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Connecticut's Homeland Security Taxpayer Scam

Are Cops screwing the Homeland Security Fund for overtime not worked? (A post from Feb. 5, 2004)

‘Armed Revenue Collectors’ buying expensive toys, screwing the public, and compromising Homeland Security (March 6, 2004, post)

The Head of the Connecticut State Police seems to think it is ‘business as usual’ and that his Chief of Staff shouldn’t be punished for fraud, theft, and accepting ‘freebies’ (bribes) ( post July 2, 2004)

A way to barbecue Whistleblowers ( post Feb. 3, 2004.
Juries are shown videotapes on how to find a defendant guilty, but nothing about finding him or her innocent and nothing about reasonable doubt.)

Two Homeland Security Officials Transferred

January 8, 2005 By MATT APUZZO, Associated Press

Two top state homeland security officials have been reassigned as Gov. M. Jodi Rell continues reshaping an agency that drew political criticism even as it received national accolades.

John Buturla, who served as interim commissioner during the agency's transition, has been sent back to the state police, where he will oversee operations at the forensic lab.

"It's not for political reasons whatsoever. We're going to bring in a new management team," said James M. "Skip" Thomas, whom Rell appointed last month to lead the state's new homeland security agency.

Homeland security efforts are being blended with the state's emergency management operations into a new agency, the Department of Emergency Management and Homeland Security, which is beginning to take shape.

"One of the ways to send the message that this is a new day is to create new faces for the agency," Lt. Gov. Kevin Sullivan said.

"That was the whole goal and the governor has followed through with it."

Local police chiefs criticized the old homeland security agency for being controlled by state police interests.

Sullivan said installing a new leadership team will show local officials that the new agency is more inclusive.

"No one ever looked ill on [Buturla's] behavior. He was the professional," said Sullivan, who was sharply critical of the old agency and some of its top leaders.

"He had a good rapport with the state police and a relatively good rapport outside the agency."

Rell's spokesman, Rich Harris, said the transfer is just one of the changes Thomas is making as part of the agency's transition.

Along with Buturla, the state reassigned his former chief of staff, Sgt. John P. Vaz, who will return to a state police barracks.

Buturla and Vaz were instrumental in bringing the world's largest terrorism drill to Connecticut.

That drill, called TOPOFF - short for Top Officials - is to be held this spring in eastern Connecticut.

But they are also holdovers from former Gov. John G. Rowland's administration. As Rowland was besieged by scandal, homeland security officials were accused of political favoritism and padding overtime.

Sullivan also questioned the qualifications of then-Homeland Security Director Vincent DeRosa, Rowland's former security chief and one-time personal driver, to run the agency. DeRosa quit in March after he was found to have a car dealership in violation of conflict-of-interest rules.

Although the accusations of overtime padding proved to be false, the political pressure helped lead to the agency's overhaul.

"We're starting a whole new agency," Thomas said.

"I was asked to be commissioner and we're bringing in a whole new team."

Buturla was on vacation Friday and Vaz would not comment.

The above came from the Hartford Courant website.

Fair use of copyrighted material

Homeland Security Scammer (Jan. 9, 2005 post that expands on the above piece)

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My email to incoming Gov. Rell of Connecticut regarding Rowland and corruption

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