Tuesday, December 07, 2004

What’s Wrong with America


Well, a biggie would be that if the most productive Americans are targets of Government for confiscating of their assets and cash, fines, and for whatever the government can get out of our purses and wallets, all the while, ignoring immoral, parasitic behavior, or even bolstering it with tax dollars, we are on an express route to hell.

I saved my money, worked hard, honestly, cared for and nurtured my offspring, paid my bills on time, and bought into the American Dream of Home Ownership and having independent employment.

I found out I was the target of the courts and police, not the criminals.
This is especially true, in downtown America, if there are fewer revenue opportunities, as sometimes only one in 40 is actually productive in a downtown area.

Since there is no oversight of the courts and police, they are more into revenue collection than they are, criminal correction.

The police, courts, and prison system is a cruel scam on America.

So by concentrating their attention on productive people for their cash and assets, crime, criminals, and parasitic behavior is encouraged, and good behavior is punished.

Police passed right by those selling and using crack cocaine, heroin, marijuana, teens smashing my windows while drunk and high after midnight, and so many common criminal parasites, prostitutes, and drug dealers, to go after me, giving my assailant, immunity from prosecution, after he beat me and tried to rob me at night on my property when I came home from a long day’s work, for defending myself as I had no choice.

Self-defense is illegal in Connecticut, so I was sentenced to a year in prison, 3 years probation, with no previous record for using pepper spray and my assailant, a career criminal, violent, drug using, alcoholic parasite, was given a free pass to wreck others’ quality of life and commit more crimes.

I had spent 100’s of thousands of dollars and years of my life fixing up rental properties in Stafford Springs, and Somersville, Connecticut.

I would have never located to a downtown area, Connecticut, nor would I have bought rental properties or even had a downtown business if I knew that it could be punished with prison while the REAL criminals are ignored.
If you own a home or a business downtown, you absolutely depend on police, the courts, and other authorities to act as advertised.

If you try to change the laws by proposing laws by contacting elected officials, write about what is really going on, and threaten to sue police and other authorities for civil rights, you too, can lose your family, credit, home, pets, job, and all you ever worked for in your life getting railroaded to prison.

-Steven G. Erickson
(my story in brief and picture)

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