Friday, December 10, 2004



Why did I write an email to President Bush, the Connecticut Governor, the Connecticut Attorney General and others?

Well, after watching years of crimes in downtown Stafford Springs, calling in crimes, naming names, and seeing police do little except harass and intimidate those calling in demanding action.

I was yelled at for calling in to the Resident Connecticut State Trooper’s office reporting Tommy Connor for shooting up what was assumed to be heroin after heating it up on a soda can in front of Don LaBier, my former tenant, and his children in the backyard during the day.

The police officer on the other end of the phone yelled at me for calling, and refused to send an officer regarding my complaint about Tommy shooting up heroin in downtown Stafford Springs, Connecticut. Don called in to complain also and told me he was also rudely treated by the officer he called into.

Ken and Robin Pelc allegedly bought, sold, and used heroin, crack cocaine, marijuana, and abused alcohol all hours. Apt. 3B, 3 Church St., was the scene of many beating over drug deals gone bad, infidelity, and teeth were even knocked out. The Pelc routinely left their children without supervision and food, in squalor, while out drugging and drinking it up.
Police refused to come hear my complaints.

My daughter is a National Honor Society student. She and other children downtown could plainly see that good, contributing to society behavior is punished downtown, and parasitic, criminal behavior is either ignored or rewarded with tax dollars in downtown America.

The Pelcs didn’t have their parasitic, criminal, drug induced lifestyle interfered with to my knowledge and assume still have their kids. After not paying rent, they left their crack pipe under urinated on garbage in the apartment, smashed most to the windows, and doors out, ripped wires out of the walls, the apartment was roach infested.

I called police, and Officer Prochaska responded. I requested to make a felony property damage complaint. The officer told me that he, nor the courts, served landlords.

I placed a call into prosecutor, Keith Courier, and he refused to help me lodge the felony property damage complaint.

I then went off in newspapers and started lodging complaints against officers, the prosecutors, and Judge Jonathan Kaplan.

The judge, prosecutors, and police waited for an opportunity to shut me up, get revenge, and force me out of Connecticut. Police tried a number of times to manufacture a crime for my demise, before finally taking me down.

After Connecticut State Troopers, Amaral and Langlais, refused to take my complaint/statement regarding the man who jumped me in the dark on my property, and the statement of my tenant, including the threats my assailant made on her answering machine, I was promptly arrested paraded around my properties in handcuffs in front of tenants and neighbors, and spent an extended time under a police spotlight, propped up against the front of one police car near a major intersection, as a TROPHY, with blue flashing lights piercing in all nearby neighbors windows and for passing motorists to take notice.

I was propped up on my injuries, the injuries the officers refused to look at regarding the story they refused to take from me or witnesses at the time I was attacked after being stalked and harassed by their police informant for weeks.

The officers later committed perjury, armed and uniform on the stand, which is against the rules and they are supposed to be in street cloths as not to prejudice a jury, to get me convicted regarding me demanding that they take my statement regarding the attempted robbery and the beating I took on my property. A worker for the police was jury foreman, someone that I demanded my lawyer use our strike against. But Attorney Agranoff told me that he was not allowed to dispute police perjury, the prosecutors, nor to defend me, under some threat Judge Jonathan Kaplan made to him, Attorney Agranoff, according to Agranoff, in private chambers.

Taxpayers paid for my kangaroo trial and $74/day to keep me in prison, fleecing me out of the sum total of my life and family relations.

The end result is I ended up losing $500,000 in rental real estate I had toiled for years fixing up from a boarded up condition for my retirement and my daughter’s college fund, and went directly to prison after being a crime and beating victim on my own property, not the criminals that operated for years, uninterrupted in Stafford Springs, Connecticut.

My daughter doesn't have me to help her and doesn't talk to me since I was railroaded to prison for having used pepper spray to defend myself on my own property.

Those shooting heroin and smoking crack probably still have contact with their daughter.

Which behavior do you want encouraged, and is prison for those that complain about crime and criminals, not necessarily those that commit crimes?

More on the story and more names named.

Is the American Justice System a Sleazy Whorehouse?
(an email to Bush, the CT Governor, CT Atty General and others, posted on


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