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Why is Martha Stewart in Prison, and not a bastard like this?:


The former Governor of Rowland may have made conscious decisions almost
everyday of his public life, trying to enrich himself, and his friends,

That is a lot of crime, over time.

Martha Stewart may have made one split second decision, possibly a
misjudgment, and is in prison.

Is that fair?

The public has been massively ripped off with Rowland’s

The public has been massively ripped off, and an icon toppled, with
Martha Stewart being maliciously prosecuted.

-Steven G. Erickson

Rowland Stars At Party For Ryan

December 14, 2004 By CHRISTOPHER KEATING, Capitol Bureau Chief

EAST HARTFORD -- It was like old times Monday night for former Gov. John G. Rowland.

Shaking hands and smiling, Rowland greeted a steady stream of well-wishers who went out of their way to chat with him and pat him on the back - just like when he was the state's most powerful elected official.

But Rowland stepped down as governor nearly six months ago amidst an impeachment inquiry, and the reception Monday night was not for him. Along with about 400 others, Rowland went with his wife, Patricia, to a gigantic banquet room at Rentschler Field for a goodbye party for outgoing state budget director Marc S. Ryan.

While Rowland was talking to a reporter, Gov. M. Jodi Rell came up and hugged him."Hi, old friend," Rell said as the two former colleagues embraced.

Since Rowland stepped down, effective July 1, Rell has repeatedly distanced herself from her fellow Republican, making ethics one of the central themes of her administration.

Rowland is under investigation by the FBI and federal prosecutors in a probe of gift-giving and contract-steering that has led to the indictment of Rowland's former chief of staff, Peter Ellef, and the guilty plea of his former deputy chief of staff, Lawrence Alibozek.

But no one was mentioning the investigation Monday night.As soon as Rowland walked in the door, both Republicans and Democrats headed across the room to shake his hand.

One of the first was Rep. William R. Dyson, a prominent New Haven Democrat who cut many budget deals with Rowland over a decade and did not call for Rowland's resignation when other members of his caucus were screaming for impeachment.

At times, the scene seemed like a reunion of the Rowland administration. Former Superior Court Judge Joseph Mengacci, former counsel Brendan Fox, former economic development czar Arthur Diedrick, and current economic development director James Abromaitis - all Rowland appointees - were in the crowd.

East Hartford Mayor Timothy Larson, a Democrat, patted Rowland on the back twice during a brief chat, and U.S. Rep. Nancy Johnson reached up to give a hug to her much taller fellow Republican.

As Johnson and Rowland talked, Attorney General Richard Blumenthal, a prominent state Democrat who has clashed with Rowland at times over the course of a decade, interrupted and shook Rowland's hand.

Most recently, Blumenthal filed a civil suit to recover money from those involved in the Rowland administration scandal. He withdrew the action when federal prosecutors said that it would interfere with their criminal case.

As he shook hands or accepted a cup of soda from a Democrat, Rowland generated as much attention as Ryan, the budget director whose departure prompted hundreds to pay $50 each for the tribute party.

Rowland talked extensively about Ryan in an interview."I've known him a long time - a tremendous talent, probably the smartest guy I've ever worked with in government," Rowland said.

"The hardest-working guy I ever met. He's an animal. He had political skills, management skills."

Since resigning and moving out of the executive mansion, Rowland has kept a relatively low profile. He has been seen, however, at various Hartford and West Hartford restaurants, as well as at a reception at the Palace Theatre in Waterbury. Rowland has also frequently attended University of Connecticut football games at Rentschler Field, where he has season tickets.

When asked how he felt about being at the reception now that he is no longer governor, Rowland said, "We're just talking about Marc Ryan. It's Marc Ryan's night."

Ryan has taken a job as vice president of government affairs at WellCare Health Plans Inc., a health maintenance organization in Tampa, Fla.

After a round of speeches by Rell, House Speaker Moira Lyons, and others, Ryan stepped to the microphone and thanked many people before getting around to Rowland last.

"He was one of my best advocates, one of my best friends along the way," Ryan said.

"I want to thank him for showing me what public service is all about. ... I think this man will be remembered for a lot."

The above came from the Hartford Courant website.

The Death of Shame in America

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Telling your Attorney to go fuck himself- PRICELESS

A Justice System really has to be corrupt and out of hand for something to actually change

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Can cops rape, rob, beat, and murder with immunity?

Are their unnamed factions in the US, similar to the KKK?

With rogue judges and their minions, police officers, do we really live in a Democracy? (post)

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