Wednesday, January 26, 2005

The Underreported Crime, Police and Firefighter battering their romantic partners


Abuse of Power (website)

This website is for and by women who have been abused by intimate partners who are police officers or firefighters.

There are no statistics that tell us what percent of officers and firefighters emotionally abuse and physically batter their intimate partners. All we know is that there are many of them. We know because we have heard their victims' stories and seen their victims' bruises. We know because we have buried so many of their victims.

We are not implying that all firefighters or all police officers are controlling, dominating, or abusive in their intimate relationships. We recognize that many, hopefully most, police and firefighter couples maintain loving relationships with a healthy balance of power.

Men and women who choose to be police officers or firefighters face unique challenges, stresses, and problems. Most recognize when they or their family members need help. There are many resources, books, and therapists available to police and fire families who occasionally need help coping.

But a woman who is battered by an intimate partner who is a firefighter or police officer is marginalized or even ignored. If you are one of these victims, you know it is not easy to find help or information. Most of us have remained silent - with good reason.

Our need to be heard and to be visible is beginning to overcome our fear. Some women are compelled to talk about what's happened to them. They are talking to us on these pages. These survivors have contributed information and insights based on their own experiences to show you that you are not alone. MORE

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Subject: fixing the police
(an email giving cops, hell)

Can cops rape, rob, beat, and murder with immunity? (pictures of young adults brutalized by Hartford Police, a 1978 L-82 Corvette, and the White Victorian I lost to police and judicial corruption/misconduct)

The History of Abuse of Citizens arbitrarily caught up in the legal system

How can there not STILL be corruption?(a post asking why a former corrupt governor, John G. Rowland's, staff members are answering Gov. Rell's phones)

Legislators are given a corrupt judge's name, Jonathan Kaplan, and proof of illegal behavior, the judge still sits abusing more citizens, thumbing his nose at the Constitution.

An open letter to Governor Rell and reasons she should pardon me


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