Monday, December 13, 2004

What Separation of Powers?


Legislative, Judicial, and Executive powers are supposed to be separate, for freedom, checks and balances, and is a core ingredient in our Democratic Republic, The United States of America.

Redressing grievances to elected officials is supposed to be protected as part of the First Amendment, and Free Speech is another.

I ask two Republican State Senators if the First Amendment applies in their State:

To Whom It May Concern:

I proposed Civilian Oversight of Police with Quality Control Questionnaires going out to those that need police protection and service, legislation that would force State Courts and police to obey and honor the 14th Amendment to the Constitution, and other related proposed legislation to elected officials.

I ended up being threatened by police to leave the State, "or else," maliciously prosecuted, sentenced to prison for being a crime and beating victim of a police informant encouraged to threat and harass me out of Connecticut, after being finally caught out in the open in my dark driveway and jumped from behind.

Don Christmas (post) also faced and was threatened with prison, for proposing Civilian Oversight of Police, getting mouthy to news reporters, and for threatening to sue police and Connecticut for Civil Rights violations.

I talked with the former Governor Rowland’s aid, Carol Amino, February 21, 2003, after sending a 10 page fax complaining about the former Commissioner of the State Police, and about Connecticut State Police refusing to Internal Affairs refusing to investigate their, "friends," and for seeming to threaten and harass me for having lodged complaints against police. She seemed to mock and threaten me, alleged that Rowland knew of my case and didn’t care, and seemed to threaten me with further police harassment and going to prison for further complaining.

I contacted the news media, the Attorney General, U.S. Attorney for Connecticut, and others on February 21, 2003, regarding my belief that the former Governor Rowland and the head of the Connecticut State Police, Arthur L. Spada, were in cahoots and were in some type of conspiracy to obstruct justice and piss on the United States Constitution.

I was kicked out of Hartford Correctional Institute in October 2002, after trying to get word out to the Hartford Courant by prison mail describing how I and scores of inmates were hidden from Federal Prison Inspectors, locked in prison showers about 4 AM, are bedding that we were sleeping on a cafeteria on, hidden, to keep the prison officials and guards from being nailed for the appalling, dangerous, unsanitary, illegal, and Unconstitutional way we were being held in captivity.

I was then shipped off to Storrs, CT, prison, where LT Desso, also a Stafford Police Officer illegally opened and read my legal mail, and left me out to suffer for extended periods of time in Winter Winds, freezing, out on a loading dock, was mocked and harassed, held beyond my T.S. release date unlike anyone else, not allowed to take court order programs while in prison to further hinder and harass me upon my release, delayed releasing me while my family waited to pick me up, tried to keep my cloths and driver’s license from me, and Desso even told me I was not allowed in Stafford, and/or Connecticut as HIS condition of my release.

I was threatened by my parole officer, a friend of Desso’s, and told that I could end up back in prison for years if I lodged complaints against officers or contacted newspaper reporters and other media.

My probation officer told me she would automatically violate me on probation if I did not agree to pack and be out of the State of Connecticut in an hour to avoid more years of prison.
So police head in Connecticut, seem to be able to manipulate those in the executive branch to be their lackeys, and can tell legislators through liaisons what they can propose for legislation, and what they can and can’t do.

Laws enacted by the legislators, can be completely ignored, or arbitrarily enforced to silence whistleblowers, collect maximum revenue, grow and unfair Rogue Police State by increasing budgets, manpower, and political power, and to cover-up illegal behavior, judicial, and police misconduct.

Legislators are afraid of interfering with the Judicial Branch, but the Judicial Branch seems to have no problem intimidating legislators, telling them what to do, and threatening, harassing, and even imprisoning citizens that propose laws to make police and the court personnel act ethically, efficiently, legally, and in the best interest of the public.

I ask to meet with each of you personally and with others interested in justice in Connecticut and in America, non-custodial parents rights group members, and others.

I can be contacted by email:

Thank you,

Steven G. Erickson
PO Box 730
Enfield, CT 06083

P.S. please forward this post, my accusations, and contact information asking the U.S. Attorney for Connecticut and Connecticut Attorney General to investigate my claims of illegal activities of officials, and to also look what happens to citizens that propose laws to elected officials that members of law enforcement and the judiciary don’t want proposed and voted on.

The Legislative branch should not be a puppet of law enforcement and the judiciary, citizens should not fear prison for redressing grievances to elected officials and for speaking out corruption and injustice in newspapers.

I posted this email to you on FreeSpeech (dot) com, December 13, 2004. Emailed to:,

* * * *

Dear Mr. President, "Is the American Justice System a Sleazy Whorehouse?"

My story and picture

My docket # and other information

The new Mafia in the United States of America


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