Thursday, February 17, 2005

This just in by email:


February 16, 2005

Family and Criminal court
Rockville, CT

Today, in open court and in front of a full courtroom, I told my story of two years of corruption by judges, prosecutors, social workers and attorneys.

That Judge Jonathan Kaplan was meeting in private with the prosecutors, ordering them not to nolle my case.

That I witnessed this judge order my attorney out of a conference room so he could have a private meeting with the prosecutor Elizabeth Leaming.

He issued a restraining order and condemned me by race, religion and his own personal bias. He ruled directly against testimony that there was no abuse and didn't stop there.

On record, this judge stated that he called the State Prosecutor Chris Parakilis and ordered him not to nolle my case. (I had been arrested for refusing to return the children, when the mother was gone for the night with her boyfriend.)

He threatened me that I would lose contact with my children as he did to a father just like me, that I was presumed guilty of committing a crime and if a warrant were written the right way a judge would sign it. I was threatened not to appeal.

I appealed and two weeks later Kaplan issued a second restraining order suspending all contact with my two daughters.

There were no abuse allegation or threats of abuse and the application did not list the children. I filed a complaint against judge Kaplan and Judge Lawrence Klaczak extended the order for six months.

His reason?:

That I was unstable for filing a complaint against Judge Jonathan Kaplan and should have no contact with my children.

Two weeks later I was arrested and falsely charged with assaulting my son. (four months after the alleged assault) Family relations officer, Theresa Wassenburg, threatened me that she would call a judge and I would have no contact with my children.

At my arraignment she called judge Klaczak and he recommended a full protective order. She called state prosecutor Chris Parakilis and "unloaded" every derogatory bit of information she could to have me prosecuted.

The arrest warrant states there was no assault, the DCF findings of physical and emotional neglect was reversed, stating that I was acting completely appropriate as a parent. Yet still they pursue the charges.

I presented a grievance filed against the mothers attorney. The US States Attorney is reviewing the charges against these judges, prosecutors, family relations, the mother and her attorney.

Pages of evidence, transcripts, motions and letters of threats, false accusations, fraudulent financials and complaints to the court with every accusation of me abusing the children.

The mother, a mandated reporter never reported abuse despite dozens of motions and accusations.

The mother and her attorney went as far as to file a sworn statement to child support enforcement that she had not received a dime in child support, yet I provided records from the state and letters from her attorney that I was overpaid by $1000. How bad does it have to get.

Corruption in the family and criminal court system will not stop unless these members are fired and disbarred

Judge Jonathan Kaplan, Administrative Judge of Tolland County

Judge Edward Graziani

Judge Lawrence Klaczak

State Prosecutor, Elizabeth Leaming

State Prosecutor, Chris Parakilis

Family Relations Officer, Theresa Wassenburg

Mother's attorney Susan Boyan, and partners Joseph Courtney and Elizabeth Foran

DCF Case Worker Michael Clark

Chris Kennedy

Ellington, CT 06029

860-871-8538(H) Shared Parenting Council


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