELECTED officials.

I proposed civilian oversight of police, got mouthy in newspapers, and threatened to sue the police and the state of Connecticut for civil rights abuses. I told State Senator Guglielmo and the former Representative Mordasky that I intended to sue the police for civil rights abuse.

I was THEN attacked on my property and faced a year and a half in prison for using pepper spray, no deals, no way out, and to face a fixed jury trial.

Donald Christmas, I, and others were meeting to sue Connecticut and the Police class action after I got out of prison.

Don also proposed Civilian Oversight of police, and also got mouthy in newspapers. Don faced a year and a half in prison after being attacked on his property AFTER having met with me and for getting politically active.

I know of only two people that proposed Civilian Oversight of Police, got mouthy in newspapers, and threatened to sue police for civil rights abuse, myself and Mr. Donald Christmas.

Both of our assailants weren’t punished for attacking us. We were each punished to the maximum for being crime victims AND for testing Free Speech and Freedom in America.

Do you see a pattern of abuse and a Big, Huge, Purple, and Swollen abuse on our Constitution?

Links to pictures and more of my story (Steven G. Erickson)

Are U.S. Courts still racist and unfair, but now just a little more slick about it?

What is prison really like?


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