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The Beginning of the End, for the Connecticut State Police?


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An email sent to:

Dear Commissioner Leonard C. Boyle, or to whom it may concern at the Connecticut State Police:

Please take note of today’s date.

It may or may not be a significant date, and that might be up to at least one of you. It might be Ground Zero for the Connecticut State Police being Abolished.

I’m asking that there be a crack in the Blue Wall of Silence, and of abuse.

A citizen who proposes laws to elected officials FORCING police to actually protect and serve all citizens equally and respectfully should not yield the same retaliation mode of an entire police force similar to my standing up on the serving table at a formal Policeman’s Ball and squatting over the punchbowl, taking a dump.

I’m asking that Connecticut State Police Internal Affairs actually take and thoroughly investigate complaints lodged against any Connecticut Police Officer, State or Local.

I’m asking that this complaint regarding Arthur L. Spada be forwarded to Connecticut State Police Internal Affairs, the Connecticut Attorney General, and the US Attorney for Connecticut.

Mr. Leonard, or to any Connecticut Officer reading this post, please do the right thing, and do your job, please see that this matter is brought to the attention of those that I have requested you contact.

Reading the Connecticut and US Constitution and then examining the behavior of Spada, Rowland, some members of the Judiciary should allow the shit to properly hit the fan.

Rowland resigning as Governor is merely a Band-Aid on a huge puss infested wound of corruption and abuse.

Should the Connecticut State Police continue to be part of the corruption problem?

A Judge with Morals, a Target of a Corrupt State Police

My complaints against former police commissioner, Arthur L. Spada, and complaints to internal affairs, not taken.

A past post on Police Commissioner Leonard C. Boyle

Should Police decide what you are allowed to say?
(post has picture of Connecticut State Police Commissioner, Leonard C. Boyle)

My letter to Bush weeks before my arrest for testing the 1st Amendment complaining my 14th Amendment rights had been violated.

My favorite links
includes: “Can cops rape, rob, beat, and murder with immunity?"

More Links

Cleaning house is painful, expensive, and a great number of heads need to roll, but if the US and Connecticut Constitution, and your official oaths to uphold both, actually apply, I am asking that that you prove both to have more utility than toilet paper.

Should concerned citizens sue you in Federal Court, using the same statutes to bring down Mafia King Pins be used on you and in dismantling the Connecticut State Police? Well, I ask you to clean house yourself and clean house yourself.

It tells me volumes if a Connecticut Judge exposing improper investigation techniques and questionable behavior of Connecticut State Police officers can be targeted by the State Police, maliciously investigated, harassed, and forced to retire early in silence to avoid malicious prosecution himself to keep a Nazi and Mafia-like organization from cleaning itself up, are any of us really safe?

Police harassed me, threaten me, told me to leave Connecticut, and followed me around for complaining about crime, not those selling and using heroin and crack cocaine near my Stafford Springs Connecticut properties. They did little about the crime, drug dealing, teens drinking, vandalism, prostitution, and mainly concentrated on revenue collection duties on people easy to find and to fine.

Youths would not have died, become lifetime criminal parasites, addicts, and crime would be reduced if police were responsive to downtown business and property owners and were willing to address quality of life issues by actually doing their jobs and honoring their oaths.

The economy is hurt by ruining productive Americans, splitting up their families while virtually ignoring the common criminal parasites leaving them to commit crime after crime, spreading their immoral lifestyle to future generations. Thanks Connecticut.

These two posts best describe my core beef with the Connecticut State Police:

Abolish the Connecticut State Police

Complaining about Police and the Courts unfairness and corruption can also lead to police harassment, arrests, loss of family and the sum total of one’s life’s work, and a prison sentence to silence and punish those little people, mere average citizens, that dare insult or Anger the Gods, or those that perceive themselves as Gods, the rank and file, Police Brass, and any court officials that play with people’s lives taking sick pleasure in arbitrarily ruining lives and giving criminals friends, family, and associates immunity to punish whistleblowers, punish Big Mouths, act out on vendettas, take out a rival for affection of a desired object or business, keep officials from being punished for misconduct and illegal acts, and sometimes just for fun.

