Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Bill Mulready

Bill Mulready Posted by Hello

Bill claims to have been abuse by Connecticut courts, financially and in regards to his children, because of his disability.

Bill is yet another victim of the system in Connecticut. As, are, his children.

Mr. Mulready might be the spearhead of landmark legislation and/or court case for the rights of the disabled and for the rights of all coming before courts.

We all want and should demand fairness in the courts, for all individuals, no matter what.

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I got off the phone about two hours ago with William Mulready, I talked with him about 2PM, February 26, 2005.

His next court date in Connecticut is this upcoming Monday.

Bill claims his business and assets may have exceeded $500,000 in value while he was married and his 16 acre estate was nestled in the affluent Southwestern section of Connecticut. Bill claimed his contracting and foundation business grossed about $440K/year.

Bill after divorce is required to pay more in child support and alimony than he makes. His business and money making potential was liquidated. His wife ended up with the assets and he, about $200,000 in debts with no way to pay, not including support and alimony.

The disparity of justice in Connecticut and in other states based on your gender is just plain appalling. Bill’s wife used the liquidated assets to start a business similar to Bill’s during the marriage and she is doing quite well, and Bill is struggling to work without a vehicle or any ability to fund a contract to completion.

His wife has liquidated some plots of land from the 16 acres netting an estimated in $200,000 to $300,000 in profit.

Bill may have to live out his life in poverty in and out of prison. His wife is living a comfortable life of leisure and affluence.

Paying your bills on time, saving for retirement, paying taxes, being attentive to your family, might mean prison and poverty for a man, and for the woman, whether or not she worked for it or not, all the assets and income if the relationship goes south.

Should men trust Connecticut and states like it with their hard work, trust, investment, and willingness to reside in Connecticut?

A well informed man, just may leave or never agree to reside in Connecticut or state with a similar anti-male attitude.

The information in this post is to my best belief and knowledge.

Thank you,
Steven G. Erickson

Email: stevengerickson@yahoo.com


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