Friday, March 11, 2005

Dear Connecticut State Police Commissioner, Leonard C. Boyle:

This is an open email to you posted on the Internet.

Are you part of the Connecticut State Police problem of harassing citizens for complaining about police, those speaking out about not getting equal protection and service from police, and those lodging complaints against police officers and or members of the judiciary? (more below the fold)

My docket number and complaints about police (here)

Testing the First Amendment in the US is Dangerous

Steven G. Erickson aka Vikingas favorite links and contact info

Excerpt of what lies below the fold: Why are Caucasian male cops that are accused of heterosexual rape, sexual assault, and having sex with underage girls, are seemingly getting a free pass? When minority officers commit minor offences as well as ANY officers out trolling for ‘little boys’, aren’t? (post)

It seems that Connecticut State Police Brass has trouble with high ranking women (post), homosexuals (post), and minorities (post).
Anybody that has long read Connecticut newspapers and watches the 11 o’clock news, knows at least a little bit about the problem with the Connecticut State Police.

Mr. Boyle, you are either going to be part of the problem or part of the solution. So what’s it going to be?

Connecticut State Police Internal Affairs will refuse to investigate their “Friends” and will threaten a caller for calling into complain. That is my experience and an experience I have heard from others. (post)

A recorded call into the Resident State Troopers Office will show what happens when a caller, calls in about a man shooting up heroin in a back yard, during the day, in front of children. Nothing, no response, no officer sent, if the call is from a downtown area, other than an officer being rude and threatening to the caller, for calling in.

How can there be any quality control if police misconduct isn’t investigated, or if it is, given a white wash?

Are Connecticut State Police reports “for sale” or subject to change based on the whims of those with influence? (post)

Why are Caucasian male cops that are accused of heterosexual rape, sexual assault, and having sex with underage girls, are seemingly getting a free pass? When minority officers commit minor offences as well as ANY officers out trolling for ‘little boys’, aren’t? (post)

It seems that Connecticut State Police Brass has trouble with high ranking women (post), homosexuals (post), and minorities (post).
There may allegedly still be Gay Bashing (post)within the ranks of the police, condoned with silence from Connecticut State Police Internal Affairs.

If a judge (post) can be threatened, silenced, and put out of his job for complaining about police misconduct, perjury, filing false police reports, and getting in the way of a Connecticut State Police ‘frame up job’, are any of us, average citizens safe in a Police State?

I posted a piece on Governor Rowland, a blowjob, and a Connecticut State Police investigation for sale. It seems to tie the Rowland style corruption in with the Connecticut State Police, and Connecticut Court System. (post)

Are you willing to have Arthur L. Spada investigated by Connecticut State Police Internal Affairs for my accusations and for condoning such illegal acts and police misconduct such as he seeming to condone his former chief of staff’s thefts and fraud? Was or is Arthur L. Spada part of the

Rowland (post) Corruption Machine? Are you?

I believe Spada got sick of hearing and reading my name.

Complain about Connecticut State Police and the Commissioner of the Police gets the complainer’s name and address directly out of the Governor’s Office. If a citizen proposes laws regarding police to elected officials, the Police Commissioner gets the proposer’s name and address.

My name went across Spada’s deck numerous times. What I wrote in newspapers, the Hartford Courant and the Journal Inquirer could not escape his scrutiny and could not, not trigger his well known response of retaliation against any citizen showing even the slightest disrespect for police and/or The Connecticut Court System.

I have reason to believe Arthur L. Spada ‘fixed’ my criminal case and had me railroaded to prison. Spada is a former Rockville Judge and Jonathan Kaplan is a Rockville Judge. I sent Spada an email the day before my sentencing asking Spada to take down the US Department of Justice, Community Policing policies (COPS) webpage from the Connecticut State Police website, citing the policies were not being followed by Connecticut State Troopers. I included in that email, that I was mailing hardcopy to the US Department of Justice of that email to Spada.

I knew my trial was fixed and that I was going to prison as Judge Jonathan Kaplan told me in court that I was guilty and going to prison before there was even a trial. Kaplan allegedly told my lawyer not to dispute Troopers Amaral and Langlais perjury, nor was he allowed to defend me, or Attorney Michael Agranoff would allegedly have suffered consequences. Attorney Agranoff allowed a worker for the police to become Jury Forman against my wishes. Had the jury not been rigged, I wouldn’t have been convicted of ‘overreating’ to being beaten on my property during a robbery attempt.