Threaten to sue the Connecticut State Police, a Connecticut Town Police, or the State of Connecticut, and find yourself followed around by the police, losing your job because of police activities and threats, having your family, romantic partner, friends targeted by police with them knowing to end the hazing they have to give in to police and to give police false statements and/or end contact with you.

Prison is a real threat, and possibility, if you propose laws angering police, are printed in newspapers critical of police or even talk to news reporters regarding improper police or judicial misconduct, and if you threaten to sue for your civil rights.

Donald Christmas of Enfield, Connecticut knows this firsthand as do I. Complain about a judge and find yourself arrested and your family either gone or you are legally bound by court order from seeing them.

Christopher Kennedy of Ellington, Connecticut found himself arrested, facing prison, and was legally barred from possibly ever seeing his 3 kids again by legal order. The reason that Judge Jonathan Kaplan allegedly gave for doing this, Chris had to be unstable lodging complaints against a judge and therefore is a danger to his own family. What!!!???

I also tried to have Judge Jonathan Kaplan fired through State Senator Tony Guglielmo, former Representative, Mordasky, and through my own lobbying efforts as a member of an Enfield and Hartford Landlord Association member.

For trying to have Judge Kaplan removed for bias and improper conduct of a judge, trying to have the prosecutor fired that eventually prosecuted me, lodging complaints against police officers, spouting off in newspapers, redressing grievances to elected officials, and threatening to sue the Connecticut State Police for civil rights violations BEFORE I had any criminal legal trouble and AFTER was sentenced to a year in prison, 3 years probation for resisting a police informant that was sent to harass me out of Connecticut, after he finally caught me out in my dark driveway and I ended the beating I was taking with pepper spray.

Sgt. Sticca of Troop C, Connecticut State Police, claimed I confessed to crimes, Oct. 12, 2001. I asked Major Wheeler to play back the holding cell tapes and play back the audio for my time in police custody and then arrest Sgt. Sticca and charge him with making a false statement to police and/or for filing a false police report.

I never heard about my ‘supposed confession’ ever again.

I complained to Lt. Wack of Connecticut State Police Internal Affairs, Feb. 14, 2004, and he told me Sticca was a friend of his and Internal Affairs would not investigate my complaints when I talked to Wack by phone Feb. 21, 2003.

I faxed 10 pages of evidence of Connecticut State Police Misconduct, and alleged improper and illegal activities of Arthur L. Spada to prevent me from proposing legislation to direct police and in pissing him off, that directly resulted in my incarceration, rigged trial, Connecticut State Police Officer perjury of Langlais and Amaral, Trooper Mulcahey giving another criminal immunity to harass me and my daughter out of Connecticut and to face arrest if I tried to have my tormentor arrested or prosecuted, for the abuse and ridicule I received from prison guards for my “feud with Connecticut State Police” over lack of protection and service, and my being given an hour to pack up and leave Connecticut or go back to prison for years, as my probation officer told me she was sick of receiving calls regarding me, I assume from Connecticut State Police Officials telling her to violate me, that she would violate me, and I would be sent back to prison, if I didn’t agree to leave Connecticut.

I contacted former Gov. Rowland’s office and talked to Carol Amino after she was in possession of my ten page fax. My impression of the conversation with Amino was that Rowland and the former Police Commissioner, Arthur L. Spada were aware of me, my accusations, my plight, and Amino seemed to threaten me with more prison if I continued complaining. What!!!???

I contacted the various media, the U.S. Attorney for Connecticut, the Attorney General, and Fox News and/or about Feb. 21, 2003.

So, do you have to ask yourself would Rowland have been forced to resign from having been investigated by the Feds, if I hadn’t contacted them and the media, so what do you think?

Would Governor Rell have asked for Spada’s resignation in disgrace, if I hadn’t lobbied every almost every elected official in Connecticut and because of my repeated calls, emails, and letters to Rell’s officer, so am I the reason Spada isn’t the current Connecticut State Police Commissioner?

