Saturday, January 22, 2005

A Call to Arms, A Plea to Act for Justice, Legally


Drawing Conclusions from Simple Logic

Why would authorities avoid investigating other officials given proof?

Well, maybe those officials are somehow complicit.

What am I talking about?

Governor Rowland of Connecticut resigned amid a Federal Corruption probe.

He is being treated softly by the Feds and by state authorities as compared to others that committed far less serious crimes, far less often.

Rell’s staff and Rell, herself, must have known at least something of the Connecticut Corruption Machine.

Rell was Lt. Governor and is now Governor, how much did she know, and when?

Having Rowland’s staff, answering Rell’s phones, now that Rowland is gone, says volumes.

Maybe exposing more cogs in the wheel of corruption, will hurt and implicate Rell.

That would then explain the silence, unwillingness to help victims of the Rowland administration, in righting wrongs, and just doing a lame, go through the motions, pretence of actually doing something about the remaining Goliath of Corruption in Connecticut.

There has to be high ranking officials in Connecticut doing everything they can to hold up the wall of silence and of retribution, lest they be caught up and imprisoned themselves, holding the front at all costs.

An Ethics Committee looking into unethical acts of officials can’t even act ethically.

The infection is to0 deep, and the state of Connecticut should be taken over by higher authorities, and then given back to Connecticut authorities after every last branch and root of corruption is thoroughly cleaned out.

Rell needs to be investigated, her staff needs to be investigated, Commissioners, including the former and current State Police heads, needs to be done, ties to the Judiciary Heads that were necessary for corruption to be that well engrained, need to be investigated.

Prosecutors protecting corrupt heads and burning whistleblowers at the stake, need to be burned at the stake themselves.

The dynamics of the Good ‘Ole Boy Network needs to be dismantled.

Friends won’t nail friends.

Investigators need to be untarnished and untouched by the absolute sleaze in Connecticut, they have to come from OUT OF STATE.

It is time to clean house.

My case might be one of the best to tie the old Rowland Machine of corruption into current Connecticut corruption and abuses of citizens, still going on, to once and for all, END IT.

Whose with me?

Steven G. Erickson
PO Box 730
Enfield, CT 06083



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