Sunday, March 20, 2005

ethics, shmethics ...

"We conclude this report with some modest recommendations : ...Open up the process by allowing debate and votes on more serious Amendments… ...Allow more bills to be considered under open rules ( rules are important because each bill submitted to the floor of the House must have a rule assigned by the committee which limits the amount of debate and more importantly specifies what amendments can or cannot be allowed in the course of the debate ) ... ..."Bring back regular order and reduce the number of late-night or early morning “emergencies”... ..."Give Members three days to read conference reports”...

What you’ve just read is taken from “Broken Promises(pdf) : The Death of Deliberative Democracy”, a report compiled by The House Rules Committee Minority Office ( authored by Congresswoman Louise Slaughter, Ranking Democrat on the Rules Committee ) . I encourage you to read the report in it’s entirety, it will shock you, particulary if you’re not a regular C-SPAN viewer. What is going on within our government seems to get worse the more you read . Apparently, even former Speaker Newt Gingrich is concerned about how the House is currently “run”, suggesting that House Repulicans “should open the rules more”. (more)


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