Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Steven G. Erickson

Steven G. Erickson Posted by Hello

My email: stevengerickson@yahoo.com

My claims about being railroaded to prison out of my home, career, and family for having proposed civilian oversight of police, fairness for all, equally in courts, for threatening to sue police for civil rights violations, and for what I wrote pissing off police, prosecutors, and judges in newspapers, found here.

I would like to see Judge Jonathan Kaplan of Rockville Court Connecticut, fired and serving time in Federal Prison for violating my rights and that of others. Post with Kaplan and other beefs


Blogger Boston said...

You paint a bleak visage, to say the least. I do hope your activism draws sufficient light to thwart their efforts against you.

Our area is more like Barney Fife does Lincoln.

A judge in Sarpy County, Nebraska ordered a biological parent not to "speak Hispanic" to his non-custodial daughter.

A local cop wrote a diatribe in his union paper accusing the mayor and his chief of police of untruths in reporting how officer response times are calculated...and the 15-year veteran was fired for "crossing the line" by calling the liars, well..., liars.

Not that I would choose to spend an assload of time with this fellow in any life soon, but what he interpreted as his right to carp in his union paper is now a violation of his integrity as an officer?

Wishing you well in your pursuit of justice. Will the bastards let people send you cookies in prison?

Wednesday, March 23, 2005 12:17:00 PM  

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