Sunday, February 06, 2005

Malcolm X for sale on eBay?

How Malcolm X’s letters were saved

By Tony Phillips, BBC, New York

Dubbed America’s “angriest man”, his letters show a different side Posted by Hello

Excerpt: She had unwittingly packed up her father’s possessions - his letters, speeches, diaries - along with her own. She deposited much of her cargo in a storage facility.

Time passed, she defaulted on the payments and the storage facility owners did what they normally do in these circumstances: they sold off the contents. More from the BBC

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Screwed over in America

Niggers and Second Class Citizens

Are there unnamed factions in the US, similar to the KKK?

Anatomy of the Downfall of the United States of America
(post includes animation of a pathetic sheep being slaughtered)

Cop Killer, Dead Cop, Cops Come out in Force

Prison is for African Americans with White Girlfriends, Shop owners not knowing whom to bribe, and big mouths like me
(a post on an unfair justice system)

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s Arrest Photo

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Citizens proposing laws holding officials accountable to ethical standards and individuals complaining about corruption are harassed, threatened, arrested, and thrown in prison. Should that be ok with a governor, the head of the police, State’s Attorney Generals, and US Attorneys? Or, are they just part of a corrupt, organized crime organization, the US Government, out to screw over ‘uppity’ citizens? (post)

Police States run Mafia Style

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