Monday, February 07, 2005

Assassination of the American Male, Assassination of the American Father

What type of future calamity are we in store for in America?

Things can’t keep going on, as they have been unabated.

American Men and especially American Fathers have been, and are being, treated as criminals and thrown in prison, and their crime?

For most, it is just the fact that they are fathers, and males that need to be taught a lesson. For most just their relationships with the mother of the child went sour, and they and their children may pay the price, for life.

If the man isn’t arrested for domestic abuse, sexual abuse, raping his children or for some other concocted reason or excuse, he is one of the lucky ones. There are abusers and batterers and they should be punished, but too often a woman’s bitterness at the break-up can translate into false accusations.

Who is the court more likely to punish, a woman, a mother of children for making false accusations, or the father based on false accusations?

Well, I’ve seen the story play out one way over and over, and it definitely isn’t in the name of justice.

Judges, male and female, take the patriarch role, and blame the head of the household, the man, for all transgressions and give him full blame for all, and he must be made to pay an overly harsh amount as punishment and suffer psychologically at the hands of the justice system.

If the woman ends up on assistance and the man pays her directly, not knowing that he is supposed to pay the state, not her directly, and the woman is getting double amounts for months or years, the court will seize bank accounts, garnishing wages, and make the man pay twice rather than prosecute a mother for fraud.

I recall having paid the amount I was supposed to, had canceled checks as proof, but was paying the mother directly. I asked a woman from the state why I should have to pay double.

Her answer, “Do you think we’ll prosecute a mother for fraud?” and then she hung up on me.
The money I saved for my daughter’s college tuition and the money I needed to operate my business were just seized with no hearing or warning.

Should I or any other fathers, trust the courts or the banks?

My friend, a war veteran, went to the apply for a job as a police officer. He took all the exams, passed the physical, and was all set to become a police officer, but was slightly behind on child support. A background check was done and he was arrested at the end of the day in front of the class for maximum embarrassment and inconvenience.

Too many fathers are required to pay on their ‘earning potential’, not their actual wages. The payments can actually exceed a man’s earnings. Two of my close friends have suffered undo hardships and may even end up in prison, further handicapping them, their earning ability, their children, and are just another individual that can’t act as productive taxpayers and consumers, but can become a liability on the system, instead of contributing to their children and to the system.

Arrears accrue every week. There is no way for a person to live, if more than they earn goes out. If the amount is adjusted, it is already too late, and the overages have to be paid anyway.

Parents of these fathers often suffer financially to keep their sons out of prison and out of a homeless shelter at great expense financially and emotionally. Along with the father, the paternal grandparents are too often denied access to the children. Three generations suffer, that’s including children, because of the abuses of men by the courts.

Men have trouble starting new families or in even being able to help out a new mate and her children. Again, suffering all around, for bad policies.

Most men don’t stick together, contact legislators, and sue for being abused.

It costs about $74/day/father to incarcerate a taxpayer, homeowner, with credit, to ruin him, make him lose his job, credit, home, maybe his car, and the respect of his parents, friends, children, and former co-workers.

Children are embarrassed by a father that has been to prison. Other kids can chant, “Your Daddy’s a jailbird!” or the child can even use abusive labels to their father refusing to see or talk to him again.

Fathers that are in the process of being taken down by the system have a stigma against other fathers that have been imprisoned, but will quickly see the light when it happens to them.

Prisons are dangerous and the psychological damage is never undone. Physical assaults, rapes, and murder in prison are a definite possibility. For what, being a father!!!???

If fathers must be punished, what about, at home incarceration, where jobs and contacts with children can be preserved?

Bonds with children, a job, credit, a home, and productive, taxpaying citizen can be preserved.

If a study was done, an absolutely devastating hit to the economy could be shown by the unfair persecution of the American male, especially fathers.

Fostering faith in the system, and in America, is based on each individual’s impressions and life experience.

Too many have lost faith, and are losing faith, everyday.

Reform of the way police handle cases, the way prosecutors maliciously act against the interests of the public and children, and the way judges rule, all too often, is a national embarrassment and a cold slap in the face to every American. Especially to all those that have suffered or died in the name of freedom, and for America values, on countless battlefields all over the world.

For what???!!!

Change is up to you. Yeah, you!

-Steven G. Erickson
PO Box 730
Enfield, CT 06083


* * * *

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