Monday, February 28, 2005

Is America, "Injustice Inc."???

Satanic US Government? Posted by Hello

FRANKLIN v. MCCAUGHTRY, No. 03-1031 (7th Cir. February 24, 2005)
Denial of plaintiff’s petition for a writ of habeas corpus is reversed where his trial judge was actually biased since the only inference that can be drawn from the facts of record is that the judge decided that plaintiff was guilty before he conducted the trial. To read the full text of this opinion, go to: [PDF File]

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No Irish need apply

It’s legal to take your kids away based on your ethnicity

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A Boy kept from his Father by an Official System of Abuse, Marshall Mathers, III (aka Eminem)

A Pattern of Abuse, the Donald Christmas Story

An American Court vs. An Unfair One
(Are Americans with Dissabilities treated fairly in one state, but not another? If our legal system is unfair for one individual or group, it is UNFAIR FOR ALL)

Are there man unfriendly states?
(Bill Mulready profiled)

Can Attorney Michael H. Agranoff of Stafford Springs, CT, get away with charging over $17,000 for defending me, but wouldn't, allegedly at the request of Rockville Connecticut Judge, Jonathan Kaplan?

Are elected officials mere puppets of the Courts and Police?
The above post asks the President, Connecticut Attorney General, and others: “Is the American Justice System a Sleazy Whorehouse?"

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