By sending the email, and judging how Kaplan reacted to me, and what he said, I would know if Spada illegally colluded with Kaplan to fix my trial.

Kaplan began the sentencing red faced, screaming at me, asking me who the hell I thought I was, and said, “ …why, Mr. Erickson do you think you’re right and everyone else is wrong?” Kaplan would not have made that statement, had he not known about the email I sent to Spada.


Collusion between a judge and police is illegal. There is obvious evidence of tampering, collusion, and obstruction of justice, if the trial transcrips and audio tapes of the trial are reviewed.

The trial transcripts are a matter of record. I’m asking that they be read for clues that are obvious that Spada and Kaplan acted illegally.

Is it ok for Connecticut State Police officers to act as renegades when a citizen proposes a law to elected officials, such as Civilian Oversight of Police? Is it ok for police officers to threaten citizens that are critical of police in newspapers or on the Internet?

Internal Affairs refused to investigate my complaints regarding a number of officers that I believe are seriously in violation of state and federal laws.

Will you see that these officers are investigated, or are you too, part of the pattern of abuse in Connecticut?

Mr. Boyle, I’m asking you to investigate my claims and to notify me that you are doing so by snail mail.

If you don’t, I’ll assume you are part of the obstruction of justice clan that railroaded me to prison and would have reason to ask the federal authorities to investigate you.

Are you running a criminal organization, The Connecticut State Police, and should you be investigated and possibly punished under the RICO statutes? If not, please investigate my complaints and accusations.

So, what’s it going to be?

Steven G. Erickson
PO Box 730
Enfield, CT 06083


P.S. I would like Troopers Langlais and Amaral investigated for committing perjury. Langlais seemed to be a professional at lying, and Amaral seemed to know he was doing wrong when he committed perjury, stuttering and turning red. I also want them for parading me around my tenants and neighbors in handcuffs and displaying me as a trophy under spotlights, blue lights flashing, and for refusing to take my statement and that of witnesses, and then lying about it.

I want Trooper Mucahy, and Stafford Officers Desso and Prochaska investigated for threatening me with arrest and other threats if I didn’t leave or tried to move back to Stafford Connecticut. I also want Trooper Mulcahy and Prochaska investigated for conspiring with Peter Coukos to harass and threaten me out of town, giving him immunity to commit crimes, possibly offering Peter Coukos an alleged menally ill alcoholic, violent, drug abuser, a pistol permit, in exchange for harassing and threatening me out of Stafford and possibly out of Connecticut.

I want Sgt. Sticca for claiming I ‘confessed’ while in police custody, an out and out lie. He recanted after I asked Major Wheeler to review the lock-up recordings at Troop C. Was that evidence tampered with or destroyed immediately after I made that request?

I want Lt. now Captain Davoren investigated for helping covering up illegal behavior of Connecticut State Troopers. I want my ½ hour or call into him at Troop C HQ reviewed. He said his only job was, “To protect the integrity of the System.” That told me that he, is also, in the obstruction of justice business, not the law enforcement business.

I want LT Wack of Connecticut State Police Internal Affairs investigated for refusing to investigate his friend, Sgt. Sticca, who he said would not do anything wrong and therefore would not investigate my claims. I also want the recorded calls into Wack reviewed for evidence that he threatened me, and questioned my safety, for having tried to lodge complaints against officers.

I want Sgt. Izzarelli investigated for telling me that my complaint wasn’t taken because of my location, downtown, and because of my occupation, landlord/contractor. His statement to me, “All contractors are on drugs or alcoholics” and “Landlords are slumlords.” I told him I intended to be a writer and he informed me I could then be a ‘good citizen’ which I assumed meant I could get police protection and service with that occupation. I assume Izzarelli didn’t know the subject I write on, over, and over, and over.

I want Arthur L. Spada and the above mentioned officers investigated for crimes against the state and for violating my civil and Constitutional rights.

* * *
Is Arthur L. Spada the kingpin of a crime syndicate, The Connecticut State Police?

Free Coffee, Free Food, Almost Free Lodging, having sex with prostitutes, and breaking the laws with little to no consequences

The above text without links was sent to:

The Connecticut State Police website


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