Thursday, December 09, 2004

Is Free Speech really legal in America?

In an email that I sent, I am asking authorities and the public to send me back to prison for years, publicly flog me, stand me against a wall and “Just shoot me,” and/or take me and my claims seriously.

Family members and some others now believe that exercising Free Speech can result in loss of everything and going to prison. Some now fear the police and authorities even more and are now unwilling to speak out and involve themselves in the political process.

Some feel I deserved what I got for what I said publicly and in print, and deserve to go back to prison for being unable to just shut up and go on with my life. As permanently and completely my life has been ruined, with fear of even far worse harassment and retaliation occurring, I will continue to test FREE SPEECH and take the consequences.

Is Free Speech really free, or does it come with an extreme, high cost?

-Steven G. Erickson

click link for more (piece: Deplorable Prison Conditions and Assault on Downtown Residents/Businesses)


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