If Rowland, Spada, and Judge Jonathan Kaplan actually find themselves in Federal Prison, do you think they will ask themselves if, I alone, could have been the catalyst to their demise?

Connecticut State Police Officers were bragging that “Big Mouth” would be shut up, run out of town, and taught a lesson before I was even arrested.

Connecticut State Police Officers were bragging that I would be going to prison before I even had a trial. I went to State Sen. Tony Guglielmo and informed him that State Police Officers were bragging that I was going to prison BEFORE I even endured the rigged trial.

Are Connecticut State Troopers merely Armed Bullies?

I invested in 2 boarded up multi family houses in Stafford Springs and a 2 family house in Somersville Connecticut. I spent 100’s of thousands of dollars and years of my life fixing up these properties for my income and retirement.

Because I complained about heroin, crack cocaine, and other drugs being sold and used on my property, about teens drinking and selling drugs all hours off my front yard, break-ins, assaults, threats, prostitution, vandalism, fencing of stolen goods, etc. Connecticut State Police officers virtually ignored the criminals, except for using them as revenue collection and acting out on police vendetta tools, to target me for complaining. Is that what a respectable police force should be up to, and why shouldn’t citizens such as me, sue Federally to disband the Connecticut State

Police, and to make sure Police Misconduct is addressed and punished?

On more than one occasion criminals, drug dealers, and police informants were allowed, encouraged, and given immunity from prosecution to attack and harass me out of Connecticut, but Connecticut State Police Officers, to threaten me, threaten my life, threaten and sexually harass my young teen daughter, stalk and terrorize me, destroy and steal my property, assault me, and even to attempt to rob and cause me severe bodily injury.

It is alleged that Trooper Mulcahey and Stafford Officer Prochaska, offered Peter Coukos immunity from prosecution and incentives to harass me out of Stafford Springs and Connecticut. The officers probably were alarmed with my having proposed Civilian Oversight of Police with quality questionnaires going out to those needing police protection and service, having to actually act in the public’s best interest, not just acting merely as armed revenue collectors to elected officials as proposed legislation, for what I wrote exposing police corruption, misconduct, and laziness in newspapers, and for threatening to sue police for violating my civil rights.

Peter Coukos is allegedly an alcoholic that has a history of abusing mind altering prescription drugs, attended Narcotics Anonymous meetings for an addiction to crack cocaine, allegedly frequents prostitutes, harasses and threatens elderly women (police have been called numerous times for this heinous behavior), has a liking for underage girls offering money for sex, and was allegedly arrested and convicted for drunk driving for allegedly road raging against an African American woman repeatedly slamming his car into hers over and over, while intoxicated.

It is alleged that Connecticut State Police were instrumental in getting Peter Coukos a permit to carry concealed pistols, a gun permit, for harassing me and getting me to leave Stafford Springs, Connecticut. WHAT!!!???

Why would Connecticut State Police Officers, ignore prostitution, thefts, fencing of stolen goods, teens drinking and drugging it up, vandalism after midnight in front of officers while drunk teens fought smashing my windows, threats against me reported to them, assaults reported, rapes committed against underage girls, a drug dealer that shoots a pig in the head (picture and post) with his illegal pistol, a drug dealer that sells stolen firearms, a couple that neglects and leaves their children alone while out drinking, smoking crack, and shooting up heroin, and other countless criminals, misdemeanors, and felonies.

Steven G. Erickson
PO Box 730
Enfield, CT 06083

My email:

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The History of Abuse of Citizens arbitrarily caught up in the legal system

How can there not STILL be corruption?
(a post asking why a former corrupt governor, John G. Rowland's, staff members are answering Gov. Rell's phones)

Legislators are given a corrupt judge's name, Jonathan Kaplan, and proof of illegal behavior, the judge still sit abusing more citizens, thumbing his nose at the Constitution.

An open letter to Governor Rell and reasons she should pardon me


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