Friday, February 04, 2005

Maybe the best purebred dog, period

Rico Posted by Hello

An 18 month old Standard Schnauzer, "Rico"

If you have questions or are looking into getting one of these wonderful dogs, please contact me at:

Males average about 50 pounds and stand about 19 1/2 to 22 inches at the shoulder.

They come in black, pepper and salt, and salt and pepper.

Germans bred them from before recorded time, and are maybe the most common police dog, longstanding, in Germany, and are growing in popularity as a ‘working dog’ all over the world.

One of the smartest, nimble, trainable, dogs with unlimited energy, agile, usually lacking fear.

They can run along side your bike, horse, or jog with you, and usually won’t tire.

As far as watchdogs go, maybe there is not any dog superior.

Merchants from the horse and buggy, and mule driven carts would have this dog up, riding along side of them sitting at the front of the wagon, knowing that the dog would watch over their wagon and wares while they were in the nearest watering hole. Most of these dogs will look after you and your belongings without even being trained to do so.

I used to cut up raw chicken and feed him that. He can now handle a half chicken, raw, chewing bones and all, eats carrots whole, and other vegetables. I prefer that to store bought dog food as I suffer less dog gas attacks while watching television.

The example above can possibly read your mood and mind, as he knows when its time to play, to eat, go outside, go be quiet, or time for sleep.

Most large dogs, you train, they're a good dog, and then they die at age 7 to 9 or so.

Not so, with the schnauzer, as they have very few genetic problems, if any, and live to 20 to 22, full of vinegar.

He can jump higher than I stand, and didn't have to be trained to retrieve a thrown ball, he just did it from a very young puppy.

Rico, came to a local airport, sight unseen in a dog crate, and was a great friend within minutes of being let out of his travel crate. He was an active puppy, but is getting smarter and smarter, faster than other dogs I’ve had, from a much earlier age.

Their paws are catlike in that their claws retract, allowing them to corner on a dime and not catch their paws in carpets and on furniture. Very little shedding, smell, and their coats can be groomed to show dog quality without a lot of time or skill.

He is loyal, good company, and a pleasure to hang out with, more so, than most people I know ...

Rico, also seems to know who should be in the yard and who shouldn't.

I pity any fool coming into my house uninvited, but I have a mop and shovel handy just in case …


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