Wednesday, March 02, 2005

A Dutch Treat, in the Netherlands

A rare March snow in Amsterdam Posted by Hello

Quote: "If you order Space Cake in Amsterdam, the order is for two."

My destination was Paris, France, to celebrate my upcoming divorce, Summer 1997.

I was flying over the pond from Boston, on a British Airways flight. The man next to me claimed to be one of the lighting crew for The Blue Man Group, and was giving me advice on what I should do if I went to Amsterdam.

He claimed he had tried Space Cake, which is either baked or made with hashish or marijuana, and he told me that he had an order for himself and said it should be for two …

If I’m ever allowed to travel outside the United States of American again, as my crime and prison sentence was for testing Free Speech, pissing off members of the Judiciary and Law Enforcement with what I wrote in newspapers, I’d like to see Amsterdam, but not imbibe in Dutch Treats in the Netherlands.

What am I talking about?

Answer: well I have no interest in prostitutes or taking drugs, just seeing the sights, and tasting a little freedom before I die.


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