Sunday, December 12, 2004

An Official Scam on Productive Americans


Outspoken, productive people, downtown, are being harassed out of their incomes and lives

I have blogged before on the Don Christmas Story.

I told his story here and on a site that gets tens of millions of hits in a year,

Donny had proposed Civilian Oversight of Police, got mouthy to reporters regarding police doing little about going after drug dealers and other criminals downtown, but were more than willing to harass, fine, and worse to anyone willing to speak out about the scam portrayed on the productive, taxpaying people by town hall, police, the prosecutors, and the courts.

So Donny was the target of silencing and removal, not the scum of the earth, wrecking America and ruining the quality of life for all.

Donny was vocal regarding a proposed ordinance where downtown homeowners could be fined for broken windows and damaged siding at $75/day, where little was done about vandalism and quality of life issues. Vandals in their daily routine, uninterrupted were assets to the "armed revenue collectors", the police, and to town hall.

Donny threatened to sue civilly. Don ended up facing a year and a half in prison after being harassed and threatened by police, when an Enfield PD officer’s 16 year old girlfriend attacked Donny on his property in the Thompsonville section of Enfield, Connecticut.

100 of letters sent to the court, call to Enfield PD, and the outrage of citizens nationwide kept Donny from being railroaded to prison, and interrupted the Ku Klux Klan style government, policing, and courts. If they alter their behavior when placed under a light, they’re doing wrong.

I talked with Don Christmas last night. He told me that the Enfield Police are still harassing him.

They are allegedly trying to get him fired from a third job. The same police department, sent officers to doors collecting overdue library fines.

Productive people with assets are targets for revenue, fines, and property confiscation, and as a sideline, criminals for crimes.

Don is living of fear of the police, he is afraid while out driving, and he is afraid while home with his wife and children. Fixing up older rental housing, providing housing, and paying taxes is an asset to a community, why are common criminal parasites being passed over to ruin small business and investment property owners?

Answer: it is about collecting cash, the money. Criminals are hard to fine and to find, and can be dangerous. I can see why the soft targets are picked.

Donny would have lost everything, his retirement, ability to make a living, and possibly even his marriage, had the scam by town hall, police, prosecutors, and judges had worked.

That is the reason our American Downtown Areas are criminal breeding grounds and pits of despair.

Donny is planning on selling his property, leaving the area, not being a landlord, and buying a single family house out away from the drug dealers, prostitutes, vandals, thieves, addicts, common criminal parasites, and their official counterparts in crime: town hall officials, police, prosecutors, and judges.

Donny was just harassed and intimidated out of his productive, honest, taxpaying life for being outspoken, testing Free Speech and Regressing Grievances to elected officials, supposed behavior protected by the U.S. Constitution, but is not, but I went to prison and was told to leave Connecticut or face more prison, for testing Free Speech and proposing legislation trying to address the corruption and rogue behavior of cops, prosecutors, and judges.

Your freedom is being pissed away at an alarming rate. Be silent, and it is your fault.

Thank you,

Steven G. Erickson
PO Box 730
Enfield, CT 06083

(I have no fixed physical address, only a mailing address, since being railroaded to prison for testing the validity of the U.S. Constitution)

* * * *

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