Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Censorship and Silence are FREEDOM’S Enemies

John List bust featured on 'America's Most Wanted' (Fox) Posted by Hello

Excerpt: The show aired on May 21, 1989.

John Walsh, the program’s host, introduced the segment as New Jersey’s most famous murder case. The story ran for ten minutes, to an estimated 22 million viewers. If List was out there, someone would have seen him, surely.

List himself generally watched the program, liking the challenge of figuring out the crimes. However, that night, he and Delores went to a church social, so he missed the show.

Wanda Flannery was watching. To her, the bust did not look like Robert Clark, her former neighbor. Nevertheless, she still felt that she had made the right connection. She knew she had to act, if only to save Delores. She had her son-in-law call the phone number provided on the show and give them the Clarks' new address in Virginia. (website)

More from Court TV's, 'Crime Library', Criminal Minds and Methods

Thank the media again. So many case and crimes don’t get investigated, never mind solved, without the case being put on television, in the newspaper, and now more than ever, the subject of blogs.

Average Citizens are doing a lame job of holding officials accountable, making them do their jobs, and demanding they are punished for wrongdoing.

The media and bloggers ARE loudly demanding that your rights and YOUR INTERESTS be served.

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Alleged BTK Killer Posted by Hello

Dennis Rader, seen here in his booking photo, is suspected of killing 10 people since 1974.

BTK suspect set for court appearance (CNN)

Son of BTK victim still haunted (CNN)


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