Wednesday, March 02, 2005

In Ancient Computer History, 1992:

The Hacker Crackdown

Law and Disorder on the Electronic Frontier
Bruce Sterling

Literary Freeware: Not for Commercial Use

Translated to HTML by Bryan O'Sullivan (


Preface to the Electronic Release of The Hacker Crackdown

Chronology of the Hacker Crackdown


Part 1: Crashing the System A Brief History of Telephony / Bell's Golden Vaporware / Universal Service / Wild Boys and Wire Women / The Electronic Communities / The Ungentle Giant / The Breakup / In Defense of the System / The Crash PostMortem / Landslides in Cyberspace

Part 2: The Digital Underground Steal This Phone / Phreaking and Hacking / The View From Under the Floorboards / Boards: Core of the Underground / Phile Phun / The Rake's Progress / Strongholds of the Elite / Sting Boards / Hot Potatoes / War on the Legion / Terminus / Phile 9-1-1 / War Games / Real Cyberpunk

Part 3: Law and Order Crooked Boards / The World's Biggest Hacker Bust / Teach Them a Lesson / The U.S. Secret Service / The Secret Service Battles the Boodlers / A Walk Downtown / FCIC: The Cutting-Edge Mess / Cyberspace Rangers / FLETC: Training the Hacker-Trackers

Part 4: The Civil Libertarians NuPrometheus + FBI = Grateful Dead / Whole Earth + Computer Revolution = WELL / Phiber Runs Underground and Acid Spikes the Well / The Trial of Knight Lightning / Shadowhawk Plummets to Earth / Kyrie in the Confessional / $79,499 / A Scholar Investigates / Computers, Freedom, and Privacy

Electronic Afterword to The Hacker Crackdown

* * * *

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