Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Pardon me, Governor


Dear Honorable Governor, Jodi M. Rell, staff, and to whom it may concern:

Going to a corrupt Governor, Governor Rowland, and his staff, may have led to my false arrest, imprisonment after being a crime victim on my own property, and my being forced out of Connecticut by authorities covering their tracks, so I didn’t spend more time in prison.

Governor Jodi M. Rell and staff, I feel I deserve a pardon and erasure of my criminal record, that I should not have, if their wasn't a corrupt Governor and his minions in power.

I was going to State Senator Anthony Gugielmo and the former State Representative Mordasky complaining about heroin, crack cocaine, and marijuana being used and sold on and around my property with the Connecticut State Police threatening and harassing me after I would call, name names, and demand something be done, and for writing about the situation in letters to the editor section in the Hartford Courant and Journal Inquirer.

I was informed that the former police commissioner of Connecticut, Arthur L. Spada, was informed and angered every time I called into the Governor’s office and liaisons informed him every time I proposed a law demanding police serve and protect all citizens, equally, and for having proposed Civilian Oversight of Police to elected officials.

The orders to harass and concoct something to arrest me, shut me up, and throw me in prison, I assume, came directly out of Spada’s office.

I have reasons to believe this, and circumstantial evidence, conflicting police reports, alleged perjury on the stand to get me Convicted, of Troopers, Amaral and Langlais, and a pattern of abuse that can be proven from the statements of elected officials and witnesses to the circle and circus of corruption in Connecticut, regarding my case.

Break-ins, vandalism, thefts, when I was threatened, and assaulted resulted in virtually no protection and service from police for me, nor others similarly up against it, as I was told I didn’t get service because I was a landlord and was stupid for investing in and fixing up rental property in a crime area, downtown Connecticut.

I was treated like a criminal by police and the courts and too many criminals got a free pass.
Complaining about this fact to the Governor’s office starting in 1998 probably led directly to my false arrest, false imprisonment, and being forced out of the state of Connecticut so that corrupt officials, could go on undeterred, quietly.

Rowland was investigated and it may or may not have something to do with my having gone to the various media, the U.S. Department of Justice, the U.S. Attorney for Connecticut, and the Attorney General.

It may have been the same type of outspokenness on my part that got the head of Connecticut State Police asked to resign.

I alleged that Connecticut Judge, Jonathan Kaplan, conspired with the head of the Connecticut State Police to railroad me to prison and teach me a lesson for having proposed laws to elected officials, speaking out in newspapers, and for having been a pain in the ass asking that police and the courts in Connecticut act as advertised, legally, and Constitutionally.

Judge Kaplan was allegedly the head judge of the Rockville district of Connecticut, he was allegedly booted down to part time family court. Does that have anything to do with my accusations, or that of others that have complained about corruption of the courts in Connecticut, and namely, Judge Jonathan Kaplan?

I was illegally arrested, prosecuted, imprisoned, shut up, and thrown out of Connecticut losing my retirement, credit, pets, business, family, friends, home, possessions, health insurance, ability to earn money, crippled, and losing the sum total of my life for having complained about drug dealing, crime, and the police and courts fleecing the responsible, working, taxpaying downtown citizens, collecting revenue, with very little criminal correction.

Children grew up in a haze of drugs and alcohol, unabated.

Some died and some are going to be lifelong criminal parasites in and out of prison, a burden on taxpayers, instead of being productive. Policies and individuals are to blame for the misery, waste of funds and life, and in making a poor quality of life for too many Connecticut residents.

Officials and police are to blame for the deaths, lost youth, creating misery, and for lowering the quality of life for too many.

Because I cared and spoke out, should I have been severely punished, harassed, put in prison, and thrown out of Connecticut?

Governor Jodi M. Rell and/or staff please pardon me and see that my criminal record in erased.

Please also see that corruption and the remaining corrupt staff, business people, court personnel, and police officials that are remaining from the corrupt Rowland machine are removed, investigated, and punished accordingly.

I feel I would never have even been arrested and the social problems, dealt with, if Rowland and so many of his associates weren’t so dirty, corrupt, self-serving criminals bent on doing as they pleased.

Rowland and others were out to silence whistleblowers and those that could expose their illegal game.

Please pardon me, I have done nothing wrong and was an asset to my neighborhood, town, and the State of Connecticut.

Should someone who comes to invest in Connecticut, the Amercan Dream, gets active for the benefit of others, works hard, and looks to better him/herself, their families, and their neighbors, be treated as I was in Connecticut?

Please right a wrong for me personally, in the name of Justice, and for all of Connecticut and America.

Thank you,

Steven G. Erickson
PO Box 730
Enfield, CT 06083

P.S. I am posting this open email letter to you on the internet on FreeSpeech (dot) com on a December 21, 2004, post.

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My email: stevengerickson@yahoo.com

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