Thursday, January 13, 2005

My Take on the Death Penalty


I worked out, avoided individuals that were trouble, and always considered becoming a member of law enforcement, the court system, or even a game warden. So, I used to be 100% pro-cop, felt they deserved any amount of tax dollars, more manpower, equipment, helpful legislation, and I was a 100%, an advocate of the Death Penalty. With the ease of manufacturing and suppressing evidence, the casual and epidemic lying, filing false reports, committing perjuring, witness intimidation by police, extracting or making up false confessions, I now think the Death Penalty should be abolished.

African Americans, other minorities, those perceived as trash, and inconvenient people are the most likely to be executed.

So racial and other social issues can’t be ignored. Prisons are already used as birth control for the unwanted members of society.

A growing number of politically active people could become inconvenient and wrongly lose their lives. Political Prisoners, held for their opinions and efforts to change the system, are all too common, and their numbers are growing.

Less and less of an excuse is needed for due process and sending individuals off to prison.

I know the ease of the system in getting rid of inconvenient people, as I was one, and from having blogged on such issues, countless have contacted me about their story or being retaliated against.

Crime labs, including the FBI Crime Lab, have been caught manufacturing evidence. Maybe a hundred, a thousand, or more cases could go through with tampered evidence, as there is so little quality control of police, prosecutors, judges, and crime labs.

Caring cops shown in law enforcement dramas and the 3 CSI dramas only cloud the public’s perception of reality. Things just don’t go like that in real life.

Any official has to pay dues to go up through the ranks.

He or she owes favors, has to be a team player, and almost never will go against a brother or sister, will lie, commit crimes, and go to great lengths to protect themselves, protect their organization, will target whistleblowers, those that sully reputations in print, and will cooperate with the railroading of individuals that have angered higher ups or friends.

Anyone that has had a problem with just one cop, prosecutor, judge, a person with important ties, lodges complaints against an official, proposes laws to elected officials unpopular with police and members of the judiciary, threatens to sue for civil rights, or in my case is just an across the board pain in the ass, "Big Mouth" know that our System of American Justice is petty, arbitrary, and retaliatory.

I didn’t heed the threats of Connecticut State Police officers to leave the State of Connecticut and to shut my Big Mouth, "Or else", after having proposed laws angering them and members of the judiciary, spouting off in newspapers embarrassing law enforcement and blasting the fairness of the courts, lodging complaints, having tried to get police officers, a prosecutor, and a judge, fired, and mainly, for threatening to sue for civil rights violations.

I was so pissed off, I wrote Bush, before any event was concocted or exploited to shut me up.
One of the telltale signs your ass is grass, is you are demonized, you and your situation are well known to the rank and file, and within the court system.

The trap is being initialized and is ready to spring at the most inconvenient time for you.

Franklin D. Vipperman of Las Vegas, was inconvenient, outspoken, and did end up railroaded for a murder he didn’t commit.

His book, proves that, and shows us how absolutely sleazy and unfair the legal system actually is in detailing actual procedures and events. It is a must read for anyone wanting to know the best reasons not to have a death penalty.

Innocent people, executed, never get a hint of justice and they are conveniently silenced, forever.

You may lose your car, home, family, friends, job, credit and the sum total of your life’s work before the railroad job even begins.

Big Brother has unlimited funds and personnel to take you down.

They can turn your allies against you and take away your finances and ability to even fight in their Kangaroo Court System. Witnesses not wanting to end up in the fire pit with you will say or doing anything the authorities want them to, ethical or not, lies or not.

It just doesn’t matter is it is all about winning for them, and NOT about any semblance of justice.

There are glaring, high profile exceptions, to this across the board fiasco.

OJ Simpson is the best example of that, as well as Ted Kennedy’s episode of drunk driving, causing a fatality, swimming away as his victim’s air bubbles and possibly screams were on the surface and then muffled by cold water, leaving the scene to avoid prosecution and arrest.

African Americans and others that are perceived as trash may have had their testicles hooked up to car batteries and jumper cables, for their confessions, as has been reported in major media, as actually happening in America.

I was told I had confessed after having been arrested for having been a Big Mouth.

(My story, so I don’t have to rehash in it entirety, found here.)

A retired cop kept flooding my basement with sewage in my two family house in Somersville, Connecticut.

I faced court and possibly at least 6 months in prison for health code and other violations as I wasn’t able to clean up the massive messes or raw sewage fast enough, losing countless days of work, and thousands and thousands of dollars in the process.

All the contents of my basement office, my files, and anything nice or valuable I had left over from my divorce was also wrecked and somehow the retired cop, that flooded me out over and over, was the victim in the eyes of law enforcement and the courts.

That was a close call, but the Somers Sewer Manager broke ranks and sided with me at the hearings. If he didn’t I would have served time for that ‘offense’, maybe six months or more in prison.

A woman I was dating was allegedly pulled over twice by the Connecticut State Police on her 45 minute ride home from my house in Stafford Springs, CT, and told by police that I was bad news and she shouldn't date me anymore. I never saw her again.

I later learned that another woman I vaguely knew and wasn't dating, was allegedly told to file a false report of sexual assault by Connecticut State Police Officers, or permanently lose her two kids, and be violated on probation, and sent to prison.

She didn’t play ball by filing the false complaint, so she lost her two kids and went to prison.

I could only rent cars and hide inside so long before the cops got me on something, concocted or exploited.

I could have had to register as a sex offender for a completely bogus event.

The psychological trauma of that scenario would have devastated me in a far greater way than having been beaten in the dark on my property and getting a year in prison, 3 years of probation (facing 3 to 5 more years in prison for ANY violation of probation), for using pepper spray to defend myself.

My assailant/tormentor was given immunity to prosecute me and self-defense isn’t legal in Connecticut.

Being labeled a sex offender would have really taken the steam out of my crusade against corrupt cops and judiciary members.

If I was an even more pain in the ass I could see how a body could be falsely attributed to me.

An accidental or unexplained death anywhere around me, would have been a very useful tool, indeed.

Most arrests end up in convictions, if there isn’t some sort of deal worked out. Juries viewed videotapes of how to find and individual guilty, but not how to find him or her innocent, or anything about reasonable doubt.

So, if you are arrested, given no deal by the prosecution, most likely you are going to end up with the maximum punishment, actually innocent or marginally guilty, in prison.

The cop not getting a 3 day suspension is more important than your life.

Police officers worry about being sued for false arrest and civil rights violations.

So, it is in the entire Police and Judicial organization’s best interest in getting a conviction whether the individual is guilty or innocent, it just doesn’t matter.

It is little matter to them if you live or die, as long as THEY are comfortable, keep their jobs, and protect their family and friends.

The retaliation that I have seen for individuals that become inconvenient, shows me the system is so flawed, we can’t safely have a death penalty.

I could have easily been killed for having been inconvenient.

I was a political prisoner held in Connecticut and told to leave Connecticut by my probation officer, or spend 3 to 5 years back in prison.

I can see the ease that an innocent man or woman can be killed by the State, in how easy it is to process ANYONE through the system to prison.

These assholes don’t deserve the right to decide who lives, and who dies.

Thank you,

Steven G. Erickson
PO Box 730
Enfield, CT 06083

P.S. Do you like my rant on the Death Penalty and want to send it to someone you know, or to your elected officials, click on the envelope below.

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Are U.S. Courts still racist, but now just a little more slick about it?

What is prison really like?


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