Monday, December 27, 2004

Open Letter to Asst US Atty of Connnecticut


To Whom It May Concern at the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Connecticut and/or Assistant United States Attorney, Nora R. Dannehy:

I believe there was an improper and corruption link between the former Governor John G. Rowland, the former head of the Connecticut State Police, and rogue Judges, such as Jonathan Kaplan.

I wrote, called, and emailed the governor’s office with issues such as this starting in 1998.

On February 21, 2003, I talked with Carol Amino of Governor Rowland’s office by telephone after sending a ten page fax regarding my corruption and misconduct claims against Arthur L. Spada, and the refusal of Lt. Wack, of Connecticut State Police Internal Affairs refusal to investigate his ‘friends’ and his trying to intimidate and harass me into giving up and being silent about Connecticut State Trooper perjury at my trial and the harassment of officers of me, before and after, and incident was exploited for keeping me from continuing to complain about police and the judiciary in newspapers, and from proposing legislation to elected officials, regarding forcing police and members of the judiciary to act uniformly, ethically, and in the best interest of the public.

I believe Rowland knew of my case, and Carol Amino, seemed to mock and threaten me with further arrests and retaliation if I pushed the issues I had with Arthur L. Spada and with the corrupt, illegal practices of the Connecticut State Police.

I guess a corrupt Governor and his staff will act against whistleblowers and those exposing their corruption or that of their ‘network’.

Does the First, Fourteenth, and other Amendments to the U.S. Constitution apply in Connecticut?

I am requesting that Arthur L. Spada, Carol Amino, John G. Rowland, Judge Jonathan Kaplan, Stafford Officers, Desso and Prochaska, Connecticut State Police Officers, Langlais, Amaral, Sticca, Davoren, Izzarelli, Wack, Mulcahey, Prosecutors John Panone and Keith Courier, and others for acting illegally, to violate my rights, punish me for lodging complaints and spouting off in newspapers and redressing grievances to elected officials, ruin my life, inconvenience my family, ruin my business, and cause me to lose my retirement, income, credit, home, and investment properties- the sum total of my life’s honest hard work.

Police officers should not be able to allow or encourage others to harass an individual out of their home, town, and out of the State of Connecticut.

Before being attacked on my property by a police informant, but after proposing Civilian Oversight of Police with Quality Questionnaires going out to citizens needing police protection and service to State Senator Guglielmo and former Representative Mordasky, Mordasky’s aid Rosemarie told me to sell my properties in Connecticut and leave Connecticut before police retaliated on me for my Big Mouth, for proposing laws/legislation that the top police brass didn’t want, for writing letters to the editor upsetting to police and members of the judiciary, and for threatening to sue police and others for civil rights abuse.

I had also provided both Sen. Guglielmo and Representative Mordasky with a 4 page list of drug dealers, rapists, thieves, vandals, prostitutes, those selling illegal/stolen guns, fencing stolen goods, pandering underage girls, etc. of those, using full names, and detailed descriptions of their crimes, where police refused to investigate, but would threaten and harass me for asking that they pursue criminals, not just revenue from honest, taxpayers.

Police officers would sometime wait in pairs, follow me around, and even come up to me, making threats and telling me to leave Connecticut because of my opinions, laws I proposed, and for trying to make them do their jobs.

* * * *

A violent, drug using alcoholic, Brian Caldwell, a criminal with a lengthy record was allowed or encouraged to harass and threaten me and was given immunity to prosecute me for having to defend myself when I was beaten on my property after being jumped, being threatened with death if I didn’t give up my wallet, and after having endured weeks of harassment, threats, and stalking.

Stafford Resident State Trooper Mulcahey and Stafford Officer, allegedly encouraged Peter Coukos, to harass me out of Stafford. Coukos assaulted me from behind, broke into my apartment, took items, destroyed my property, left threatening messages on my voicemail, made sexual comments to and about my then 14 year old daughter and her friend, left threats of violence and death against my daughter on my voicemail, and demanded that I write him a check for $30,000 or face prison and further arrest, as Coukos claimed he would file false claims against me, and with police help, would see that I would be arrested, and be "queered off in prison," if I didn’t pay him and leave Connecticut.

I called Troop C, and was told to lodge complaints about Coukos to Trooper Mulcahey.

Mulcahey told me that I would be arrested if I pursued a complaint against Coukos and if I didn’t leave Connecticut and Stafford Springs.

* * * *

I met with landlords and landlord, Donald Christmas, of Enfield, Connecticut, after I got out of prison.

Donny got mouthy to reporters, proposed Civilian Oversight of Police, and ALSO threatened to sue police and others for civil rights violations.

Donny was attacked on his property by a police officer’s 16 year old girlfriend.

Only Donny faced prison, a year and a half, no deals.

Police officers followed Donny around as harassment, made threats, tried to illegally seize Donny’s computer to further harass and look into him, caused Donny to lose two jobs, and are trying get Donny fired, currently, on a 3rd.

Should police officers be able to intimidate and force citizens out of a town or a state, because a citizen lodges a complaint against an officer or member of the judiciary?

The same amount of prison time I faced for having been attacked on my property after testing the First Amendment complaining that my Fourteenth Amendments rights were violated.

* * * *

Chris Kennedy of Ellington also tried to lodge complaints and have Judge Jonathan Kaplan removed from the bench for bias and behavior unbecoming of a judge.

Kennedy claims Kaplan wrongly tried to have him arrested and harassed by police, wrongly is denied access to his kids, as his ex-wife who stabbed him, was given sole custody.

Kaplan allegedly tried to influence other judges and prosecutors to go as hard on Chris as possible for retaliation.

Do you see a pattern of abuse?

Would citizens be so routinely violated, fleeced, and abused by police and the judicial citizen with such ease and frequency, had Governor Rowland, Arthur L. Spada, and others, not acted so blatantly corrupt, illegally, and vindictively to protect and enrich themselves and their friends?

If laws, their protections and punishments, actually apply equally to all U.S. citizens, please investigate the above mentioned individuals and see that those convicted of their guilt, are first investigated, and punished accordingly.

Thank you,

Steven G. Erickson
PO Box 730
Enfield, CT 06083

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* * * *

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September 15, 2001 (4 days after 9-11)

Subject: Another less obvious tragedy in Downtown America

From: Steven G. Erickson, Stafford Springs, Connecticut

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* * * *

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